animate-css/animate.css 添加分类
By @animate-css

🍿 A cross-browser library of CSS animations. As easy to use as an easy thing.

daneden/animate.css Frameworks
By @daneden

A cross-browser library of CSS animations. As easy to use as an easy thing.

ant-design/ant-design 添加分类
By @ant-design

:ant: One design language

tailwindlabs/tailwindcss 添加分类
By @tailwindlabs

A utility-first CSS framework for rapid UI development.

jgthms/bulma 添加分类
By @jgthms

Modern CSS framework based on Flexbox

google/material-design-icons 添加分类
By @google

Material Design icons by Google

FreeCodeCampChina/ 添加分类
By @FreeCodeCampChina

看源码请到Code,提问请到Issues,提交代码请到Pull requests,看学习心得请到Wiki。多谢合作,么么哒,^_^。

sahat/hackathon-starter 添加分类
By @sahat

A boilerplate for Node.js web applications

houshanren/hangzhou_house_knowledge 添加分类
By @houshanren

2017年买房经历总结出来的买房购房知识分享给大家,希望对大家有所帮助。买房不易,且买且珍惜。Sharing the knowledge of buy an own house that according to the experience at hangzhou in 2017 to all the people. It's not easy to buy a own house, so I hope that it would be useful to for everyone.

IanLunn/Hover 添加分类
By @IanLunn

A collection of CSS3 powered hover effects to be applied to links, buttons, logos, SVG, featured images and so on. Easily apply to your own elements, modify or just use for inspiration. Available in CSS, Sass, and LESS.

Tencent/weui 添加分类
By @Tencent

A UI library by WeChat official design team, includes the most useful widgets/modules in mobile web applications.

tabler/tabler 添加分类
By @tabler

Tabler is free and open-source HTML Dashboard Theme built on Bootstrap 4

tailwindcss/tailwindcss 添加分类
By @tailwindcss

A utility-first CSS framework for rapid UI development.

SwiftGGTeam/the-swift-programming-language-in-chinese 添加分类
By @SwiftGGTeam

中文版 Apple 官方 Swift 教程《The Swift Programming Language》

mdbootstrap/bootstrap-material-design 添加分类
By @mdbootstrap

Material Design for Bootstrap - Powerful and free UI KIT for Bootstrap 4 and 3

vuetifyjs/vuetify 添加分类
By @vuetifyjs

Material Component Framework for Vue.js 2

FezVrasta/bootstrap-material-design 添加分类
By @FezVrasta

Material design theme for Bootstrap 3 and 4

tobiasahlin/SpinKit 添加分类
By @tobiasahlin

A collection of loading indicators animated with CSS

dhg/Skeleton 添加分类
By @dhg

Skeleton: A Dead Simple, Responsive Boilerplate for Mobile-Friendly Development

nikitavoloboev/my-mac-os 添加分类
By @nikitavoloboev

List of applications and tools that make my macOS experience even more amazing

numbbbbb/the-swift-programming-language-in-chinese 添加分类
By @numbbbbb

中文版 Apple 官方 Swift 教程《The Swift Programming Language》

you-dont-need/You-Dont-Need-Javascript 添加分类
By @you-dont-need

CSS is powerful, you can do a lot of things without js.

iissnan/hexo-theme-next 添加分类
By @iissnan

Elegant theme for Hexo.

CodeByZach/pace 添加分类
By @CodeByZach

Automatically add a progress bar to your site. #hubspot-open-source

EatBreatheCode/pace 添加分类
By @EatBreatheCode

Automatically add a progress bar to your site. #hubspot-open-source

HubSpot/pace 添加分类
By @HubSpot

Automatically add a progress bar to your site. #hubspot-open-source

nostalgic-css/NES.css 添加分类
By @nostalgic-css

NES-style CSS Framework | ファミコン風CSSフレームワーク

twbs/ratchet 添加分类
By @twbs

Build mobile apps with simple HTML, CSS, and JavaScript components.

amazeui/amazeui 添加分类
By @amazeui

Amaze UI, a mobile-first and modular front-end framework.

chriskempson/tomorrow-theme 添加分类
By @chriskempson

Tomorrow Theme the precursor to Base16 Theme

philipwalton/solved-by-flexbox 添加分类
By @philipwalton

A showcase of problems once hard or impossible to solve with CSS alone, now made trivially easy with Flexbox.

oldj/SwitchHosts 添加分类
By @oldj

Switch hosts quickly!

dutchcoders/ 添加分类
By @dutchcoders

Easy and fast file sharing from the command-line.

jessepollak/card 添加分类
By @jessepollak

:credit_card: make your credit card form better in one line of code

h5bp/Effeckt.css 添加分类
By @h5bp

A Performant Transitions and Animations Library

chokcoco/iCSS 添加分类
By @chokcoco

不止于 CSS

gabrielecirulli/2048 添加分类
By @gabrielecirulli

A small clone of 1024 (

tachyons-css/tachyons 添加分类
By @tachyons-css

Functional css for humans

Automattic/_s 添加分类
By @Automattic

Hi. I'm a starter theme called _s, or underscores, if you like. I'm a theme meant for hacking so don't use me as a Parent Theme. Instead try turning me into the next, most awesome, WordPress theme out there. That's what I'm here for.

apachecn/apachecn-algo-zh 添加分类
By @apachecn

ApacheCN 数据结构与算法译文集

carloscuesta/gitmoji 添加分类
By @carloscuesta

An emoji guide for your commit messages. 😜

loverajoel/jstips 添加分类
By @loverajoel

This is about useful JS tips!

apachecn/algo-zh 添加分类
By @apachecn


ConnorAtherton/loaders.css 添加分类
By @ConnorAtherton

Delightful, performance-focused pure css loading animations.

creativetimofficial/material-dashboard 添加分类
By @creativetimofficial

Material Dashboard - Open Source Bootstrap 4 Material Design Admin

connors/photon 添加分类
By @connors

The fastest way to build beautiful Electron apps using simple HTML and CSS

rstacruz/cheatsheets 添加分类
By @rstacruz

My cheatsheets

StylishThemes/GitHub-Dark 添加分类
By @StylishThemes

:octocat: Dark GitHub style

mdbootstrap/material-design-for-bootstrap 添加分类
By @mdbootstrap

Material Design for Bootstrap - Powerful and free UI KIT for Bootstrap 4

shipshapecode/shepherd 添加分类
By @shipshapecode

Guide your users through a tour of your app #hubspot-open-source

primer/css 添加分类
By @primer

The CSS design system that powers GitHub

bradtraversy/50projects50days 添加分类
By @bradtraversy

50+ mini web projects using HTML, CSS & JS

zhaoolee/ChineseBQB 添加分类
By @zhaoolee

🇨🇳Chinese sticker pack,More joy / Github最有毒的仓库, 中国表情包大集合, 聚欢乐~

mrmrs/colors 添加分类
By @mrmrs

Smarter defaults for colors on the web.

dunovank/jupyter-themes 添加分类
By @dunovank

Custom Jupyter Notebook Themes

HubSpot/offline 添加分类
By @HubSpot

Automatically display online/offline indication to your users. #hubspot-open-source

mmistakes/minimal-mistakes 添加分类
By @mmistakes

:triangular_ruler: A flexible two-column Jekyll theme. Perfect for personal sites, blogs, and portfolios hosted on GitHub or your own server.

