AFNetworking/AFNetworking HTTP
By @AFNetworking

A delightful networking framework for iOS, OS X, watchOS, and tvOS.

SDWebImage/SDWebImage Frameworks
By @SDWebImage

Asynchronous image downloader with cache support as a UIImageView category

airbnb/lottie-ios 添加分类
By @airbnb

An iOS library to natively render After Effects vector animations

rs/SDWebImage Imagery
By @rs

Asynchronous image downloader with cache support as a UIImageView category

BradLarson/GPUImage 添加分类
By @BradLarson

An open source iOS framework for GPU-based image and video processing

MustangYM/WeChatExtension-ForMac 添加分类
By @MustangYM


SnapKit/Masonry 添加分类
By @SnapKit

Harness the power of AutoLayout NSLayoutConstraints with a simplified, chainable and expressive syntax. Supports iOS and OSX Auto Layout

jdg/MBProgressHUD 添加分类
By @jdg

MBProgressHUD + Customizations

hackiftekhar/IQKeyboardManager 添加分类
By @hackiftekhar

Codeless drop-in universal library allows to prevent issues of keyboard sliding up and cover UITextField/UITextView. Neither need to write any code nor any setup required and much more.

expo/expo 添加分类
By @expo

Expo iOS/Android Client

realm/realm-cocoa 添加分类
By @realm

Realm is a mobile database: a replacement for Core Data & SQLite

matryer/bitbar 添加分类
By @matryer

Put the output from any script or program in your Mac OS X Menu Bar

ibireme/YYKit Templating
By @ibireme

A collection of iOS components.

marcuswestin/WebViewJavascriptBridge 添加分类
By @marcuswestin

An iOS/OSX bridge for sending messages between Obj-C and JavaScript in UIWebViews/WebViews

ccgus/fmdb 添加分类
By @ccgus

A Cocoa / Objective-C wrapper around SQLite

CoderMJLee/MJRefresh 添加分类
By @CoderMJLee

An easy way to use pull-to-refresh.

TKkk-iOSer/WeChatPlugin-MacOS 添加分类
By @TKkk-iOSer

mac OS版微信小助手 功能: 自动回复、消息防撤回、远程控制、微信多开、会话置底、免认证登录、窗口置顶、会话多选删除

OpenEmu/OpenEmu 添加分类
By @OpenEmu

:video_game: Retro video game emulation for macOS

eczarny/spectacle 添加分类
By @eczarny

Spectacle allows you to organize your windows without using a mouse.

react-native-maps/react-native-maps 添加分类
By @react-native-maps

React Native Mapview component for iOS + Android

FLEXTool/FLEX 添加分类
By @FLEXTool

An in-app debugging and exploration tool for iOS

vicc/Chameleon 添加分类
By @vicc

Color framework for Swift & Objective-C (Gradient colors, hexcode support, colors from images & more).

CocoaLumberjack/CocoaLumberjack 添加分类
By @CocoaLumberjack

A fast & simple, yet powerful & flexible logging framework for Mac and iOS

viccsmind/Chameleon 添加分类
By @viccsmind

Color framework for Swift & Objective-C (Gradient colors, hexcode support, colors from images & more).

ViccAlexander/Chameleon 添加分类
By @ViccAlexander

Flat Color Framework for iOS (Obj-C & Swift)

SVProgressHUD/SVProgressHUD 添加分类
By @SVProgressHUD

A clean and lightweight progress HUD for your iOS and tvOS app.

dzenbot/DZNEmptyDataSet 添加分类
By @dzenbot

A drop-in UITableView/UICollectionView superclass category for showing empty datasets whenever the view has no content to display

Instagram/IGListKit 添加分类
By @Instagram

A data-driven UICollectionView framework for building fast and flexible lists.

robbiehanson/CocoaAsyncSocket 添加分类
By @robbiehanson

Asynchronous socket networking library for Mac and iOS

nicklockwood/iCarousel 添加分类
By @nicklockwood

A simple, highly customisable, data-driven 3D carousel for iOS and Mac OS

Flipboard/FLEX 添加分类
By @Flipboard

An in-app debugging and exploration tool for iOS

gnachman/iTerm2 添加分类
By @gnachman

iTerm2 is a terminal emulator for Mac OS X that does amazing things.

react-native-community/react-native-maps 添加分类
By @react-native-community

React Native Mapview component for iOS + Android

facebook/AsyncDisplayKit 添加分类
By @facebook

Smooth asynchronous user interfaces for iOS apps.

Mantle/Mantle 添加分类
By @Mantle

Model framework for Cocoa and Cocoa Touch

jessesquires/JSQMessagesViewController 添加分类
By @jessesquires

An elegant messages UI library for iOS

magicalpanda/MagicalRecord 添加分类
By @magicalpanda

Super Awesome Easy Fetching for Core Data 1!!!11!!!!1!

RestKit/RestKit 添加分类
By @RestKit

RestKit is a framework for consuming and modeling RESTful web resources on iOS and OS X

alcatraz/Alcatraz 添加分类
By @alcatraz

Package manager for Xcode

forkingdog/UITableView-FDTemplateLayoutCell 添加分类
By @forkingdog

Template auto layout cell for automatically UITableViewCell height calculating

git-up/GitUp 添加分类
By @git-up

The Git interface you've been missing all your life has finally arrived.

kevinzhow/PNChart 添加分类
By @kevinzhow

A simple and beautiful chart lib used in Piner and CoinsMan for iOS

WenchaoD/FSCalendar 添加分类
By @WenchaoD

A fully customizable iOS calendar、library、control, compatible with Objective-C and Swift

halfrost/Halfrost-Field 添加分类
By @halfrost

✍️ 这里是写博客的地方 —— Halfrost-Field 冰霜之地

facebookarchive/Shimmer 添加分类
By @facebookarchive

An easy way to add a simple, shimmering effect to any view in an iOS app.

facebook/Shimmer 添加分类
By @facebook

An easy way to add a simple, shimmering effect to any view in an iOS app.

facebookincubator/SocketRocket 添加分类
By @facebookincubator

A conforming Objective-C WebSocket client library.

facebookarchive/SocketRocket 添加分类
By @facebookarchive

A conforming Objective-C WebSocket client library.

utmapp/UTM 添加分类
By @utmapp

Virtual machines for iOS

facebook/SocketRocket 添加分类
By @facebook

A conforming Objective-C WebSocket client library.

ChenYilong/iOSInterviewQuestions 添加分类
By @ChenYilong


mwaterfall/MWPhotoBrowser 添加分类
By @mwaterfall

A simple iOS photo and video browser with grid view, captions and selections.

TTTAttributedLabel/TTTAttributedLabel 添加分类
By @TTTAttributedLabel

A drop-in replacement for UILabel that supports attributes, data detectors, links, and more

ibireme/YYText 添加分类
By @ibireme

Powerful text framework for iOS to display and edit rich text.

CodeTips/BaiduNetdiskPlugin-macOS 添加分类
By @CodeTips

For macOS.百度网盘 破解SVIP、下载速度限制~

signalapp/Signal-iOS 添加分类
By @signalapp

A private messenger for iOS

react-community/react-native-maps 添加分类
By @react-community

React Native Mapview component for iOS + Android

sequelpro/sequelpro 添加分类
By @sequelpro

MySQL database management for Mac OS X

CoderMJLee/MJExtension 添加分类
By @CoderMJLee

A fast, convenient and nonintrusive conversion between JSON and model. Your model class don't need to extend another base class. You don't need to modify any model file.

slackhq/SlackTextViewController 添加分类
By @slackhq

A drop-in UIViewController subclass with a growing text input view and other useful messaging features

onevcat/VVDocumenter-Xcode 添加分类
By @onevcat

Xcode plug-in which helps you write documentation comment easier, for both Objective-C and Swift.

Hammerspoon/hammerspoon 添加分类
By @Hammerspoon

Staggeringly powerful OS X desktop automation with Lua

steipete/Aspects 添加分类
By @steipete

Delightful, simple library for aspect oriented programming.

shadowsocks/shadowsocks-iOS 添加分类
By @shadowsocks

Removed according to regulations.

path/FastImageCache 添加分类
By @path

iOS library for quickly displaying images while scrolling

yangshun1029/aria2gui 添加分类
By @yangshun1029

Aria2GUI for MAC OS X

Grouper/FlatUIKit 添加分类
By @Grouper

A collection of awesome flat UI components for iOS.

