vsouza/awesome-ios 添加分类
By @vsouza

A curated list of awesome iOS ecosystem, including Objective-C and Swift Projects

Alamofire/Alamofire Frameworks
By @Alamofire

Elegant HTTP Networking in Swift

shadowsocks/ShadowsocksX-NG 添加分类
By @shadowsocks

Next Generation of ShadowsocksX

dkhamsing/open-source-ios-apps 添加分类
By @dkhamsing

:iphone: Collaborative List of Open-Source iOS Apps

serhii-londar/open-source-mac-os-apps 添加分类
By @serhii-londar

🚀 Awesome list of open source applications for macOS.

iina/iina 添加分类
By @iina

The modern video player for macOS.

raywenderlich/swift-algorithm-club 添加分类
By @raywenderlich

Algorithms and data structures in Swift, with explanations!

danielgindi/Charts 添加分类
By @danielgindi

Beautiful charts for iOS/tvOS/OSX! The Apple side of the crossplatform MPAndroidChart.

matteocrippa/awesome-swift 添加分类
By @matteocrippa

A collaborative list of awesome swift resources. Feel free to contribute!

ReactiveX/RxSwift 添加分类
By @ReactiveX

Reactive Programming in Swift

SwiftyJSON/SwiftyJSON 添加分类
By @SwiftyJSON

The better way to deal with JSON data in Swift

vapor/vapor 添加分类
By @vapor

A web framework and server for Swift that works on macOS and Ubuntu.

HeroTransitions/Hero 添加分类
By @HeroTransitions

Elegant transition library for iOS & tvOS

ReactiveCocoa/ReactiveCocoa 添加分类
By @ReactiveCocoa

Streams of values over time

JohnCoates/Aerial 添加分类
By @JohnCoates

Apple TV Aerial Screensaver for Mac

onevcat/Kingfisher 添加分类
By @onevcat

A lightweight, pure-Swift library for downloading and caching images from the web.

SnapKit/SnapKit 添加分类
By @SnapKit

A Swift Autolayout DSL for iOS & OS X

ipader/SwiftGuide 添加分类
By @ipader


realm/SwiftLint 添加分类
By @realm

A tool to enforce Swift style and conventions.

lhc70000/iina 添加分类
By @lhc70000

The modern video player for macOS.

Carthage/Carthage 添加分类
By @Carthage

A simple, decentralized dependency manager for Cocoa

lkzhao/Hero 添加分类
By @lkzhao

Supercharged transition engine for iOS.

ipader/awesome-swift 添加分类
By @ipader

这份文档汇集了Swift 开源精选资源(思维导图形式呈现)

MengTo/Spring 添加分类
By @MengTo

A library to simplify iOS animations in Swift.

PerfectlySoft/Perfect 添加分类
By @PerfectlySoft

Server-side Swift. The Perfect library, application server, connectors and example apps. (For mobile back-end development, website and web app development, and more...)

yichengchen/clashX 添加分类
By @yichengchen

A rule based custom proxy with GUI for Mac base on clash.

mxcl/PromiseKit 添加分类
By @mxcl

Promises for Swift & ObjC

Moya/Moya 添加分类
By @Moya

Network abstraction layer written in Swift.

ochococo/Design-Patterns-In-Swift 添加分类
By @ochococo

Design Patterns implemented in Swift

rxhanson/Rectangle 添加分类
By @rxhanson

Move and resize windows on macOS with keyboard shortcuts and snap areas

CosmicMind/Material 添加分类
By @CosmicMind

Material is an animation and graphics framework that is used to create beautiful applications.

xmartlabs/Eureka 添加分类
By @xmartlabs

Elegant iOS form builder in Swift

allenwong/30DaysofSwift 添加分类
By @allenwong

A self-taught project to learn Swift.

Ramotion/animated-tab-bar 添加分类
By @Ramotion

RAMAnimatedTabBarController is a Swift module for adding animation to tabbar items.

yanue/V2rayU 添加分类
By @yanue

V2rayU,基于v2ray核心的mac版客户端,用于科学上网,使用swift4.2编写,支持vmess,shadowsocks,socks5等服务协议,支持订阅, 支持二维码,剪贴板导入,手动配置,二维码分享等

Juanpe/SkeletonView 添加分类
By @Juanpe

An elegant way to show users that something is happening and also prepare them to which contents he is waiting

mozilla-mobile/firefox-ios 添加分类
By @mozilla-mobile

Firefox for iOS

SwifterSwift/SwifterSwift 添加分类
By @SwifterSwift

A handy collection of more than 400 native Swift 3 extensions to boost your productivity.