Microsoft/TypeScript-Node-Starter 添加分类
By @Microsoft

A starter template for TypeScript and Node with a detailed README describing how to use the two together.

horst3180/arc-theme 添加分类
By @horst3180

A flat theme with transparent elements

codeguy/php-the-right-way 添加分类
By @codeguy

An easy-to-read, quick reference for PHP best practices, accepted coding standards, and links to authoritative tutorials around the Web

chinchang/hint.css 添加分类
By @chinchang

A CSS only tooltip library for your lovely websites.

litten/hexo-theme-yilia 添加分类
By @litten

一个简洁优雅的hexo主题 A simple and elegant theme for hexo.

primer/primer 添加分类
By @primer

The CSS framework that powers GitHub's front-end design.

astrit/ 添加分类
By @astrit

500+ CSS Icons. Customizable, Retina Ready with API & NPM

getgridea/gridea 添加分类
By @getgridea

✍️一个静态博客写作客户端 (A static blog writing client)

the-paperless-project/paperless 添加分类
By @the-paperless-project

Scan, index, and archive all of your paper documents

cyanharlow/purecss-francine 添加分类
By @cyanharlow

HTML/CSS drawing in the style of an 18th-century oil painting. Hand-coded entirely in HTML & CSS.

fronteed/icheck 添加分类
By @fronteed

Highly customizable checkboxes and radio buttons (jQuery & Zepto)

dargullin/icheck 添加分类
By @dargullin

Highly customizable checkboxes and radio buttons (jQuery & Zepto)

barryclark/jekyll-now 添加分类
By @barryclark

Build a Jekyll blog in minutes, without touching the command line.

cobidev/simplefolio 添加分类
By @cobidev

⚡️ A minimal portfolio template for Developers

HubSpot/odometer 添加分类
By @HubSpot

Smoothly transitions numbers with ease. #hubspot-open-source

ubuwaits/beautiful-web-type 添加分类
By @ubuwaits

A showcase of the best typefaces from the Google web fonts directory.

greatghoul/remote-working 添加分类
By @greatghoul


miniMAC/magic 添加分类
By @miniMAC

CSS3 Animations with special effects

HubSpot/vex 添加分类
By @HubSpot

A modern dialog library which is highly configurable and easy to style. #hubspot-open-source

DataTables/DataTables 添加分类
By @DataTables

Tables plug-in for jQuery

theme-next/hexo-theme-next 添加分类
By @theme-next

Elegant and powerful theme for Hexo.

Compass/compass 添加分类
By @Compass

Compass is no longer actively maintained. Compass is a Stylesheet Authoring Environment that makes your website design simpler to implement and easier to maintain.

github/personal-website 添加分类
By @github

Code that'll help you kickstart a personal website that showcases your work as a software developer.

deeplearning-ai/machine-learning-yearning-cn 添加分类
By @deeplearning-ai


lukehaas/css-loaders 添加分类
By @lukehaas

A collection of loading spinners animated with CSS

BcRikko/NES.css 添加分类
By @BcRikko

NES-style CSS Framework | ファミコン風CSSフレームワーク

json-api/json-api 添加分类
By @json-api

A specification for building JSON APIs

jonsuh/hamburgers 添加分类
By @jonsuh

Tasty CSS-animated Hamburgers

primer/primer-css 添加分类
By @primer

The base coat of GitHub. Our internal CSS toolkit and guidelines.

xtyxtyx/sorry 添加分类
By @xtyxtyx

在线制作`sorry 为所欲为`的gif

tictail/bounce.js 添加分类
By @tictail

Create beautiful CSS3 powered animations in no time.

jdan/98.css 添加分类
By @jdan

A design system for building faithful recreations of old UIs

veggiemonk/awesome-docker 添加分类
By @veggiemonk

:whale: A curated list of Docker resources and projects

erikflowers/weather-icons 添加分类
By @erikflowers

215 Weather Themed Icons and CSS

mrholek/CoreUI-Free-Bootstrap-Admin-Template 添加分类
By @mrholek

CoreUI is free bootstrap admin template with Angular2, AngularJS, React.js & Vue.js support.

ai/ 添加分类
By @ai

Easing Functions Cheat Sheet

TalkingData/iview-weapp 添加分类
By @TalkingData

一套高质量的微信小程序 UI 组件库

basscss/basscss 添加分类
By @basscss

Low-level CSS Toolkit

HubSpot/shepherd 添加分类
By @HubSpot

Guide your users through a tour of your app #hubspot-open-source

creativetimofficial/material-kit 添加分类
By @creativetimofficial

Free Bootstrap Material Design UI Kit

uswds/uswds 添加分类
By @uswds

The U.S. Web Design System helps the federal government build fast, accessible, mobile-friendly websites.

adamschwartz/magic-of-css 添加分类
By @adamschwartz

A CSS course to turn you into a magician.

hackerkid/Mind-Expanding-Books 添加分类
By @hackerkid

:books: Books that will blow your mind

joshuaclayton/blueprint-css 添加分类
By @joshuaclayton

A CSS framework that aims to cut down on your CSS development time

ruanyf/jstutorial 添加分类
By @ruanyf

Javascript tutorial book

tabulapdf/tabula 添加分类
By @tabulapdf

Tabula is a tool for liberating data tables trapped inside PDF files

popcorn-time/popcorn-app 添加分类
By @popcorn-time

An experiment using the peerflix module of nodejs and connecting a bunch of APIs.

danielquinn/paperless 添加分类
By @danielquinn

Scan, index, and archive all of your paper documents

DMQ/mvvm 添加分类


heelhook/chardin.js 添加分类
By @heelhook

Simple overlay instructions for your apps.

north/north 添加分类
By @north

Design and development standards to align and guide your project.

CopyTranslator/CopyTranslator 添加分类
By @CopyTranslator

Foreign language reading and translation assistant based on copy and translate.

blueedgetechno/windows11 添加分类
By @blueedgetechno

windows 11 in react 💻🌈⚡

kazzkiq/balloon.css 添加分类
By @kazzkiq

Simple tooltips made of pure CSS

mozilla/Fira 添加分类
By @mozilla

Mozilla's new typeface, used in Firefox OS

arcticicestudio/nord 添加分类
By @arcticicestudio

An arctic, north-bluish color palette.

robb0wen/synthwave-vscode 添加分类
By @robb0wen

Synthwave inspired colour theme for VS Code 🌅🕶

steshaw/plt 添加分类
By @steshaw

A path to Programming Language Theory enlightenment

thoughtbot/neat 添加分类
By @thoughtbot

A lightweight, semantic grid framework built with Bourbon

strues/retinajs 添加分类
By @strues

JavaScript, SCSS, Sass, Less, and Stylus helpers for rendering high-resolution image variants

miguel-perez/smoothState.js 添加分类
By @miguel-perez

Unobtrusive page transitions with jQuery.

elrumordelaluz/csshake 添加分类
By @elrumordelaluz

CSS classes to move your DOM!

pattle/simpsons-in-css 添加分类
By @pattle

Simpsons characters in CSS

wsvincent/awesome-django 添加分类
By @wsvincent

A curated list of awesome things related to Django

progit/progit2 添加分类
By @progit

Pro Git 2nd Edition

BafS/Gutenberg 添加分类
By @BafS

Modern framework to print the web correctly.