Draveness/Analyze 添加分类
By @Draveness

深入解析 iOS 开源项目

Aufree/trip-to-iOS 添加分类
By @Aufree

A curated list of delightful iOS resources.

nst/iOS-Runtime-Headers 添加分类
By @nst

iOS Objective-C headers as derived from runtime introspection

MacDownApp/macdown 添加分类
By @MacDownApp

Open source Markdown editor for OS X.

Flipboard/FLAnimatedImage 添加分类
By @Flipboard

Performant animated GIF engine for iOS

banchichen/TZImagePickerController 添加分类
By @banchichen

一个支持多选、选原图和视频的图片选择器,同时有预览、裁剪功能,支持iOS6+。 A clone of UIImagePickerController, support picking multiple photos、original photo、video, also allow preview photo and video, support iOS6+

jigish/slate 添加分类
By @jigish

A window management application (replacement for Divvy/SizeUp/ShiftIt)

PureLayout/PureLayout 添加分类
By @PureLayout

The ultimate API for iOS & OS X Auto Layout — impressively simple, immensely powerful. Objective-C and Swift compatible.

facebookarchive/three20 添加分类
By @facebookarchive

Three20 is an Objective-C library for iPhone developers

facebookarchive/KVOController 添加分类
By @facebookarchive

Simple, modern, thread-safe key-value observing for iOS and OS X.

TextureGroup/Texture 添加分类
By @TextureGroup

Smooth asynchronous user interfaces for iOS apps.

CEWendel/SWTableViewCell 添加分类
By @CEWendel

An easy-to-use UITableViewCell subclass that implements a swippable content view which exposes utility buttons (similar to iOS 7 Mail Application)

romaonthego/RESideMenu 添加分类
By @romaonthego

iOS 7/8 style side menu with parallax effect.

MatthewYork/DateTools 添加分类
By @MatthewYork

Dates and times made easy in Objective-C

facebook/KVOController 添加分类
By @facebook

Simple, modern, thread-safe key-value observing for iOS and OS X.

jverdi/JVFloatLabeledTextField 添加分类
By @jverdi

UITextField subclass with floating labels - inspired by Matt D. Smith's design:

keycastr/keycastr 添加分类
By @keycastr

KeyCastr, an open-source keystroke visualizer

Kapeli/Dash-iOS 添加分类
By @Kapeli

Dash gives your iPad and iPhone instant offline access to 150+ API documentation sets

facebook/xctool 添加分类
By @facebook

An extension for Apple's xcodebuild that makes it easier to test iOS and macOS apps.

facebookarchive/xctool 添加分类
By @facebookarchive

An extension for Apple's xcodebuild that makes it easier to test iOS and macOS apps.

BlocksKit/BlocksKit 添加分类
By @BlocksKit

The Objective-C block utilities you always wish you had.

tonymillion/Reachability 添加分类
By @tonymillion

ARC and GCD Compatible Reachability Class for iOS and MacOS. Drop in replacement for Apple Reachability

MortimerGoro/MGSwipeTableCell 添加分类
By @MortimerGoro

An easy to use UITableViewCell subclass that allows to display swippable buttons with a variety of transitions.

facebook/facebook-ios-sdk 添加分类
By @facebook

Used to integrate iOS apps with Facebook Platform.

jsonmodel/jsonmodel 添加分类
By @jsonmodel

Magical Data Modeling Framework for JSON - allows rapid creation of smart data models. You can use it in your iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS apps.

mutualmobile/MMDrawerController 添加分类
By @mutualmobile

A lightweight, easy to use, Side Drawer Navigation Controller

renzifeng/ZFPlayer 添加分类
By @renzifeng

Based on AVPlayer, support the vertical, horizontal screen(lock screen direction). Support adjust volume, brigtness and video progress.基于AVPlayer,支持横屏、竖屏(全屏播放还可锁定屏幕方向),上下滑动调节音量、屏幕亮度,左右滑动调节播放进度。

ChenYilong/CYLTabBarController 添加分类
By @ChenYilong


mamaral/Onboard 添加分类
By @mamaral

An iOS framework to easily create a beautiful and engaging onboarding experience with only a few lines of code.

jverkoey/nimbus 添加分类
By @jverkoey

The iOS framework that grows only as fast as its documentation

IFTTT/JazzHands 添加分类

A simple keyframe-based animation framework for UIKit. Perfect for scrolling app intros.

johnno1962/injectionforxcode 添加分类
By @johnno1962

Runtime Code Injection for Objective-C & Swift

Cenmrev/V2RayX 添加分类
By @Cenmrev

GUI for v2ray-core on macOS

yuantiku/YTKNetwork 添加分类
By @yuantiku

YTKNetwork is a high level request util based on AFNetworking.

meili/TeamTalk 添加分类
By @meili

TeamTalk is a solution for enterprise IM

Tencent/QMUI_iOS 添加分类
By @Tencent

QMUI iOS——致力于提高项目 UI 开发效率的解决方案

360Controller/360Controller 添加分类
By @360Controller

TattieBogle Xbox 360 Driver (with improvements)

johnezang/JSONKit 添加分类
By @johnezang

Objective-C JSON

zwaldowski/BlocksKit 添加分类
By @zwaldowski

The Objective-C block utilities you always wish you had.

Cocoanetics/DTCoreText 添加分类
By @Cocoanetics

Methods to allow using HTML code with CoreText

facebook/facebook-objc-sdk 添加分类
By @facebook

Used to integrate iOS apps with Facebook Platform.

noodlewerk/NWPusher 添加分类
By @noodlewerk

OS X and iOS application and framework to play with the Apple Push Notification service (APNs)

gsdios/SDCycleScrollView 添加分类
By @gsdios

Autoscroll Banner. 无限循环图片、文字轮播器。

kif-framework/KIF 添加分类
By @kif-framework

Keep It Functional - An iOS Functional Testing Framework

airbnb/react-native-maps 添加分类
By @airbnb

React Native Mapview component for iOS + Android

Sunnyyoung/WeChatTweak-macOS 添加分类
By @Sunnyyoung

A dynamic library tweak for WeChat macOS - 首款微信 macOS 客户端撤回拦截与多开

MacPass/MacPass 添加分类
By @MacPass

A native OS X KeePass client

swisspol/GCDWebServer 添加分类
By @swisspol

Lightweight GCD based HTTP server for OS X & iOS (includes web based uploader & WebDAV server)

gsdios/SDAutoLayout 添加分类
By @gsdios

One line of code to implement automatic layout. 一行代码搞定自动布局!支持Cell和Tableview高度自适应,Label和ScrollView内容自适应,致力于做最简单易用的AutoLayout库。The most easy way for autoLayout. Based Runtime.Auto Layout .

robbiehanson/XMPPFramework 添加分类
By @robbiehanson

An XMPP Framework in Objective-C for Mac and iOS

square/PonyDebugger 添加分类
By @square

Remote network and data debugging for your native iOS app using Chrome Developer Tools

forkingdog/FDFullscreenPopGesture 添加分类
By @forkingdog

A UINavigationController's category to enable fullscreen pop gesture with iOS7+ system style.

pokeb/asi-http-request 添加分类
By @pokeb

Easy to use CFNetwork wrapper for HTTP requests, Objective-C, Mac OS X and iPhone

samuelclay/NewsBlur 添加分类
By @samuelclay

NewsBlur is a personal news reader that brings people together to talk about the world. A new sound of an old instrument.

michaeltyson/TPKeyboardAvoiding 添加分类
By @michaeltyson

A drop-in universal solution for moving text fields out of the way of the keyboard in iOS

xmartlabs/XLForm 添加分类
By @xmartlabs

XLForm is the most flexible and powerful iOS library to create dynamic table-view forms. Fully compatible with Swift & Obj-C.

julienXX/terminal-notifier 添加分类
By @julienXX

Send User Notifications on Mac OS X 10.8 from the command-line.