Ramotion/folding-cell 添加分类
By @Ramotion

FoldingCell is an expanding content cell inspired by folding paper material

ninjaprox/NVActivityIndicatorView 添加分类
By @ninjaprox

Collection of awesome loading animations

MonitorControl/MonitorControl 添加分类
By @MonitorControl

🖥 Control your external monitor brightness & volume on your Mac

ianyh/Amethyst 添加分类
By @ianyh

Automatic tiling window manager for macOS à la xmonad.

pock/pock 添加分类
By @pock

Widgets manager for MacBook Touch Bar

fullstackio/FlappySwift 添加分类
By @fullstackio

swift implementation of flappy bird. More at fullstackedu.com

Quick/Quick 添加分类
By @Quick

The Swift (and Objective-C) testing framework.

tristanhimmelman/ObjectMapper 添加分类
By @tristanhimmelman

Simple JSON Object mapping written in Swift

pigigaldi/Pock 添加分类
By @pigigaldi

Display macOS Dock in Touch Bar

krzyzanowskim/CryptoSwift 添加分类
By @krzyzanowskim

CryptoSwift is a growing collection of standard and secure cryptographic algorithms implemented in Swift

audiokit/AudioKit 添加分类
By @audiokit

Open-source audio synthesis, processing, & analysis platform.

IBAnimatable/IBAnimatable 添加分类
By @IBAnimatable

Design and prototype customized UI, interaction, navigation, transition and animation for App Store ready Apps in Interface Builder with IBAnimatable.

apple/swift-package-manager 添加分类
By @apple

The Package Manager for the Swift Programming Language

mas-cli/mas 添加分类
By @mas-cli

:package: Mac App Store command line interface

mac-cain13/R.swift 添加分类
By @mac-cain13

Get strong typed, autocompleted resources like images, fonts and segues in Swift projects

insidegui/WWDC 添加分类
By @insidegui

The unofficial WWDC app for macOS

stephencelis/SQLite.swift 添加分类
By @stephencelis

A type-safe, Swift-language layer over SQLite3.

kickstarter/ios-oss 添加分类
By @kickstarter

Kickstarter for iOS. Bring new ideas to life, anywhere.

lexrus/LTMorphingLabel 添加分类
By @lexrus

Graceful morphing effects for UILabel written in Swift.

Hearst-DD/ObjectMapper 添加分类
By @Hearst-DD

Simple JSON Object mapping written in Swift

Kitura/Kitura 添加分类
By @Kitura

A Swift web framework and HTTP server.

Lona/Lona 添加分类
By @Lona

A tool for defining design systems and using them to generate cross-platform UI code, Sketch files, and other artifacts.

airbnb/Lona 添加分类
By @airbnb

A tool for defining design systems and using them to generate cross-platform UI code, Sketch files, images, and other artifacts.

SwiftGen/SwiftGen 添加分类
By @SwiftGen

The Swift code generator for your assets, storyboards, Localizable.strings, … — Get rid of all String-based APIs!

ashleymills/Reachability.swift 添加分类
By @ashleymills

Replacement for Apple's Reachability re-written in Swift with closures

IBM-Swift/Kitura 添加分类
By @IBM-Swift

A Swift web framework and HTTP server.

robb/Cartography 添加分类
By @robb

A declarative Auto Layout DSL for Swift :iphone::triangular_ruler:

Caldis/Mos 添加分类
By @Caldis

一个用于在 MacOS 上平滑你的鼠标滚动效果或单独设置滚动方向的小工具, 让你的滚轮爽如触控板 | A lightweight tool used to smooth scrolling and set scroll direction independently for your mouse on MacOS

olucurious/Awesome-ARKit 添加分类
By @olucurious

A curated list of awesome ARKit projects and resources. Feel free to contribute!

patchthecode/JTAppleCalendar 添加分类
By @patchthecode

The Unofficial Swift Apple Calendar View. Library. Control. for iOS & tvOS

ReSwift/ReSwift 添加分类
By @ReSwift

Unidirectional Data Flow in Swift - Inspired by Redux

daltoniam/Starscream 添加分类
By @daltoniam

Websockets in swift for iOS and OSX

soapyigu/Swift-30-Projects 添加分类
By @soapyigu

30 mini Swift Apps for self-study

apple/swift-nio 添加分类
By @apple

Event-driven network application framework for high performance protocol servers & clients, non-blocking.