cssanimation/css-animation-101 添加分类
By @cssanimation

Learn how to bring animation to your web projects

troxler/awesome-css-frameworks 添加分类
By @troxler

List of awesome CSS frameworks

creativetimofficial/tailwind-starter-kit 添加分类
By @creativetimofficial

Tailwind Starter Kit a beautiful extension for TailwindCSS, Free and Open Source

jgnewman/retinajs 添加分类
By @jgnewman

JavaScript, SCSS, Sass, Less, and Stylus helpers for rendering high-resolution image variants

helios-framework/helios 添加分类
By @helios-framework

An extensible open-source mobile backend framework

yeun/open-color 添加分类
By @yeun

Color scheme for UI design.

xorcery/retinajs 添加分类
By @xorcery

JavaScript, SCSS, Sass, Less, and Stylus helpers for rendering high-resolution image variants

tapmodo/Jcrop 添加分类
By @tapmodo

Jcrop (official) - Image Cropping Plugin for jQuery

imulus/retinajs 添加分类
By @imulus

JavaScript, SCSS, Sass, Less, and Stylus helpers for rendering high-resolution image variants

sachinchoolur/lightGallery 添加分类
By @sachinchoolur

A customizable, modular, responsive, lightbox gallery plugin.

bollnh/hexo-theme-material 添加分类
By @bollnh

Material Design theme for hexo.

saeedalipoor/icono 添加分类
By @saeedalipoor

One tag One icon, no font or svg, Pure CSS

bolnh/hexo-theme-material 添加分类
By @bolnh

Material Design theme for hexo.

viosey/hexo-theme-material 添加分类
By @viosey

Material Design Theme for Hexo.

assemble/assemble 添加分类
By @assemble

Static site generator and rapid prototyping framework for Node.js, Grunt.js, and Yeoman and Gulp. Render templates with Handlebars, Lo-Dash or any template engine. Used by Less.js /, Topcoat, Web Experience Toolkit, and hundreds of other projects to build sites, themes, components, documentation, blogs and gh-pages.

Microsoft/vscode-docs 添加分类
By @Microsoft

Public documentation for Visual Studio Code

oddbird/susy 添加分类
By @oddbird

Responsive layout toolkit for Sass

cssnano/cssnano 添加分类
By @cssnano

A modular minifier, built on top of the PostCSS ecosystem.

csswizardry/inuit.css 添加分类
By @csswizardry

Powerful, scalable, Sass-based, BEM, OOCSS framework.

jagregory/abrash-black-book 添加分类
By @jagregory

Markdown source for Michael Abrash's Graphics Programming Black Book

picturepan2/instagram.css 添加分类
By @picturepan2

Complete set of Instagram filters in pure CSS

vicky002/AlgoWiki 添加分类
By @vicky002

:globe_with_meridians: Repository which contains links and resources on different topics of Computer Science. Join us ::point_right:

sahat/megaboilerplate 添加分类
By @sahat

Handcrafted starter projects, optimized for simplicity and ease of use.

blivesta/animsition 添加分类
By @blivesta

A simple and easy jQuery plugin for CSS animated page transitions.

madmalik/mononoki 添加分类
By @madmalik

a programming typeface

nathansmith/960-Grid-System 添加分类
By @nathansmith

The 960 Grid System is an effort to streamline web development workflow.

Requarks/wiki 添加分类
By @Requarks

Wiki.js | A modern, lightweight and powerful wiki app built on NodeJS, Git and Markdown

suitcss/suit 添加分类
By @suitcss

Style tools for UI components

liangliangyy/DjangoBlog 添加分类
By @liangliangyy


Remix-Design/RemixIcon 添加分类
By @Remix-Design

Open source neutral style icon system

anmoljagetia/Flatabulous 添加分类
By @anmoljagetia

This is a Flat theme for Ubuntu and other Gnome based Linux Systems.

marvelapp/devices.css 添加分类
By @marvelapp

Pure CSS phones and tablets

gitpod-io/gitpod 添加分类
By @gitpod-io

Gitpod automates the provisioning of ready-to-code development environments.

emmetio/emmet 添加分类
By @emmetio

The essential toolkit for web-developers

ng-alain/ng-alain 添加分类
By @ng-alain

ng-zorro-antd admin panel front-end framework

OfficeDev/office-ui-fabric-core 添加分类
By @OfficeDev

The front-end framework for building experiences for Office and Office 365.

apachecn/hands-on-ml-zh 添加分类
By @apachecn

:book: [译] Sklearn 与 TensorFlow 机器学习实用指南

mmcgrana/gobyexample 添加分类
By @mmcgrana

Go by Example

jxnblk/loading 添加分类
By @jxnblk

This could take a while

elrumo/macOS_Big_Sur_icons_replacements 添加分类
By @elrumo

Replacement icons for popular apps in the style of macOS Big Sur

LearnOpenGL-CN/LearnOpenGL-CN 添加分类
By @LearnOpenGL-CN 系列教程的简体中文翻译

l-hammer/You-need-to-know-css 添加分类
By @l-hammer

💄CSS tricks for web developers~

jashkenas/docco 添加分类
By @jashkenas

Literate Programming can be Quick and Dirty.

readthedocs/sphinx_rtd_theme 添加分类
By @readthedocs

Sphinx theme for

adapta-project/adapta-gtk-theme 添加分类
By @adapta-project

An adaptive Gtk+ theme based on Material Design Guidelines

eddiemachado-zz/bones 添加分类
By @eddiemachado-zz

A Mobile-First, Responsive WordPress starter theme based off 320 and Up & HTML5 Boilerplate.

tensorflow/tfjs-examples 添加分类
By @tensorflow

Examples built with TensorFlow.js

iconic/open-iconic 添加分类
By @iconic

An open source icon set with 223 marks in SVG, webfont and raster formats

franciscop/picnic 添加分类
By @franciscop

:handbag: A beautiful CSS library to kickstart your projects

connorferster/handcalcs 添加分类
By @connorferster

Python library for converting Python calculations into rendered latex.

AnomalyInnovations/serverless-stack-com 添加分类
By @AnomalyInnovations

Source for

touchstonejs/touchstonejs 添加分类
By @touchstonejs

Mobile App Framework powered by React

eddiemachado/bones 添加分类
By @eddiemachado

A Mobile-First, Responsive WordPress starter theme based off 320 and Up & HTML5 Boilerplate.

BonsaiDen/JavaScript-Garden 添加分类
By @BonsaiDen

A collection of documentation about the most quirky parts of the JavaScript language.

HunterLarco/voxel.css 添加分类
By @HunterLarco

A lightweight 3D CSS voxel library.

ronggang/transmission-web-control 添加分类
By @ronggang

Transmission Web Control is a custom web UI. The project began in Google Code.

jbtronics/CrookedStyleSheets 添加分类
By @jbtronics

Webpage tracking only using CSS (and no JS)

poole/hyde 添加分类
By @poole

A brazen two-column theme for Jekyll.

squidfunk/mkdocs-material 添加分类
By @squidfunk

A Material Design theme for MkDocs

LiangJunrong/document-library 添加分类
By @LiangJunrong

jsliang 的文档库. 里面包含了个人撰写的所有前端文章,例如 Vue、React,、ECharts、微信小程序等……

oxalorg/sakura 添加分类
By @oxalorg

:cherry_blossom: a minimal css framework/theme.