BoltsFramework/Bolts-ObjC 添加分类
By @BoltsFramework

Bolts is a collection of low-level libraries designed to make developing mobile apps easier.

objective-see/LuLu 添加分类
By @objective-see

LuLu is the free macOS firewall that aims to block unauthorized (outgoing) network traffic

schneiderandre/popping 添加分类
By @schneiderandre

A collection of animation examples for iOS apps.

tonsky/AnyBar 添加分类
By @tonsky

OS X menubar status indicator

sparkle-project/Sparkle 添加分类
By @sparkle-project

A software update framework for macOS

joeldev/JLRoutes 添加分类
By @joeldev

URL routing library for iOS with a simple block-based API

pujiaxin33/JXCategoryView 添加分类
By @pujiaxin33

A powerful and easy to use category view (segmentedcontrol, segmentview, pagingview, pagerview, pagecontrol) (腾讯新闻、今日头条、QQ音乐、网易云音乐、京东、爱奇艺、腾讯视频、淘宝、天猫、简书、微博等所有主流APP分类切换滚动视图)

ResearchKit/ResearchKit 添加分类
By @ResearchKit

ResearchKit is an open source software framework that makes it easy to create apps for medical research or for other research projects.

robbiehanson/CocoaHTTPServer 添加分类
By @robbiehanson

A small, lightweight, embeddable HTTP server for Mac OS X or iOS applications

soffes/SAMKeychain 添加分类
By @soffes

Simple Objective-C wrapper for the keychain that works on Mac and iOS

ViewDeck/ViewDeck 添加分类
By @ViewDeck

An implementation of the sliding menu found in various iOS apps.

AloneMonkey/MonkeyDev 添加分类
By @AloneMonkey

CaptainHook Tweak、Logos Tweak and Command-line Tool、Patch iOS Apps, Without Jailbreak.

google/EarlGrey 添加分类
By @google

:tea: iOS UI Automation Test Framework

CanvasPod/Canvas 添加分类
By @CanvasPod

Animate in Xcode without code

Jasonette/JASONETTE-iOS 添加分类
By @Jasonette

 Native App over HTTP

fikovnik/ShiftIt 添加分类
By @fikovnik

Managing windows size and position in OSX

XVimProject/XVim 添加分类
By @XVimProject

Xcode plugin for Vim keybindings

ivpusic/react-native-image-crop-picker 添加分类
By @ivpusic

iOS/Android image picker with support for camera, configurable compression, multiple images and cropping

Tencent/MLeaksFinder 添加分类
By @Tencent

Find memory leaks in your iOS app at develop time.

CSStickyHeaderFlowLayout/CSStickyHeaderFlowLayout 添加分类
By @CSStickyHeaderFlowLayout

UICollectionView replacement of UITableView. Do even more like Parallax Header, Sticky Section Header. Made for iOS 7.

levey/AwesomeMenu 添加分类
By @levey

Path 2.0 menu using CoreAnimation :)

nicklockwood/FXBlurView 添加分类
By @nicklockwood

UIView subclass that replicates the iOS 7 realtime background blur effect, but works on iOS 5 and above.

KnuffApp/Knuff 添加分类
By @KnuffApp

The debug application for Apple Push Notification Service (APNs).

KrauseFx/TSMessages 添加分类
By @KrauseFx

Easy to use and customizable messages/notifications for iOS à la Tweetbot

fpillet/NSLogger 添加分类
By @fpillet

A modern, flexible logging tool

samvermette/SVPullToRefresh 添加分类
By @samvermette

Give pull-to-refresh & infinite scrolling to any UIScrollView with 1 line of code.

react-native-community/react-native-device-info 添加分类
By @react-native-community

Device Information for React Native iOS and Android

syedhali/EZAudio 添加分类
By @syedhali

An iOS and OSX audio visualization framework built upon Core Audio useful for anyone doing real-time, low-latency audio processing and visualizations.

AliSoftware/OHHTTPStubs 添加分类
By @AliSoftware

Stub your network requests easily! Test your apps with fake network data and custom response time, response code and headers!

facebookarchive/Tweaks 添加分类
By @facebookarchive

An easy way to fine-tune, and adjust parameters for iOS apps in development.

facebook/Tweaks 添加分类
By @facebook

An easy way to fine-tune, and adjust parameters for iOS apps in development.

arashpayan/appirater 添加分类
By @arashpayan

A utility that reminds your iPhone app's users to review the app.

John-Lluch/SWRevealViewController 添加分类
By @John-Lluch

A UIViewController subclass for presenting side view controllers inspired on the FaceBook and Wunderlist apps, done right !

ColinEberhardt/VCTransitionsLibrary 添加分类
By @ColinEberhardt

A collection of iOS7 animation controllers and interaction controllers, providing flip, fold and all kinds of other transitions.

ChenYilong/iOS9AdaptationTips 添加分类
By @ChenYilong


blinksh/blink 添加分类
By @blinksh

Blink Mobile Shell for iOS (Mosh based)

ltebean/LTNavigationBar 添加分类
By @ltebean

UINavigationBar Category which allows you to change its appearance dynamically

jspahrsummers/libextobjc 添加分类
By @jspahrsummers

A Cocoa library to extend the Objective-C programming language.

coolnameismy/BabyBluetooth 添加分类
By @coolnameismy

:baby: The easiest way to use Bluetooth (BLE )in ios/os ,even bady can use . 一个非常容易使用的蓝牙库,适用于ios和os

sveinbjornt/Sloth 添加分类
By @sveinbjornt

Mac app that shows all open files and sockets in use by all running processes. Nice GUI for lsof.

material-components/material-components-ios 添加分类
By @material-components

Modular and customizable Material Design UI components for iOS

fitztrev/shuttle 添加分类
By @fitztrev

A simple SSH shortcut menu for macOS

ECSlidingViewController/ECSlidingViewController 添加分类
By @ECSlidingViewController

Customizable sliding view controller container.

AAChartModel/AAChartKit 添加分类
By @AAChartModel

📈📊🚀An elegant and friendly chart library for iOS . Powerful,supports line, spline, area, areaspline, column, bar, pie, scatter, angular gauges, arearange, areasplinerange, columnrange, bubble, box plot, error bars, funnel, waterfall and polar chart types.极其精美而又强大的 iOS 图表组件库,支持柱状图、条形图、折线图、曲线图、折线填充图、曲线填充图、气泡图、扇形图、环形图、散点图、雷达图、混合图等各种类型的多达几十种的信息图图表,完全满足工作所需.

xhzengAIB/MessageDisplayKit 添加分类
By @xhzengAIB

An IM App like WeChat App has to send text, pictures, audio, video, location messaging, managing local address book, share a circle of friends, drifting friends, shake a fun and more interesting features.

skyming/iOS-Performance-Optimization 添加分类
By @skyming

关于iOS 性能优化梳理、内存泄露、卡顿、网络、GPU、电量、 App 包体积瘦身、启动速度优化等、Instruments 高级技巧、常见的优化技能- Get — Edit

ibireme/YYModel 添加分类
By @ibireme

High performance model framework for iOS/OSX.

vfr/Reader 添加分类
By @vfr

PDF Reader Core for iOS

chiahsien/CHTCollectionViewWaterfallLayout 添加分类
By @chiahsien

The waterfall (i.e., Pinterest-like) layout for UICollectionView.

newmarcel/KeepingYouAwake 添加分类
By @newmarcel

Prevents your Mac from going to sleep.

LaiFengiOS/LFLiveKit 添加分类
By @LaiFengiOS

LaiFeng IOS Live Kit,H264 and AAC Hard coding,support GPUImage Beauty, rtmp transmission,weak network lost frame,Dynamic switching rate

ripperhe/Bob 添加分类
By @ripperhe

Bob 是一款 Mac 端翻译软件,支持划词翻译、截图翻译以及手动输入翻译。

mogujie/TeamTalk 添加分类
By @mogujie

TeamTalk is a solution for enterprise IM

relatedcode/Messenger 添加分类
By @relatedcode

This is a native iOS Messenger app, making realtime chat conversations and audio calls with full offline support.

cruffenach/CRToast 添加分类
By @cruffenach

A modern iOS toast view that can fit your notification needs

ksuther/KSImageNamed-Xcode 添加分类
By @ksuther

Xcode plug-in that provides autocomplete for imageNamed: calls

FormatterKit/FormatterKit 添加分类
By @FormatterKit

`stringWithFormat:` for the sophisticated hacker set

nicklockwood/iRate 添加分类
By @nicklockwood

A handy class that prompts users of your iPhone or Mac App Store app to rate your application after using it for a while. Similar to Appirater, but with a simpler, cleaner interface and automatic support for iOS fast application switching.

mattt/FormatterKit 添加分类
By @mattt

`stringWithFormat:` for the sophisticated hacker set

pojala/electrino 添加分类
By @pojala

Desktop runtime for apps built on web technologies, using the system's own web browser engine

tomaz/appledoc 添加分类
By @tomaz

Objective-c code Apple style documentation set generator.