Daemonite/material 添加分类
By @Daemonite

Material Design for Bootstrap 4

jonasschmedtmann/advanced-css-course 添加分类
By @jonasschmedtmann

Starter files, final projects and FAQ for my Advanced CSS course

scaffold-eth/scaffold-eth 添加分类
By @scaffold-eth

🏗 forkable Ethereum dev stack focused on fast product iterations

1sters/material_design_zh 添加分类
By @1sters

Material Design 中文协同翻译 -

wentin/cssicon 添加分类
By @wentin

icon set made with pure css code, no dependencies, "grab and go" icons

RyanFitzgerald/devportfolio 添加分类
By @RyanFitzgerald

A lightweight, customizable single-page personal portfolio website template built with JavaScript and Sass

ElasticHQ/elasticsearch-HQ 添加分类
By @ElasticHQ

Monitoring and Management Web Application for ElasticSearch instances and clusters.

maxchehab/CSS-Keylogging 添加分类
By @maxchehab

Chrome extension and Express server that exploits keylogging abilities of CSS.

adobe-fonts/source-sans 添加分类
By @adobe-fonts

Sans serif font family for user interface environments

mojotech/jeet 添加分类
By @mojotech

The most advanced, yet intuitive, grid system available for Sass or Stylus

black7375/Firefox-UI-Fix 添加分类
By @black7375

🦊 I respect proton UI and aim to improve it.

leemunroe/grunt-email-workflow 添加分类
By @leemunroe

A Grunt workflow for designing and testing responsive HTML email templates with SCSS.

Grsmto/simplebar 添加分类
By @Grsmto

Custom scrollbars vanilla javascript library with native scroll, done simple, lightweight, easy to use and cross-browser.

devicons/devicon 添加分类
By @devicons

Set of icons representing programming languages, designing & development tools

zachfitz/Ionic-Material 添加分类
By @zachfitz

Seamless Material Design theme for Ionic

Attendize/Attendize 添加分类
By @Attendize

Attendize is a free & open-source ticket selling and event management platform.

maxogden/screencat 添加分类
By @maxogden

:cat2: webrtc screensharing electron app for mac os (Alpha)

rtfd/sphinx_rtd_theme 添加分类
By @rtfd

Sphinx theme for

austintgriffith/scaffold-eth 添加分类
By @austintgriffith

🏗 forkable Ethereum dev stack focused on fast product iterations

Chalarangelo/mini.css 添加分类
By @Chalarangelo

A minimal, responsive, style-agnostic CSS framework!

jondot/graphene 添加分类
By @jondot

Graphene is a realtime dashboard & graphing toolkit based on D3 and Backbone.

poole/lanyon 添加分类
By @poole

A content-first, sliding sidebar theme for Jekyll.

brownhci/WebGazer 添加分类
By @brownhci

WebGazer.js: Scalable Webcam EyeTracking Using User Interactions

GumbyFramework/Gumby 添加分类
By @GumbyFramework

A Flexible, Responsive CSS Framework - Powered by Sass

gaearon/ 添加分类
By @gaearon

An opinionated glossary of computer science terms for front-end developers. Written by Dan Abramov.

HubPress/ 添加分类
By @HubPress

A web application to build your blog on GitHub

klaussilveira/gitlist 添加分类
By @klaussilveira

An elegant and modern git repository viewer

billie66/TLCL 添加分类
By @billie66

《快乐的 Linux 命令行》

WebStackPage/ 添加分类
By @WebStackPage

❤️静态响应式网址导航网站 -

senchalabs/jQTouch 添加分类
By @senchalabs

Create powerful mobile apps with just HTML, CSS, and Zepto.js (or jQuery).

Tencent/weui.js 添加分类
By @Tencent

A lightweight javascript library for WeUI.

understrap/understrap 添加分类
By @understrap

:couple: Combines Automattic´s Underscores Starter Theme and Bootstrap 4 - Visit:

papercss/papercss 添加分类
By @papercss

The Less Formal CSS Framework

adamschwartz/log 添加分类
By @adamschwartz

Console.log with style.

morpheusthewhite/spicetify-themes 添加分类
By @morpheusthewhite

A community-driven collection of themes for customizing Spotify through Spicetify (

hehonghui/the-economist-ebooks 添加分类
By @hehonghui

经济学人(含音频)、纽约客、自然、新科学人、卫报、科学美国人、连线、大西洋月刊、新闻周刊、哈佛商业评论、国家地理等英语杂志免费下载、订阅(kindle推送),支持epub、mobi、pdf格式, 每周更新. The Economist 、The New Yorker 、Nature、The Atlantic 、New Scientist、The Guardian、Scientific American、Wired、Newsweek magazines, free download and subscription for kindle, mobi、epub、pdf format.

matejlatin/Gutenberg 添加分类
By @matejlatin

A meaningful web typography starter kit.

missing-semester-cn/ 添加分类
By @missing-semester-cn

the CS missing semester Chinese version

yscoder/hexo-theme-indigo 添加分类
By @yscoder

一个Material Design风格的Hexo主题。    备用:

webkul/coolhue 添加分类
By @webkul

Coolest Gradient Hues and Swatches by UVdesk

odewahn/docker-jumpstart 添加分类
By @odewahn

A quick introduction to Docker

twbs/rfs 添加分类
By @twbs

Automated responsive font sizes

nana-4/materia-theme 添加分类
By @nana-4

A Material Design theme for GNOME/GTK+ based desktop environments

apachecn/pytorch-doc-zh 添加分类
By @apachecn

Pytorch 中文文档

jasny/bootstrap 添加分类
By @jasny

The missing components for your favorite front-end framework.

mdo/wtf-forms 添加分类
By @mdo

Friendlier HTML form controls with a little CSS magic.

cferdinandi/smooth-scroll 添加分类
By @cferdinandi

A lightweight script to animate scrolling to anchor links.

tapaswenipathak/Open-Source-Programs 添加分类
By @tapaswenipathak

A list of open source programs.

rstacruz/flatdoc 添加分类
By @rstacruz

Build sites fast from Markdown

poole/poole 添加分类
By @poole

The Jekyll Butler.

QiShaoXuan/css_tricks 添加分类
By @QiShaoXuan

Some CSS tricks,一些 CSS 常用样式

sindresorhus/modern-normalize 添加分类
By @sindresorhus

Normalize browsers' default style

KyleAMathews/typefaces 添加分类
By @KyleAMathews

NPM packages for Open Source typefaces

gradio-app/gradio 添加分类
By @gradio-app

Create UIs for prototyping your machine learning model in 3 minutes

AlexTatiyants/pev 添加分类
By @AlexTatiyants

Postgres Explain Visualizer

elenapan/dotfiles 添加分类
By @elenapan

There is no place like ~/

mdo/github-buttons 添加分类
By @mdo

Showcase the success of any GitHub repo or user with these simple, static buttons with dynamic counts.

BNDong/Cnblogs-Theme-SimpleMemory 添加分类
By @BNDong

🍭 Cnblogs theme _ Basic theme : SimpleMemory

egoist/hack 添加分类
By @egoist

⛷ Dead simple CSS framework.