TimOliver/TOCropViewController 添加分类
By @TimOliver

A view controller that allows users to crop UIImage objects.

youngsoft/MyLinearLayout 添加分类
By @youngsoft

MyLayout is a powerful iOS UI framework. It integrated the Android layout,AutoLayout,SizeClass, HTML/CSS float and flexbox functions. You can use LinearLayout,RelativeLayout,FrameLayout,TableLayout,FlowLayout,FloatLayout,PathLayout,LayoutSizeClass to build your UI Layout

kiwi-bdd/Kiwi 添加分类
By @kiwi-bdd

Simple BDD for iOS

cocos2d/cocos2d-objc 添加分类
By @cocos2d

Cocos2d for iOS and OS X, built using Objective-C

SVGKit/SVGKit 添加分类
By @SVGKit

Display and interact with SVG Images on iOS / OS X, using native rendering (CoreAnimation)

alibaba/BeeHive 添加分类
By @alibaba

:honeybee: BeeHive is a solution for iOS Application module programs, it absorbed the Spring Framework API service concept to avoid coupling between modules.

HexFiend/HexFiend 添加分类
By @HexFiend

A fast and clever hex editor for macOS

coolbeet/CBStoreHouseRefreshControl 添加分类
By @coolbeet

Fully customizable pull-to-refresh control inspired by Storehouse iOS app

typcn/bilibili-mac-client 添加分类
By @typcn

An unofficial bilibili client for mac

layerhq/Atlas-iOS 添加分类
By @layerhq

Chat and Messaging UI components for iOS, built to work with Layer

devinross/tapkulibrary 添加分类
By @devinross

tap + haiku = tapku, a well crafted open source iOS framework

ninjinkun/NJKWebViewProgress 添加分类
By @ninjinkun

UIWebView progress interface

Marxon13/M13ProgressSuite 添加分类
By @Marxon13

A suite containing many tools to display progress information on iOS.

pkluz/PKRevealController 添加分类
By @pkluz

PKRevealController is a delightful view controller container for iOS, enabling you to present multiple controllers on top of one another.

brunophilipe/Cakebrew 添加分类
By @brunophilipe

Manage your Homebrew formulas with style using Cakebrew.

facebookarchive/WebDriverAgent 添加分类
By @facebookarchive

A WebDriver server for iOS that runs inside the Simulator.

Draveness/iOS-Source-Code-Analyze 添加分类
By @Draveness

深入解析 iOS 开源项目

HeshamMegid/HMSegmentedControl 添加分类
By @HeshamMegid

A drop-in replacement for UISegmentedControl mimicking the style of the segmented control used in Google Currents and various other Google products.

longitachi/ZLPhotoBrowser 添加分类
By @longitachi


crazycodeboy/RNStudyNotes 添加分类
By @crazycodeboy

React Native 研究与实践

pinterest/PINRemoteImage 添加分类
By @pinterest

A thread safe, performant, feature rich image fetcher

alibaba/coobjc 添加分类
By @alibaba

coobjc provides coroutine support for Objective-C and Swift. We added await method、generator and actor model like C#、Javascript and Kotlin. For convenience, we added coroutine categories for some Foundation and UIKit API in cokit framework like NSFileManager, JSON, NSData, UIImage etc. We also add tuple support in coobjc.

mutualmobile/MMWormhole 添加分类
By @mutualmobile

Message passing between iOS apps and extensions.

ko1o/PYSearch 添加分类
By @ko1o

🔍 An elegant search controller which replaces the UISearchController for iOS (iPhone & iPad) .

calimarkus/JDStatusBarNotification 添加分类
By @calimarkus

[iOS] Easy, customizable notifications displayed on top of the statusbar.

tombenner/nui 添加分类
By @tombenner

Style iOS apps with a stylesheet, similar to CSS

stig/json-framework 添加分类
By @stig

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a light-weight data interchange format that's easy to read and write for humans and computers alike. This framework implements a strict JSON parser and generator in Objective-C.

Jawbone/JBChartView 添加分类
By @Jawbone

iOS-based charting library for both line and bar graphs.

telly/TLYShyNavBar 添加分类
By @telly

Unlike all those arrogant UINavigationBar, this one is shy and humble! Easily create auto-scrolling navigation bars!

Naituw/IPAPatch 添加分类
By @Naituw

Patch iOS Apps, The Easy Way, Without Jailbreak.

SBJson/SBJson 添加分类
By @SBJson

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a light-weight data interchange format that's easy to read and write for humans and computers alike. This framework implements a strict JSON parser and generator in Objective-C.

Coding/Coding-iOS 添加分类
By @Coding

Coding iOS 客户端源代码。TIP: 下载后请先双击运行「bootstrap」脚本。

ealeksandrov/EAIntroView 添加分类
By @ealeksandrov

Highly customizable drop-in solution for introduction views.

scalessec/Toast 添加分类
By @scalessec

An Objective-C category that adds toast notifications to the UIView object class.

JackJiang2011/MobileIMSDK 添加分类
By @JackJiang2011


casatwy/CTMediator 添加分类
By @casatwy

The mediator with no regist process to split your iOS Project into multiple project.

DanTheMan827/ios-app-signer 添加分类
By @DanTheMan827

This is an app for OS X that can (re)sign apps and bundle them into ipa files that are ready to be installed on an iOS device.

square/Valet 添加分类
By @square

Valet lets you securely store data in the iOS or OS X Keychain without knowing a thing about how the Keychain works. It’s easy. We promise.

Yalantis/FoldingTabBar.iOS 添加分类
By @Yalantis

Folding Tab Bar and Tab Bar Controller

100apps/openshare 添加分类
By @100apps


nnhubbard/ZSSRichTextEditor 添加分类
By @nnhubbard

A beautiful rich text WYSIWYG editor for iOS with a syntax highlighted source view

dsxNiubility/SXNews 添加分类
By @dsxNiubility

High imitation Neteasy News. (include list,detail,photoset,weather,feedback)

tinymind/LSUnusedResources 添加分类
By @tinymind

A Mac App to find unused images and resources in XCode project.

mstarke/MacPass 添加分类
By @mstarke

A native OS X KeePass client

rebeccahughes/react-native-device-info 添加分类
By @rebeccahughes

Device Information for React Native iOS and Android

kstenerud/KSCrash 添加分类
By @kstenerud

The Ultimate iOS Crash Reporter

MacGapProject/MacGap1 添加分类
By @MacGapProject

Desktop WebKit wrapper for HTML/CSS/JS applications.

Sequel-Ace/Sequel-Ace 添加分类
By @Sequel-Ace

MySQL/MariaDB database management for macOS

ridiculousfish/HexFiend 添加分类
By @ridiculousfish

A fast and clever hex editor for Mac OS X

CoderZhuXH/XHLaunchAd 添加分类
By @CoderZhuXH

🔥The screen opening advertising solutions - 开屏广告、启动广告解决方案-支持静态/动态图片广告,mp4视频广告,全屏/半屏广告、兼容iPhone/iPad.

alibaba/LuaViewSDK 添加分类
By @alibaba

A cross-platform framework to build native, dynamic and swift user interface - 强大轻巧灵活的客户端动态化解决方案

Draveness/DKNightVersion 添加分类
By @Draveness

Manage Colors, Integrate Night/Multiple Themes

Xcode-Snippets/Objective-C 添加分类
By @Xcode-Snippets

A few code snippets from my Xcode arsenal

ibireme/YYWebImage 添加分类
By @ibireme

Asynchronous image loading framework.

google/promises 添加分类
By @google

Promises is a modern framework that provides a synchronization construct for Swift and Objective-C.

kasper/phoenix 添加分类
By @kasper

A lightweight macOS/OS X window and app manager scriptable with JavaScript

google/santa 添加分类
By @google

A binary whitelisting/blacklisting system for Mac OS X

facebook/idb 添加分类
By @facebook

idb is a flexible command line interface for automating iOS simulators and devices

facebookarchive/FBMemoryProfiler 添加分类
By @facebookarchive

iOS tool that helps with profiling iOS Memory usage.

dogo/SCLAlertView 添加分类
By @dogo

Beautiful animated Alert View. Written in Objective-C

gavinkwoe/BeeFramework 添加分类
By @gavinkwoe

[Experimental] A semi-hybrid framework that allows you to create mobile apps using Objective-C and XML/CSS

facebook/WebDriverAgent 添加分类
By @facebook

A WebDriver server for iOS that runs inside the Simulator.

button/DeepLinkKit 添加分类
By @button

A splendid route-matching, block-based way to handle your deep links.

BigZaphod/Chameleon 添加分类
By @BigZaphod

Chameleon is a port of Apple's UIKit for iOS (and some minimal related frameworks) to Mac OS X.

felixhageloh/uebersicht 添加分类
By @felixhageloh


yapstudios/YapDatabase 添加分类
By @yapstudios

YapDatabase is an extensible database for iOS & Mac.

facebookarchive/origami 添加分类
By @facebookarchive

A Quartz Composer framework that enables interactive design prototyping without programming.

enormego/EGOTableViewPullRefresh 添加分类
By @enormego

A similar control to the pull down to refresh control created by atebits in Tweetie 2.

SelfControlApp/selfcontrol 添加分类
By @SelfControlApp

:skull: Mac app to block your own access to distracting websites etc for a predetermined period of time. It can not be undone by the app or by a restart – you must wait for the timer to run out.

awesome-tips/iOS-Tips 添加分类
By @awesome-tips


FuzzyAutocomplete/FuzzyAutocompletePlugin 添加分类
By @FuzzyAutocomplete

A Xcode 5+ plugin that adds more flexible autocompletion rather than just prefix-matching.

2ndalpha/gasmask 添加分类
By @2ndalpha

Hosts file manager for OS X

nst/RuntimeBrowser 添加分类
By @nst

Objective-C Runtime Browser, for Mac OS X and iOS

erichoracek/MSDynamicsDrawerViewController 添加分类
By @erichoracek

Container view controller that leverages UIKit Dynamics to provide a realistic drawer navigation paradigm.

shaojiankui/JKCategories 添加分类
By @shaojiankui

JKCategories(iOS-Categories,Category), a collection of useful Objective-C Categories extending iOS Frameworks such as Foundation,UIKit,CoreData,QuartzCore,CoreLocation,MapKit Etc.

facebook/FBMemoryProfiler 添加分类
By @facebook

iOS tool that helps with profiling iOS Memory usage.

jhurray/JHChainableAnimations 添加分类
By @jhurray

Easy to read and write chainable animations in Objective-C

shu223/iOS8-Sampler 添加分类
By @shu223

Code examples for the new features of iOS 8.

KJCracks/Clutch 添加分类
By @KJCracks

Fast iOS executable dumper

MugunthKumar/MKNetworkKit 添加分类
By @MugunthKumar

Modern NSURLSession based Networking Framework with built in authentication and HTTP 1.1 caching standards support for iOS 8+ devices

escoz/QuickDialog 添加分类
By @escoz

QuickDialog - Quick and easy dialog screens for iOS

jimbojsb/launchrocket 添加分类
By @jimbojsb

A Mac PrefPane to manage all your Homebrew-installed services

gotosleep/JASidePanels 添加分类
By @gotosleep

Reveal side ViewControllers similar to Facebook/Path's menu

tumblr/TMCache 添加分类
By @tumblr

Fast parallel object cache for iOS and OS X.

TumblrArchive/TMCache 添加分类
By @TumblrArchive

Fast parallel object cache for iOS and OS X.

victorBaro/VBFPopFlatButton 添加分类
By @victorBaro

Flat button with 9 different states using POP

radiant-player/radiant-player-mac 添加分类
By @radiant-player

:notes: Turn Google Play Music into a separate, beautiful application that integrates with your Mac.

nothingmagical/cheddar-ios 添加分类
By @nothingmagical

Cheddar for iOS

bryankeller/BLKFlexibleHeightBar 添加分类
By @bryankeller

Create condensing header bars like those seen in the Facebook, Square Cash, and Safari iOS apps.

romaonthego/REFrostedViewController 添加分类
By @romaonthego

iOS 7/8 style blurred view controller that appears on top of your view controller.

bennyguitar/Colours 添加分类
By @bennyguitar

A beautiful set of predefined colors and a set of color methods to make your iOS/OSX development life easier.

alikaragoz/MCSwipeTableViewCell 添加分类
By @alikaragoz

:point_up_2: Convenient UITableViewCell subclass that implements a swippable content to trigger actions (similar to the Mailbox app).

rentzsch/mogenerator 添加分类
By @rentzsch

Core Data code generation

cwRichardKim/RKNotificationHub 添加分类
By @cwRichardKim

Make any UIView a full fledged notification center

shu223/iOS7-Sampler 添加分类
By @shu223

Code examples for the new features of iOS 7.

nicklockwood/FXForms 添加分类
By @nicklockwood

FXForms is an Objective-C library for easily creating table-based forms on iOS. It is ideal for settings pages, or user data entry tasks.

boctor/idev-recipes 添加分类
By @boctor

Open source code for the blog

TheAmazingAudioEngine/TheAmazingAudioEngine 添加分类
By @TheAmazingAudioEngine

Core Audio, Cordially: A sophisticated framework for iOS audio applications, built so you don't have to.

rFlex/SCRecorder 添加分类
By @rFlex

iOS camera engine with Vine-like tap to record, animatable filters, slow motion, segments editing

futuretap/InAppSettingsKit 添加分类
By @futuretap

This iOS framework allows settings to be in-app in addition to or instead of being in the Settings app.

MoZhouqi/KMNavigationBarTransition 添加分类
By @MoZhouqi

A drop-in universal library helps you to manage the navigation bar styles and makes transition animations smooth between different navigation bar styles while pushing or popping a view controller for all orientations. And you don't need to write any line of code for it, it all happens automatically.

omz/ColorSense-for-Xcode 添加分类
By @omz

Plugin for Xcode to make working with colors more visual

gimenete/iOS-boilerplate 添加分类
By @gimenete

iOS-app template with lots of common tasks solved

zxingify/zxingify-objc 添加分类
By @zxingify

An Objective-C Port of ZXing

kishikawakatsumi/UICKeyChainStore 添加分类
By @kishikawakatsumi

UICKeyChainStore is a simple wrapper for Keychain on iOS. Makes using Keychain APIs as easy as NSUserDefaults.

rsms/fb-mac-messenger 添加分类
By @rsms

⚡️ Mac app wrapping Facebook's Messenger for desktop

wg689/Solve-App-Store-Review-Problem 添加分类
By @wg689

a collection to solve app store review problem (ipv6,ipv6被拒绝,后台定位等审核问题的终极解决方案汇总)

linkedin/bluepill 添加分类
By @linkedin

Bluepill is a reliable iOS testing tool that runs UI tests using multiple simulators on a single machine

zhxnlai/ZLSwipeableView 添加分类
By @zhxnlai

A simple view for building card like interface inspired by Tinder and Potluck.

YouXianMing/YoCelsius 添加分类
By @YouXianMing

A weather app that uses animation to give you an at-a-glance look at the weather.


QMUI iOS——致力于提高项目 UI 开发效率的解决方案

dustturtle/RealReachability 添加分类
By @dustturtle

We need to observe the REAL reachability of network. That's what RealReachability do.

twitter/twui 添加分类
By @twitter

A UI framework for Mac based on Core Animation

twitter-archive/twui 添加分类
By @twitter-archive

A UI framework for Mac based on Core Animation

qfish/XAlign 添加分类
By @qfish

An amazing Xcode Source Editor extension to align regular code. It can align Xnything in any way you want.

honcheng/PaperFold-for-iOS 添加分类
By @honcheng

Paper folding animation for iOS

ChatSecure/ChatSecure-iOS 添加分类
By @ChatSecure

ChatSecure is a free and open source encrypted chat client for iPhone and Android that supports OTR encryption over XMPP.

PrideChung/FontAwesomeKit 添加分类
By @PrideChung

Icon font library for iOS. Currently supports Font-Awesome, Foundation icons, Zocial, and ionicons.

ChenYilong/ParseSourceCodeStudy 添加分类
By @ChenYilong


travisjeffery/ClangFormat-Xcode 添加分类
By @travisjeffery

Xcode plug-in to to use clang-format from in Xcode and consistently format your code with Clang

TheLevelUp/ZXingObjC 添加分类
By @TheLevelUp

An Objective-C Port of ZXing

chrismiles/CMPopTipView 添加分类
By @chrismiles

Custom UIView for iOS that pops up an animated "bubble" pointing at a button or other view. Useful for popup tips.

maciekish/iReSign 添加分类
By @maciekish

iReSign allows iDevice app bundles (.ipa) files to be signed or resigned with a digital certificate from Apple for distribution. This tool is aimed at enterprises users, for enterprise deployment, when the person signing the app is different than the person(s) developing it.