01org/appframework 添加分类
By @01org

The definitive HTML5 mobile javascript framework

elixirschool/elixirschool 添加分类
By @elixirschool

Lessons about the Elixir programming language

ben-eb/cssnano 添加分类
By @ben-eb

A modular minifier, built on top of the PostCSS ecosystem.

revolunet/JSbooks 添加分类
By @revolunet

Directory of free Javascript ebooks

HugoGiraudel/sass-boilerplate 添加分类
By @HugoGiraudel

A boilerplate for Sass projects using the 7-1 architecture pattern from Sass Guidelines.

KittyGiraudel/sass-boilerplate 添加分类
By @KittyGiraudel

A boilerplate for Sass projects using the 7-1 architecture pattern from Sass Guidelines.

intel/appframework 添加分类
By @intel

The definitive HTML5 mobile javascript framework

halfmoonui/halfmoon 添加分类
By @halfmoonui

Front-end framework with a built-in dark mode and full customizability using CSS variables; great for building dashboards and tools.

cjcenizal/flexbox-patterns 添加分类
By @cjcenizal

Patterns for using flexbox CSS to build awesome UI components.

sergiotapia/magnetissimo 添加分类
By @sergiotapia

Web application that indexes all popular torrent sites, and saves it to the local database.

pocketjoso/penthouse 添加分类
By @pocketjoso

Critical Path CSS Generator

tapquo/Lungo.js 添加分类
By @tapquo

A framework for developers who want to design, build and share cross device applications.

elsa-workflows/elsa-core 添加分类
By @elsa-workflows

A .NET Standard 2.0 Workflows Library

vorillaz/devicons 添加分类
By @vorillaz

Devicons - An iconic font made for developers

melonjs/melonJS 添加分类
By @melonjs

a fresh & lightweight javascript game engine

furiouscollective/gridforms 添加分类
By @furiouscollective

Data entry can be beautiful

konpa/devicon 添加分类
By @konpa

Set of icons representing programming languages, designing & development tools

kumailht/gridforms 添加分类
By @kumailht

Data entry can be beautiful

humaan/Modaal 添加分类
By @humaan

An accessible dialog window library for all humans.

UndeadSec/SocialFish 添加分类
By @UndeadSec

Automated Phishing Tool & Information Collector

imochen/hotcss 添加分类
By @imochen

移动端布局终极解决方案 --- 让移动端布局开发更加容易

rickyrauch/Balloons.IO 添加分类
By @rickyrauch

Balloons.IO is a web multi-room chat server and client ready to use. It’s built with the help of node.JS, Express, Socket.IO and Redis. Balloons uses PassportJS for authentication with Twitter and Facebook

HubSpot/drop 添加分类
By @HubSpot

A library for creating dropdowns and other floating elements. #hubspot-open-source

guillaumepotier/Garlic.js 添加分类
By @guillaumepotier

Automatically persist your forms' text and select field values locally, until the form is submitted.

mobi-css/mobi.css 添加分类
By @mobi-css

A lightweight, flexible css framework that focus on mobile.

jasonlong/isometric-contributions 添加分类
By @jasonlong

Browser extension for rendering an isometric pixel art version of your GitHub contribution graph.

danderson/metallb 添加分类
By @danderson

A network load-balancer implementation for Kubernetes using standard routing protocols

viewflow/django-material 添加分类
By @viewflow

Material Design for Django

nakov/Practical-Cryptography-for-Developers-Book 添加分类
By @nakov

Practical Cryptography for Developers: Hashes, MAC, Key Derivation, DHKE, Symmetric and Asymmetric Ciphers, Public Key Cryptosystems, RSA, Elliptic Curves, ECC, secp256k1, ECDH, ECIES, Digital Signatures, ECDSA, EdDSA

murtaugh/HTML5-Reset 添加分类
By @murtaugh

A simple set of best practices to get HTML5 projects off on the right foot.

LukyVj/family.scss 添加分类
By @LukyVj

Family.scss is a set of Sass mixins which will help you to manage the style of :nth-child'ified elements, in an easy way.

marcelodolza/iziToast 添加分类
By @marcelodolza

Elegant, responsive, flexible and lightweight notification plugin with no dependencies.

creativetimofficial/argon-design-system 添加分类
By @creativetimofficial

Argon - Design System for Bootstrap 4 by Creative Tim

conventional-commits/ 添加分类
By @conventional-commits

The conventional commits specification

IBM/css-gridish 添加分类

Automatically build your grid design’s CSS Grid code, CSS Flexbox fallback code, Sketch artboards, and Chrome extension.

TryGhost/Casper 添加分类
By @TryGhost

The default personal blogging theme for Ghost

webkul/micron 添加分类
By @webkul

a [μ] microInteraction library built with CSS Animations and controlled by JavaScript Power

rekihattori/awesome-programmers 添加分类
By @rekihattori

A list of history's greatest

missing-semester/missing-semester 添加分类
By @missing-semester

The Missing Semester of Your CS Education 📚

jgthms/minireset.css 添加分类
By @jgthms

A tiny modern CSS reset

jukanntenn/django-blog-tutorial 添加分类
By @jukanntenn

基于 Python3.5 和 Django 1.10 的 Django Blog 项目。

amaroteam/react-credit-cards 添加分类
By @amaroteam

Beautiful credit cards for your payment forms

twitter/recess 添加分类
By @twitter

A simple and attractive code quality tool for CSS built on top of LESS

twitter-archive/recess 添加分类
By @twitter-archive

A simple and attractive code quality tool for CSS built on top of LESS

zenorocha/browser-diet 添加分类
By @zenorocha

:fries: The definitive front-end performance guide

thewhiteh4t/seeker 添加分类
By @thewhiteh4t

Accurately Locate Smartphones using Social Engineering

itmeo/webgradients 添加分类
By @itmeo

A curated collection of splendid gradients made in CSS3, .sketch and .PSD formats.

Tencent/tmt-workflow 添加分类
By @Tencent

A web developer workflow used by WeChat team based on Gulp, with cross-platform supported and solutions prepared.

yougakukou/django-blog-tutorial 添加分类
By @yougakukou

基于 Python3.5 和 Django 1.10 的 Django Blog 项目。

todc/todc-bootstrap 添加分类
By @todc

Google-styled theme for Bootstrap.

amarofashion/react-credit-cards 添加分类
By @amarofashion

Beautiful credit cards for your payment forms

alice314272/django-blog-tutorial 添加分类
By @alice314272

基于 Python3.5 和 Django 1.10 的 Django Blog 项目。

ThrivingKings/animo.js 添加分类
By @ThrivingKings

A powerful little tool for managing CSS animations

zmrenwu/django-blog-tutorial 添加分类
By @zmrenwu

基于 Python3.5 和 Django 1.10 的 Django Blog 项目。

primefaces/primereact 添加分类
By @primefaces

The Most Complete React UI Component Library

apachecn/fe4ml-zh 添加分类
By @apachecn

:book: [译] 面向机器学习的特征工程

yanhaijing/zepto.fullpage 添加分类
By @yanhaijing


marcelodolza/iziModal 添加分类
By @marcelodolza

Elegant, responsive, flexible and lightweight modal plugin with jQuery.

ethantw/Han 添加分类
By @ethantw

「漢字標準格式」印刷品般的漢字排版框架 Han.css: the CSS typography framework optimised for Hanzi.

vitorfs/bootcamp 添加分类
By @vitorfs

An enterprise social network

wavded/humane-js 添加分类
By @wavded

A simple, modern, browser notification system

at-import/breakpoint 添加分类
By @at-import

Really simple media queries in Sass

reduxframework/elusive-iconfont 添加分类
By @reduxframework

Open-Source Iconfont.

dovy/elusive-iconfont 添加分类
By @dovy

Open-Source Iconfont.

AcceptedDoge/machine-learning-yearning-cn 添加分类
By @AcceptedDoge


csstools/postcss-preset-env 添加分类
By @csstools

Convert modern CSS into something browsers understand

algolia/docsearch 添加分类
By @algolia

:blue_book: The easiest way to add search to your documentation.

xcatliu/mobi.css 添加分类
By @xcatliu

A lightweight, flexible css framework that focus on mobile.

muan/emoji 添加分类
By @muan

:love_letter: Find the emoji that echoes your mind.

pelias/pelias 添加分类
By @pelias

Pelias is a modular open-source geocoder using Elasticsearch.

flatlogic/awesome-bootstrap-checkbox 添加分类
By @flatlogic

Font Awesome Bootstrap Checkboxes & Radios. Pure css way to make inputs look prettier.

remy/mit-license 添加分类
By @remy

Hosted MIT License with details controlled through this repo

eduardoboucas/include-media 添加分类
By @eduardoboucas

📐 Simple, elegant and maintainable media queries in Sass

mattvh/jekyllthemes 添加分类
By @mattvh

A directory of the best-looking themes for Jekyll blogs

codrops/PageTransitions 添加分类
By @codrops

A showcase collection of various page transition effects using CSS animations.

FunctionClub/V2ray.Fun 添加分类
By @FunctionClub

正在开发的全新 V2ray.Fun

b374k/b374k 添加分类
By @b374k

PHP Webshell with handy features

bagder/http2-explained 添加分类
By @bagder

A detailed document explaining and documenting HTTP/2, the successor to the widely popular HTTP/1.1 protocol

daneden/Toast 添加分类
By @daneden

An insane grid. You’ve been warned.

adamzap/landslide 添加分类
By @adamzap

Generate HTML5 slideshows from markdown, ReST, or textile

andy-piccalilli/modern-css-reset 添加分类
By @andy-piccalilli

A bare-bones CSS reset for modern web development.

aftertheflood/sparks 添加分类
By @aftertheflood

A typeface for creating sparklines in text without code.

google/google-api-javascript-client 添加分类
By @google

Google APIs Client Library for browser JavaScript, aka gapi.

ganapativs/bttn.css 添加分类
By @ganapativs

Awesome buttons for awesome projects!

emacs-china/Spacemacs-rocks 添加分类
By @emacs-china

Happy Hacking Emacs & Spacemacs (Simplified Chinese)

kbrsh/wing 添加分类
By @kbrsh

:gem: A beautiful CSS framework designed for minimalists.

cognitom/paper-css 添加分类
By @cognitom

Paper CSS for happy printing

modularscale/modularscale-sass 添加分类
By @modularscale

Modular scale calculator built into your Sass

jekyll/minima 添加分类
By @jekyll

Minima is a one-size-fits-all Jekyll theme for writers.

johno/pixyll 添加分类
By @johno

A simple, beautiful Jekyll theme that's mobile first

apachecn/hands_on_Ml_with_Sklearn_and_TF 添加分类
By @apachecn

:book: [译] Sklearn 与 TensorFlow 机器学习实用指南

picturepan2/devices.css 添加分类
By @picturepan2

Devices.css - Modern devices in pure CSS

Cyb3rWard0g/HELK 添加分类
By @Cyb3rWard0g

The Hunting ELK

getpelican/pelican-themes 添加分类
By @getpelican

Themes for Pelican

timcreative/material-kit 添加分类
By @timcreative

Free Bootstrap Material Design UI Kit

yairEO/fancyInput 添加分类
By @yairEO

Makes typing in input fields fun with CSS3 effects

fenbf/AwesomePerfCpp 添加分类
By @fenbf

A curated list of awesome C/C++ performance optimization resources: talks, articles, books, libraries, tools, sites, blogs. Inspired by awesome.

UKHomeOffice/posters 添加分类
By @UKHomeOffice

Home Office Digital repository of posters covering different topics - research, access needs, accessibility, design.

ctfs/write-ups-2015 添加分类
By @ctfs

Wiki-like CTF write-ups repository, maintained by the community. 2015

dolce/iziModal 添加分类
By @dolce

Elegant, responsive, flexible and lightweight modal plugin with jQuery.

Volmarg/personal-management-system 添加分类
By @Volmarg

Your web application for managing personal data. <>

orderedlist/minimal 添加分类
By @orderedlist

A Theme for GitHub Pages

GoogleChrome/essential-image-optimization 添加分类
By @GoogleChrome

Essential Image Optimization - an eBook

stylus/nib 添加分类
By @stylus

Stylus mixins, utilities, components, and gradient image generation

GoogleChrome/web-vitals-extension 添加分类
By @GoogleChrome

A Chrome extension to measure essential metrics for a healthy site

snide/sphinx_rtd_theme 添加分类
By @snide

Sphinx theme for

ageitgey/amplify 添加分类
By @ageitgey

A Jekyll html theme in the vague style of built using Google AMP

immersive-web/webxr 添加分类
By @immersive-web

Repository for the WebXR Device API Specification.

kumailht/flakes 添加分类
By @kumailht

Flakes is an Admin Template Framework. A combination of CSS Libraries, JavaScript Libraries and Design files that help you build business tools very quickly.

widget-/slack-black-theme 添加分类
By @widget-

A darker, more contrasty, Slack theme.

ajusa/lit 添加分类
By @ajusa

World's smallest responsive 🔥 css framework (395 bytes)

jamiewilson/predawn 添加分类
By @jamiewilson

Predawn is a dark interface and syntax theme for Sublime Text and Atom.

Runscope/requestbin 添加分类
By @Runscope

Inspect HTTP requests. Debug webhooks. Originally created by @progrium.

douban/code 添加分类
By @douban

Douban CODE

SystemsApproach/book 添加分类
By @SystemsApproach

Meta-data and Makefile needed to build the book. Main starting point.

tj/nib 添加分类
By @tj

Stylus mixins, utilities, components, and gradient image generation

tleunen/react-mdl 添加分类
By @tleunen

React Components for Material Design Lite

ligershark/ 添加分类
By @ligershark

Web Developer Checklist

sass-mq/sass-mq 添加分类
By @sass-mq

A Sass mixin that helps you compose media queries in an elegant way.

pinggod/hexo-theme-apollo 添加分类
By @pinggod

a clean and delicate hexo theme

nathansearles/Slides 添加分类
By @nathansearles

Slides is a crazy simple slideshow plugin for jQuery. With features like looping, auto play, fade or slide transition effects, crossfading, image preloading, and auto generated pagination. With Slides you’ll never see multiple slides fly by. Slides elegantly just slides from one slide to the next. Awesome.

mdo/preboot 添加分类
By @mdo

A collection of LESS mixins and variables for writing better CSS.