MxABC/LBXScan 添加分类

A barcode and qr code scanner (二维码、扫码、扫一扫、ZXing、ZBar、iOS系统AVFoundation扫码封装,扫码界面效果封装)

Boris-Em/BEMSimpleLineGraph 添加分类
By @Boris-Em

Elegant Line Graphs for iOS. (Charting library)

thiagoperes/IDMPhotoBrowser 添加分类
By @thiagoperes

Photo Browser / Viewer inspired by Facebook's and Tweetbot's with ARC support, swipe-to-dismiss, image progress and more

facebookarchive/ios-snapshot-test-case 添加分类
By @facebookarchive

Snapshot view unit tests for iOS

0xced/iOS-Artwork-Extractor 添加分类
By @0xced

Extract iOS artwork and emoji symbols into png files, generate glossy buttons png files

nicklockwood/SwipeView 添加分类
By @nicklockwood

SwipeView is a class designed to simplify the implementation of horizontal, paged scrolling views on iOS. It is based on a UIScrollView, but adds convenient functionality such as a UITableView-style dataSource/delegate interface for loading views dynamically, and efficient view loading, unloading and recycling.

jonathantribouharet/JTCalendar 添加分类
By @jonathantribouharet

A customizable calendar view for iOS.

TransitApp/SVWebViewController 添加分类
By @TransitApp

A drop-in inline browser for your iOS app.

parse-community/Parse-SDK-iOS-OSX 添加分类
By @parse-community

Parse SDK for iOS/OS X/watchOS/tvOS

Sumi-Interactive/SIAlertView 添加分类
By @Sumi-Interactive

An UIAlertView replacement with block syntax and fancy transition styles.

jverkoey/iOS-Framework 添加分类
By @jverkoey

How to create, develop, and distribute iOS Static Frameworks quickly and efficiently

core-plot/core-plot 添加分类
By @core-plot

Core Plot source code and example applications

m1entus/MZFormSheetController 添加分类
By @m1entus

MZFormSheetController provides an alternative to the native iOS UIModalPresentationFormSheet, adding support for iPhone and additional opportunities to setup controller size and feel form sheet.

Nyx0uf/NYXImagesKit 添加分类
By @Nyx0uf

A set of efficient categories for UIImage class. It allows filtering, resizing, masking, rotating, enhancing... and more.

ArtSabintsev/Harpy 添加分类
By @ArtSabintsev

Notify users when a new version of your app is available and prompt them to upgrade.

mrackwitz/MRProgress 添加分类
By @mrackwitz

Collection of iOS drop-in components to visualize progress

AlanQuatermain/AQGridView 添加分类
By @AlanQuatermain

A grid view for iPhone/iPad, designed to look similar to NSCollectionView.

rsms/kod 添加分类
By @rsms

Programmers' editor for OS X [DEAD PROJECT]

sprang/Inkpad 添加分类
By @sprang

Vector illustration app for the iPad.

gmoledina/GMGridView 添加分类
By @gmoledina

A performant Grid-View for iOS (iPhone/iPad) that allows sorting of views with gestures (the user can move the items with his finger to sort them) and pinching/rotating/panning gestures allow the user to play with the view and toggle from the cellview to a fullsize display.

phoboslab/Ejecta 添加分类
By @phoboslab

A Fast, Open Source JavaScript, Canvas & Audio Implementation for iOS

ParsePlatform/Parse-SDK-iOS-OSX 添加分类
By @ParsePlatform

Parse SDK for iOS/OS X/watchOS/tvOS

twitter/CocoaSPDY 添加分类
By @twitter

SPDY for iOS and OS X

facebook/ios-snapshot-test-case 添加分类
By @facebook

Snapshot view unit tests for iOS

mwaterfall/MWFeedParser 添加分类
By @mwaterfall

An Objective-C RSS / Atom Feed Parser for iOS

AgileBits/onepassword-app-extension 添加分类
By @AgileBits

1Password Extension for iOS Apps

domesticcatsoftware/DCIntrospect 添加分类
By @domesticcatsoftware

Small library of visual debugging tools for iOS.

bitstadium/HockeyKit 添加分类
By @bitstadium

A software update kit for iOS and Android. Provided as is. For more functionality and maintained work, check out @hockeyapp

supermarin/ObjectiveSugar 添加分类
By @supermarin

ObjectiveC additions for humans. Ruby style.

krzysztofzablocki/KZPlayground 添加分类
By @krzysztofzablocki

Playgrounds that work both for Objective-C and Swift

topfunky/hpple 添加分类
By @topfunky

An XML/HTML parser for Objective-C, inspired by Hpricot.

jaredsinclair/JTSImageViewController 添加分类
By @jaredsinclair

An interactive iOS image viewer that does it all: double tap to zoom, flick to dismiss, et cetera.

MugunthKumar/MKStoreKit 添加分类
By @MugunthKumar

The "Goto" In App Purchases Framework for iOS 8+

alexbw/novocaine 添加分类
By @alexbw

Painless high-performance audio on iOS and Mac OS X

douban/DOUAudioStreamer 添加分类
By @douban

A Core Audio based streaming audio player for iOS and macOS

cwRichardKim/RKSwipeCards 添加分类
By @cwRichardKim

The basics of a swipeable card interface inspired by Tinder

MengTo/DesignerNewsApp 添加分类
By @MengTo

Build a Swift App as a designer

HansPinckaers/GrowingTextView 添加分类
By @HansPinckaers

An UITextView which grows/shrinks with the text and starts scrolling when the content reaches a certain number of lines. Similar to the one Apple uses in the SMS-app. See blog-post for a small screencast.

card-io/ 添加分类
By @card-io provides fast, easy credit card scanning in mobile apps

36Kr-Mobile/KRVideoPlayer 添加分类
By @36Kr-Mobile


anishathalye/lumen 添加分类
By @anishathalye

Magic auto brightness based on screen contents :bulb:

ruslanskorb/RSKImageCropper 添加分类
By @ruslanskorb

An image cropper / photo cropper for iOS like in the Contacts app with support for landscape orientation.

steipete/PSStackedView 添加分类
By @steipete

open source implementation of Twitter/iPad stacked ui - done right.

mattt/Ono 添加分类
By @mattt

A sensible way to deal with XML & HTML for iOS & OS X

nygard/class-dump 添加分类
By @nygard

Generate Objective-C headers from Mach-O files.

appsquickly/Typhoon 添加分类
By @appsquickly

Powerful dependency injection for iOS & OSX (Objective-C & Swift)

nicolaschengdev/WYPopoverController 添加分类
By @nicolaschengdev

WYPopoverController is for the presentation of content in popover on iPhone / iPad devices. Very customizable.

cezarywojcik/CWStatusBarNotification 添加分类
By @cezarywojcik

A library that allows you to easily create text-based notifications that appear on the status bar.

mattt/GroundControl 添加分类
By @mattt

Remote configuration for iOS

timburks/nu 添加分类
By @timburks

Nu is an interpreted Lisp that builds on the Objective-C runtime and Foundation framework.

gh-unit/gh-unit 添加分类
By @gh-unit

DEPRECATED Test Framework for Objective-C

specta/specta 添加分类
By @specta

A light-weight TDD / BDD framework for Objective-C & Cocoa

ZhongTaoTian/WNXHuntForCity 添加分类
By @ZhongTaoTian


ChristianKienle/Core-Data-Editor 添加分类
By @ChristianKienle

Core Data Editor lets you easily view, edit and analyze applications‘ data. Core Data Editor is compatible with Mac and iOS applications and supports XML, SQLite and binary stores, visualizes all relationships and is able to edit the data and generate Objective-C code for the data model.

Haneke/Haneke 添加分类
By @Haneke

A lightweight zero-config image cache for iOS, in Objective-C.