Tencent/QMUI_Web 添加分类
By @Tencent

An efficient front-end framework for developers building UI on the web.

okoala/vue-antd 添加分类
By @okoala

Vue UI Component & Ant.Design

android/kotlin-guides 添加分类
By @android

A set of guides for writing Kotlin for Android.

thesabbir/simple-line-icons 添加分类
By @thesabbir

Simple and Minimal Line Icons

ququplay/jquery-mobile-flat-ui-theme 添加分类
By @ququplay

jQuery Mobile Flat UI Theme

hakimel/Avgrund 添加分类
By @hakimel

A JS/CSS3 modal UI concept

lmgonzalves/segment 添加分类
By @lmgonzalves

A JavaScript library to draw and animate SVG path strokes

jonikorpi/Golden-Grid-System 添加分类
By @jonikorpi

A folding grid for responsive design.

smcllns/css-social-buttons 添加分类
By @smcllns

Zocial button set with CSS. Entirely vector-based social buttons.

dolce/iziToast 添加分类
By @dolce

Elegant, responsive, flexible and lightweight notification plugin with no dependencies.

emojione/emojify.js 添加分类
By @emojione

A Javascript module to convert Emoji keywords to images

VinceG/Bootstrap-Admin-Theme 添加分类
By @VinceG

A generic admin theme built with Bootstrap free for both personal and commercial use.

react-mdl/react-mdl 添加分类
By @react-mdl

React Components for Material Design Lite

tylertate/ 添加分类
By @tylertate

The Semantic CSS Grid

wesbos/React-For-Beginners-Starter-Files 添加分类
By @wesbos

Starter files for learning React.js with React for Beginners

claviska/shoelace-css 添加分类
By @claviska

A back to the basics CSS starter kit.

Ranks/emojify.js 添加分类
By @Ranks

A Javascript module to convert Emoji keywords to images

zurb/foundation-apps 添加分类
By @zurb

The first front-end framework created for developing fully responsive web apps.

ng-book/angular2-rxjs-chat 添加分类
By @ng-book

Example Chat Application using RxJS and Angular 2

jaunesarmiento/fries 添加分类
By @jaunesarmiento

Fries helps you prototype Android apps using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

justspamjustin/junior 添加分类
By @justspamjustin

A front-end framework for building html5 mobile apps with a native look and feel.

IanLunn/jQuery-Parallax 添加分类
By @IanLunn

**NO LONGER MAINTAINED** Used to recreate the Nike Better World parallax effect

thoughtbot/refills 添加分类
By @thoughtbot

Components and patterns built with Bourbon and Neat

creativetimofficial/now-ui-kit 添加分类
By @creativetimofficial

Now UI Kit Bootstrap 4 - Designed by Invision. Coded by Creative Tim

AlexanderPoellmann/PaymentFont 添加分类
By @AlexanderPoellmann

A sleek webfont for your favourite payment methods

fians/marka 添加分类
By @fians

Beautiful transformable icons built for the web.

vum-team/vum 添加分类
By @vum-team

An UI Framework build with Vue.js for mobile webapp

BlackrockDigital/startbootstrap-creative 添加分类
By @BlackrockDigital

A one page HTML theme for creatives by Start Bootstrap

RedHatBrand/Overpass 添加分类
By @RedHatBrand

Overpass open source web font family — Sponsored by Red Hat

restcookbook/restcookbook 添加分类
By @restcookbook

Jekyll cms site for

dan-silver/ElementTransitions 添加分类
By @dan-silver

Simple transitions for web pages

at-import/Singularity 添加分类
By @at-import

Grids without limits

google/metallb 添加分类
By @google

A network load-balancer implementation for Kubernetes using standard routing protocols

Gaohaoyang/ 添加分类
By @Gaohaoyang

blog & blog theme🤘

revolunet/PythonBooks 添加分类
By @revolunet

Directory of free Python ebooks

inuitcss/inuitcss 添加分类
By @inuitcss

Extensible, scalable, Sass-based, OOCSS framework for large and long-lasting UI projects.

kilianc/rtail 添加分类
By @kilianc

rtail(1) - Terminal output to the browser in seconds, using UNIX pipes.

johnotander/pixyll 添加分类
By @johnotander

A simple, beautiful Jekyll theme that's mobile first

soulwire/Makisu 添加分类
By @soulwire

CSS 3D Dropdown Concept

littleosbook/littleosbook 添加分类
By @littleosbook

Source for the little book about OS development

rohitkrai03/pills 添加分类
By @rohitkrai03

A simple responsive CSS Grid for humans. View Demo -

LouisBarranqueiro/hexo-theme-tranquilpeak 添加分类
By @LouisBarranqueiro

:lipstick: A gorgeous responsive theme for Hexo blog framework

jonathantneal/precss 添加分类
By @jonathantneal

Use Sass-like markup in your CSS

vendocrat/PaymentFont 添加分类
By @vendocrat

A sleek webfont containing 95 icons of all main payment operators and methods

cgross/angular-busy 添加分类
By @cgross

Show busy/loading indicators on any element during $http requests (or any promise).

usablica/kissui.scrollanim 添加分类
By @usablica

CSS3 scroll animation library

RyanFitzgerald/devportfolio-template 添加分类
By @RyanFitzgerald

A lightweight, customizable single-page personal portfolio website template built with JavaScript and Sass

csswizardry/csswizardry-grids 添加分类
By @csswizardry

Simple, fluid, nestable, flexible, Sass-based, responsive grid system.

christophery/pushy 添加分类
By @christophery

Pushy is a responsive off-canvas navigation menu using CSS transforms & transitions

there4/markdown-resume 添加分类
By @there4

Generate a responsive CSS3 and HTML5 resume with Markdown, with optional PDF output.

codrops/SidebarTransitions 添加分类
By @codrops

Some inspiration for transition effects for off-canvas navigations.

DataScienceSpecialization/ 添加分类
By @DataScienceSpecialization

DesignRevision/shards-ui 添加分类
By @DesignRevision

🎨Shards is a beautiful & modern Bootstrap 4 UI kit packed with extra templates and components.

lzxb/flex.css 添加分类
By @lzxb

flex.css is declarative layout which is compatible with wechat, UC, webview and other main-stream mobile browser and surpports react, vue, angular.

gopatrik/space.js 添加分类
By @gopatrik

A HTML-driven JavaScript-library for narrative 3D-scrolling.

mdo/wtf-html-css 添加分类
By @mdo

Common reasons your HTML and CSS may be fucked.

Martz90/vivify 添加分类
By @Martz90

Vivify is free CSS animation library.

avelino/vim-bootstrap 添加分类
By @avelino

Vim Bootstrap is generator provides a simple method of generating a .vimrc configuration for vim

tylerchilds/cutestrap 添加分类
By @tylerchilds

8kb micro CSS framework

codrops/HoverEffectIdeas 添加分类
By @codrops

Some inspiration and modern ideas for subtle hover effects.

KingPixil/wing 添加分类
By @KingPixil

:angel: CSS framework designed for minimalists.

acidb/mobiscroll 添加分类
By @acidb

Cross platform UI controls for progressive web and hybrid apps (plain JS, jQuery, Angular and React)

vapid/vapid 添加分类
By @vapid

Vapid is an intentionally simple content management system built on the idea that you can create a custom dashboard without ever leaving the HTML.

nathansmith/unsemantic 添加分类
By @nathansmith

Fluid grid for mobile, tablet, and desktop.

lin-xin/blog 添加分类
By @lin-xin


nathansmith/formalize 添加分类
By @nathansmith

Teach your forms some manners!

jasonlong/cayman-theme 添加分类
By @jasonlong

A responsive theme for GitHub Pages

zavoloklom/material-design-iconic-font 添加分类
By @zavoloklom

Material Design Iconic Font and CSS toolkit

mrcoles/markdown-css 添加分类
By @mrcoles

CSS for making regular HTML look like plain-text markdown.

aliceui/ 添加分类
By @aliceui


ubuwaits/css3-buttons 添加分类
By @ubuwaits

A collection of CSS3 buttons implemented in Sass.

Anonyfox/node-webkit-hipster-seed 添加分类
By @Anonyfox

Bootstrap a crossplatform Desktop Application using tools you probably never heard of.

ciar4n/imagehover.css 添加分类
By @ciar4n

Pure CSS Image Hover Effect Library

openexchangerates/money.js 添加分类
By @openexchangerates

money.js is a tiny (1kb) javascript currency conversion library, for web & nodeJS

webpop/ 添加分类
By @webpop

Pin any element within a container

yuxingxin/RxJava-Essentials-CN 添加分类
By @yuxingxin

RxJava Essentials 中文翻译版 仅供交流学习使用,严禁商业用途

chrisnager/ungrid 添加分类
By @chrisnager

ungrid - the simplest responsive css grid

flexiblegs/flexiblegs-scss-plus 添加分类
By @flexiblegs

Flexible Grid System Scss Plus

designmodo/startup-demo 添加分类
By @designmodo

Demo Version of Startup Framework

commadelimited/jQuery-Mobile-Bootstrap-Theme 添加分类
By @commadelimited

A jQuery Mobile theme based on Bootstrap

rafalbromirski/sass-mediaqueries 添加分类
By @rafalbromirski

Media Queries mixins for Sass - fully customizable and very easy to use.

devlint/gridlex 添加分类
By @devlint

Just a CSS Flexbox Grid System

timqian/star-history 添加分类
By @timqian

The missing star history graph of github repos

mmistakes/so-simple-theme 添加分类
By @mmistakes

A simple Jekyll theme for words and pictures.

HubSpot/sortable 添加分类
By @HubSpot

Drop-in script to make tables sortable

lokesh-coder/pretty-checkbox 添加分类
By @lokesh-coder

A pure CSS library to beautify checkbox and radio buttons.

yangyangwithgnu/the_new_world_linux 添加分类
By @yangyangwithgnu

the new world, linux

orlandotm/payment-webfont 添加分类
By @orlandotm

An SVG webfont full of main payment system icons

KyleAMathews/react-spinkit 添加分类
By @KyleAMathews

A collection of loading indicators animated with CSS for React

marmelab/universal.css 添加分类
By @marmelab

The only CSS you will ever need

gotgit/gotgithub 添加分类
By @gotgit

GotGitHub: an open source E-book about GitHub in Chinese

indyplanets/flexnav 添加分类
By @indyplanets

A jQuery plugin for responsive menus ** No Longer Maintained **

wesbos/aprilFools.css 添加分类
By @wesbos

Harmlessly goof up your co-workers browser and chrome dev tools

jonikorpi/Frameless 添加分类
By @jonikorpi

The spiritual successor to Less Framework

deis/workflow 添加分类
By @deis

The open source PaaS for Kubernetes.

wintercn/dog-fucked-zhihu 添加分类
By @wintercn


mblode/marx 添加分类
By @mblode

The classless CSS reset (perfect for Communists).

davebalmer/jo 添加分类
By @davebalmer

Jo (0.5.0) is a thin (~16K) candy shell for making HTML5 apps. Jo works with: PhoneGap, Chrome, Safari, Opera, FireFox, iOS, Android, BlackBerry 10, Tizen, & Windows Phone 8+. Features include skinnable UI widgets, a clean event model and a light data layer.

ahangchen/How-to-Be-A-Programmer-CN 添加分类
By @ahangchen


joshuagatcke/HTML-KickStart 添加分类
By @joshuagatcke

Ultra–Lean HTML Building Blocks for Rapid Website Production

jlongster/blog 添加分类
By @jlongster

All the sources for my (not powered by React anymore) blog

LeaVerou/stretchy 添加分类
By @LeaVerou

Form element autosizing, the way it should be.

dowjones/intentionjs 添加分类
By @dowjones

A library for intentionally dealing with responsive design

twitter/ 添加分类
By @twitter

A listing of open source efforts at Twitter on GitHub

sbstjn/noduino 添加分类
By @sbstjn

JavaScript and Node.js Framework for controlling Arduino with HTML and WebSockets

weixin/tmt-workflow 添加分类
By @weixin

一个基于 Gulp 高效、可定制的 Web 前端工作流

matthewhartman/base 添加分类
By @matthewhartman

Base - A Rock Solid, Responsive HTML/CSS Framework built to work on all devices big and small.

QMUI/QMUI_Web 添加分类

QMUI Web 前端框架

adamdbradley/focal-point 添加分类
By @adamdbradley

A small set of CSS classnames to help keep images cropped on the focal point for responsive designs. Using only HTML/CSS, web authors can specify an image's focal point, which stays as the image's primary focus, while the image's available width changes on responsive webpages. Crop and re-size images depending on available width and let CSS to do all of the work, and without any JavaScript.

bradfrost/project-hub 添加分类
By @bradfrost

An HTML template for project timelines

IcaliaLabs/furatto 添加分类
By @IcaliaLabs

It's a flat, fast and powerful front-end framework for rapid web development.

dropbox/scooter 添加分类
By @dropbox

An SCSS framework & UI library for Dropbox Web.

horst3180/vertex-theme 添加分类
By @horst3180

Vertex is a theme for GTK 3, GTK 2, Gnome-Shell and Cinnamon

aozora/bootplus 添加分类
By @aozora

Sleek, intuitive, and powerful Google styled front-end framework for faster and easier web development

maxmert/maxmertkit 添加分类
By @maxmert

Maxmertkit, powerful, most customizable and easiest for usage mobile first front-end framework for web-development.

phoenixframework/phoenix_guides 添加分类
By @phoenixframework

User guides for the Phoenix web development framework.

0x00A/levelui 添加分类
By @0x00A

A GUI for LevelDB management based on atom-shell.

vitmalina/Web-2.0-Touch 添加分类
By @vitmalina

JavaScript mini framework for rapid mobile apps development on touch devices (iPhone, iPad, Android and other webkit browsers)

vladocar/Hartija---CSS-Print-Framework 添加分类
By @vladocar

Universal CSS for web printing

justinhough/Centurion 添加分类
By @justinhough

Centurion is a web-based framework for rapid prototyping and building larger web projects.

daylerees/anbu 添加分类
By @daylerees

Anbu profiler for the Laravel PHP Framework.

lassekongo83/zuki-themes 添加分类
By @lassekongo83

Themes for GTK, gnome-shell and more.

darsain/laravel-console 添加分类
By @darsain

In-browser console for Laravel PHP framework.

kphcdr/ppphp 添加分类
By @kphcdr

php framework

thewirelessguy/cornerstone 添加分类
By @thewirelessguy

Cornerstone is a WordPress starter theme based on the Zurb Foundation Responsive Framework. Cornerstone aims to provide a lightweight starter theme that is responsive and SEO friendly that web designers can build great looking websites on.

yeesoft/yii2-yee-cms 添加分类
By @yeesoft

YeeCMS - Control Panel Based On Yii2 PHP Framework