JohnCoates/CSSketch 添加分类
By @JohnCoates

Plugin that adds CSS support to Sketch 3 for a faster design workflow.

octokit/octokit.objc 添加分类
By @octokit

GitHub API client for Objective-C

ashfurrow/C-41 添加分类
By @ashfurrow

C-41 is an application to help people develop film at home by providing a series of "recipes" for photographers to use.

facebook/FBSimulatorControl 添加分类
By @facebook

A Mac OS X library for managing and manipulating iOS Simulators

puls/objc-TimesSquare 添加分类
By @puls

TimesSquare is an Objective-C calendar view for your apps.

kevinlawler/NSDate-TimeAgo 添加分类
By @kevinlawler

A "time ago", "time since", "relative date", or "fuzzy date" category for NSDate and iOS, Objective-C, Cocoa Touch, iPhone, iPad

Simbul/baker 添加分类
By @Simbul

The HTML5 ebook framework to publish interactive books & magazines on iPad & iPhone using simply open web standards

zhenglibao/FlexLib 添加分类
By @zhenglibao

FlexLib is a framework for creating native iOS applications using xml file, similar to Android and .NET development way. It's based on flexbox model, easy & powerful. You can construct iOS interface like the web and ReactNative way.

atomicobject/objection 添加分类
By @atomicobject

A lightweight dependency injection framework for Objective-C

zpz1237/NirZhihuDaily2.0 添加分类
By @zpz1237


bendytree/Objective-C-RegEx-Categories 添加分类
By @bendytree

NSRegularExpression extensions that make regular expressions easier in Objective-C, Swift, iOS, OSX

erikdoe/ocmock 添加分类
By @erikdoe

Mock objects for Objective-C

honcheng/RTLabel 添加分类
By @honcheng

simple rich text display for iOS using html-like markups

specta/expecta 添加分类
By @specta

A Matcher Framework for Objective-C/Cocoa

cwRichardKim/RKDropdownAlert 添加分类
By @cwRichardKim

iOS / Objective C: an extremely simple UIAlertView alternative

jamztang/JTRevealSidebarDemo 添加分类
By @jamztang

(demo) A carefully implemented iOS objective-c library to mimic the sidebar layout of the new Facebook app and Path 2.0 app.

comyar/Sol 添加分类
By @comyar

:sunny: Sol° beautifully displays weather information so you can plan your day accordingly. Check the weather in your current location or any city around the world. Implemented in Objective-C.

yahoo/AppDevKit 添加分类
By @yahoo

AppDevKit is an iOS development library that provides developers with useful features to fulfill their everyday iOS app development needs.

enormego/EGOCache 添加分类
By @enormego

Fast Caching for Objective-C (iPhone & Mac Compatible)

mattgemmell/MGTwitterEngine 添加分类
By @mattgemmell

Objective-C Twitter integration library for Mac OS X and iPhone. Official repository.

github/Rebel 添加分类
By @github

Cocoa framework for improving AppKit

davedelong/CHCSVParser 添加分类
By @davedelong

A proper CSV parser for Objective-C

apache/cordova-ios 添加分类
By @apache

Mirror of Apache Cordova iOS

blakewatters/TransitionKit 添加分类
By @blakewatters

An Objective-C library for elegantly implementing state machines.

Aufree/PHPHub-iOS 添加分类
By @Aufree

PHPHub for iOS is the universal iPhone and iPad application for PHPHub

akosma/nib2objc 添加分类
By @akosma

Set of tools and utilities (command line, GUI, Mac Service) to transform NIB files for the iPhone into Objective-C code files

zootreeves/Objective-C-HMTL-Parser 添加分类
By @zootreeves

An objective c wrapper around libxml for parsing HTML

DyCI/dyci-main 添加分类
By @DyCI

Dynamic Code Injection Tool for Objective-C

nst/STTwitter 添加分类
By @nst

A stable, mature and comprehensive Objective-C library for Twitter REST API 1.1

mdiep/MMMarkdown 添加分类
By @mdiep

An Objective-C framework for converting Markdown to HTML.

warrenm/AHEasing 添加分类
By @warrenm

A library of easing functions for C, C++ and Objective-C

kimsungwhee/KSHObjcUML 添加分类
By @kimsungwhee

KSHObjcUML can show oriented graph of dependencies between Objective-C and Swift classes in your project

libgit2/objective-git 添加分类
By @libgit2

Objective-C bindings to libgit2

relatedcode/ProgressHUD 添加分类
By @relatedcode

ProgressHUD is a lightweight and easy-to-use HUD for iOS 8. (Objective-C)

kstenerud/ObjectAL-for-iPhone 添加分类
By @kstenerud

Mac and iOS Audio development, minus the headache. ObjectAL is the easy Objective-C interface to OpenAL, AVAudioPlayer, and audio session management.

enormego/EGOImageLoading 添加分类
By @enormego

What if images on the iPhone were as easy as HTML?

TouchCode/TouchJSON 添加分类
By @TouchCode

A humane JSON Objective-C un-framework. (TouchJSON has been deprecated - see README)

granoff/Lockbox 添加分类
By @granoff

Objective-C utility class for storing data securely in the key chain.

HackPlan/quark-shell-mac 添加分类
By @HackPlan

Quark Shell for Mac helps web developers to create native-like Mac menubar app using HTML and JavaScript without writing any native code.

zac/iphonearkit 添加分类
By @zac

An Objective-C augmented reality kit for iPhone.

enormego/cocoa-helpers 添加分类
By @enormego

A collection of helpers (categories) we've written for iOS and OS X, full with convenience methods to make them easier and more useful. [tags:cocoa,objective-c,ios,mac]

couchbaselabs/TouchDB-iOS 添加分类
By @couchbaselabs

CouchDB-compatible mobile database; Objective-C version

hsousa/HCSStarRatingView 添加分类
By @hsousa

Simple star rating view for iOS written in Objective-C

jonreid/OCMockito 添加分类
By @jonreid

Mockito for Objective-C: creation, verification and stubbing of mock objects

Ridiculous-Innovations/FTCoreText 添加分类
By @Ridiculous-Innovations

An open source Objective-C interface component that makes use of the CoreText framework to render static text content using a highly customisable markup syntax.

protocool/AckMate 添加分类
By @protocool

TextMate plugin (Cocoa) shell for running 'ack'

meiwin/NgKeyboardTracker 添加分类
By @meiwin

Objective-C library for tracking keyboard in iOS apps.

lukhnos/objectiveflickr 添加分类
By @lukhnos

ObjectiveFlickr, a Flickr API framework for Objective-C

spritebuilder/SpriteBuilder 添加分类
By @spritebuilder

Objective-C Game Development Suite

enormego/EGOTextView 添加分类
By @enormego

EGOTextView is a complete drop in replacement for UITextView created by enormego, that adds support for Rich Text Editing. [tags:ios,objective-c,uitextview]

12207480/TYAlertController 添加分类
By @12207480

Powerful, Easy to use alert view or popup view on controller and window, support blur effects,custom view and animation,for objective-c,support iphone, ipad

square/spacecommander 添加分类
By @square

Commit fully-formatted Objective-C as a team without even trying.

yannickl/YLMoment 添加分类
By @yannickl

Parsing, validating, manipulating, and formatting dates easily in Objective-C (API inspired by moment.js)

heardrwt/RHAddressBook 添加分类
By @heardrwt

A Cocoa / Objective-C library for interfacing with the iOS AddressBook.

postmates/PMKVObserver 添加分类
By @postmates

Modern thread-safe and type-safe key-value observing for Swift and Objective-C

heardrwt/RHObjectiveBeagle 添加分类
By @heardrwt

Beagle is an Objective C debugging tool that can sniff out class instances on the heap.

ColinEberhardt/LinqToObjectiveC 添加分类
By @ColinEberhardt

Brings a Linq-style fluent query API to Objective-C

Gurpartap/AESCrypt-ObjC 添加分类
By @Gurpartap

A simple and opinionated AES encrypt / decrypt Objective-C class that just works.

gdavis/FGallery-iPhone 添加分类
By @gdavis

Objective-C based gallery for iPhones

hamcrest/OCHamcrest 添加分类
By @hamcrest

Hamcrest for Objective-C: Powerful, combinable, extensible matchers for verification

dchohfi/KeyValueObjectMapping 添加分类
By @dchohfi

Automatic KeyValue Object Mapping for Objective-C, parse JSON/plist/Dictionary automatically

justinmfischer/core-background 添加分类
By @justinmfischer

An Objective-C API inspired by iOS 7 and the Yahoo Weather App. Location-based Flickr photos in background UIImageView are Gaussian blurred by a UIScrollView while scrolling over foreground iPhone content.

Jinxiansen/JHUD 添加分类
By @Jinxiansen

A full screen of the HUD when loading the data (Objective-C).

jeffh/Fox 添加分类
By @jeffh

Property Based Testing Library for Objective-C and Swift. QuickCheck for Apple's Platforms.

petejkim/ConciseKit 添加分类
By @petejkim

A set of Objective-C additions and macros that helps you write code more quickly.

kimziv/PinYin4Objc 添加分类
By @kimziv

PinYin4Objc is a popular objective-c library supporting convertion between Chinese(both Simplified and Tranditional) characters and most popular Pinyin systems, it's performance is very efficient, data cached at first time, and use async method with block, this can avoid ui blocking, and runs smoothly. The output format of pinyin could be customized.(关键字:汉字转拼音,中文转拼音)

akosma/CoreTextWrapper 添加分类
By @akosma

An Objective-C wrapper around Core Text for creating multi-column text and loading custom fonts

yfactorial/objectiveresource 添加分类
By @yfactorial

A port of Ruby on Rails' ActiveResource to Objective-C (and specifically the iPhone)

enormego/egodatabase 添加分类
By @enormego

EGODatabase is a thread-safe Objective-C SQLite wrapper with full support for asynchronous SQLite calls as well as built in NSOperationQueue support.

justinmfischer/7blur 添加分类
By @justinmfischer

An objective-C API that uses the new iOS 7 UIView snapshot category drawViewHierarchyInRect:afterScreenUpdates: to produce Apple Notification and Control Center like blur effects. 7blur supports both live real time and static blurred backgrounds enforcing UI depth.

stevestreza/Barista 添加分类
By @stevestreza

A modular, embeddable web server for Objective-C.

MatiBot/MBCircularProgressBar 添加分类
By @MatiBot

A circular, animatable & highly customizable progress bar from the Interface Builder (Objective-C)

JanC/TAPromotee 添加分类
By @JanC

Objective-C library to cross promote iOS apps

ricobeck/KFEpubKit 添加分类
By @ricobeck

An Objective-C epub extracting and parsing framework for iOS and OSX.

mukyasa/MMTextFieldEffects 添加分类
By @mukyasa

Extension of TextFieldEffects with Custom UITextFields effects inspired by Codrops, built using Objective-C

jdg/oauthconsumer 添加分类
By @jdg

An iPhone ready, Objective-C implementation of an OAuth consumer.

itod/parsekit 添加分类
By @itod

Objective-C Tokenizer and Parser Generator. Supports Grammars.

lukeredpath/LRResty 添加分类
By @lukeredpath

Yet another Objective-C REST client library, inspired by Ruby's restclient gem.

boundsj/ObjectiveDDP 添加分类
By @boundsj

Making it easy for your Objective-C apps to communicate with your Meteor.js apps since 2013.

StreetVoice/HysteriaPlayer 添加分类
By @StreetVoice

Objective-C audio player, sitting on top of AVPlayer

thetron/StringScore 添加分类
By @thetron

StringScore is an Objective-C library which provides super fast fuzzy string matching/scoring. Based on the JavaScript library of the same name.

casatwy/CTPersistance 添加分类
By @casatwy

Objective-C/Swift Database Persistence Layer with SQLite, your next Persistence Layer!

ideawu/Objective-C-RSA 添加分类
By @ideawu

Doing RSA encryption and decryption with Objective-C on iOS

autresphere/ASDepthModal 添加分类
By @autresphere

An Objective-C class that adds a sense of depth to your modal popup views.

NimbusKit/sockit 添加分类
By @NimbusKit

String <-> Object Coder for Objective-C

Guzlan/BackgroundVideoiOS 添加分类
By @Guzlan

A swift and objective-C object that lets you add a background video to iOS views

dbachrach/OCUDL 添加分类
By @dbachrach

User defined literals for Objective-C

tciuro/NanoStore 添加分类
By @tciuro

NanoStore is an open source, lightweight schema-less local key-value document store written in Objective-C for Mac OS X and iOS.

JV17/JVMenuPopover 添加分类
By @JV17

Simple popover menu in Objective-C

TomThorpe/UITableViewZoomController 添加分类
By @TomThorpe

A Cocoa Touch UITableViewController subclass in Objective C that provides a zoom effect as cells appear for the first time (similar in style to Google+ iPhone app)

cocos3d/cocos3d 添加分类
By @cocos3d

Cocos3D is a sophisticated, yet intuitive and easy-to-use, 3D application development framework for the iOS platform. With Cocos3D, you can build sophisticated, dynamic 3D games and applications using Objective-C.

Cue/hookshot 添加分类
By @Cue

Instrumentation for Objective C for debugging and profiling

lucascorrea/SCFacebook 添加分类
By @lucascorrea

The SCFacebook 4.0 is a simple and cleaner to use the api facebook-ios-sdk Objective-C ( to perform login, get friends list, information about the user and posting on the wall with ^Block for iPhone. Suporte 4.6 FBSDKCoreKit, FBSDKShareKit and FBSDKLoginKit.

zynga/jsbindings 添加分类
By @zynga

JavaScript bindings for Objective-C and C

nimati/FCAlertView 添加分类
By @nimati

FCAlertView is a Flat Customizable AlertView for iOS (Objective C)

chenzeyu/CZPicker 添加分类
By @chenzeyu

a picker view shown as a popup for iOS in Objective-C

jverkoey/ObjQREncoder 添加分类
By @jverkoey

Objective-C QR Encoder

MP0w/MPPlot 添加分类
By @MP0w

native objective C plots...done at 5am in an hackathon

fjolnir/DatabaseKit 添加分类
By @fjolnir

An Objective-C database abstraction framework.

ckteebe/CustomBadge 添加分类
By @ckteebe

CustomBadge is an Objective-C based component to create customized Badges for any given View.

khanlou/Objective-Shorthand 添加分类
By @khanlou

Objective-Shorthand is a set of categories that make long things in Objective-C short. Additions welcome.

DyKnow/SignalR-ObjC 添加分类
By @DyKnow

Objective-C Client for the SignalR Project works with iOS and Mac

nmondollot/NMPaginator 添加分类
By @nmondollot

NMPaginator is a simple Objective-C class that handles pagination for you.

Tricertops/Block-KVO 添加分类
By @Tricertops

Objective-C Key-Value Observing made easier with blocks

elado/jastor 添加分类
By @elado

Auto translates NSDictionary to instances of Objective-C classes, supporting nested types and arrays

matehat/Objective-LevelDB 添加分类
By @matehat

An Objective-C database library built over Google's LevelDB

mjmsmith/gcdobjc 添加分类
By @mjmsmith

Objective-C wrapper for Grand Central Dispatch

rFlex/CoreImageShop 添加分类
By @rFlex

Mac app that let you create a Core Image Filter and generate the underlying Objective-C code easily.

aryaxt/OCMapper 添加分类
By @aryaxt

Objective-C & Swift library to easily map NSDictionary to model objects, works perfectly with Alamofire. ObjectMapper works similar to GSON

acburk/SOCQ 添加分类
By @acburk

Syntax for Objective-C Queries

booyah/protobuf-objc 添加分类
By @booyah

Protocol Buffers for Objective C

mattdonnelly/MDAudioPlayerController 添加分类
By @mattdonnelly

:musical_note: MDAudioPlayerController is an Objective-C library for iPhone used to play MP3 files in an interface similar to the iPod app

forkingdog/ProtocolKit 添加分类
By @forkingdog

Protocol extension for Objective-C

mikeash/MAZeroingWeakRef 添加分类
By @mikeash

Zeroing weak references for retain/release Objective-C

puls/objc-mocktail 添加分类
By @puls

A simple(r) way to stub out HTTP servers in your Objective-C app.

azheng51714/MACProject 添加分类
By @azheng51714

这是一个用 Objective-C 写的 iOS 轻量级框架,旨在快速构建 iOS App,欢迎 Star

fastred/ReflectableEnum 添加分类
By @fastred

Reflection for enumerations in Objective-C.

armadsen/ORSSerialPort 添加分类
By @armadsen

Serial port library for Objective-C and Swift OS X apps

peakji/PJTernarySearchTree 添加分类
By @peakji

Objective-C implementation of Ternary Search Tree for Mac OS X and iOS. Best for text autocompletion. Store any objects, auto pruning, serializing, unicode support.

taglia3/ElasticTransition-ObjC 添加分类
By @taglia3

A UIKit custom transition that simulates an elastic drag.This is the Objective-C Version of Elastic Transition written in Swift by lkzhao

samsouder/reggy 添加分类
By @samsouder

Objective-C interactive regular expression validator and tester for OS X.

leichunfeng/DesignPatterns-Objective-C 添加分类
By @leichunfeng

用 Objective-C 实现《大话设计模式》书中的例子,并用一些 Objective-C 的特性对例子的实现加以优化

BlueM/cliclick 添加分类
By @BlueM

OS X tool for executing mouse- and keyboard-related actions from the shell