xmartlabs/XLPagerTabStrip 添加分类
By @xmartlabs

Android PagerTabStrip for iOS.

toptal/gitignore.io 添加分类
By @toptal

Create useful .gitignore files for your project

malcommac/SwiftDate 添加分类
By @malcommac

The best way to manage Dates and Timezones in Swift

kishikawakatsumi/KeychainAccess 添加分类
By @kishikawakatsumi

Simple Swift wrapper for Keychain that works on iOS and OS X

marcosgriselli/ViewAnimator 添加分类
By @marcosgriselli

ViewAnimator brings your UI to life with just one line

kean/Nuke 添加分类
By @kean

A powerful image loading and caching framework

gao-sun/eul 添加分类
By @gao-sun

🖥️ macOS status monitoring app written in SwiftUI.

SwiftKickMobile/SwiftMessages 添加分类
By @SwiftKickMobile

A very flexible message bar for iOS written in Swift.

krzysztofzablocki/Sourcery 添加分类
By @krzysztofzablocki

A tool that brings meta-programming to Swift, allowing you to code generate Swift code.

WenchaoD/FSPagerView 添加分类
By @WenchaoD

FSPagerView is an elegant Screen Slide Library. It is extremely helpful for making Banner View、Product Show、Welcome/Guide Pages、Screen/ViewController Sliders.

andreamazz/AMScrollingNavbar 添加分类
By @andreamazz

Scrollable UINavigationBar that follows the scrolling of a UIScrollView

CatchChat/Yep 添加分类
By @CatchChat

Meet Genius

Swift-AI/Swift-AI 添加分类
By @Swift-AI

The machine learning library in Swift.

Dimillian/MovieSwiftUI 添加分类
By @Dimillian

SwiftUI & Combine app using MovieDB API. With a custom Flux (Redux) implementation.

Juanpe/About-SwiftUI 添加分类
By @Juanpe

Gathering all info published, both by Apple and by others, about new framework SwiftUI.

bizz84/SwiftyStoreKit 添加分类
By @bizz84

Lightweight In App Purchases Swift framework for iOS 8.0+, tvOS 9.0+ and macOS 10.10+

exelban/stats 添加分类
By @exelban

macOS system monitor in your menu bar

exyte/Macaw 添加分类
By @exyte

Powerful and easy-to-use vector graphics Swift library with SVG support

SwipeCellKit/SwipeCellKit 添加分类
By @SwipeCellKit

Swipeable UITableViewCell based on the stock Mail.app, implemented in Swift.

raulriera/TextFieldEffects 添加分类
By @raulriera

Custom UITextFields effects inspired by Codrops, built using Swift

huri000/SwiftEntryKit 添加分类
By @huri000

SwiftEntryKit is a banner presenter library for iOS. It can be used to easily display pop-ups and notification-like views within your iOS apps.

rileytestut/AltStore 添加分类
By @rileytestut

AltStore is an alternative app store for non-jailbroken iOS devices.

sindresorhus/Gifski 添加分类
By @sindresorhus

🌈 Convert videos to high-quality GIFs on your Mac

cgoldsby/LoginCritter 添加分类
By @cgoldsby

An animated avatar that responds to text field interactions

Ramotion/expanding-collection 添加分类
By @Ramotion

ExpandingCollection is a card peek/pop controller

BohdanOrlov/iOS-Developer-Roadmap 添加分类
By @BohdanOrlov

Roadmap to becoming an iOS developer in 2018.

qvacua/vimr 添加分类
By @qvacua

Project VimR — Refined Neovim experience for macOS

mortenjust/androidtool-mac 添加分类
By @mortenjust

One-click screenshots, video recordings, app installation for iOS and Android

Mortennn/Dozer 添加分类
By @Mortennn

Hide status bar icons on macOS

SwiftyBeaver/SwiftyBeaver 添加分类
By @SwiftyBeaver

Convenient logging during development & release in Swift 2 & 3

Clipy/Clipy 添加分类
By @Clipy

Clipboard extension app for macOS.

philackm/ScrollableGraphView 添加分类
By @philackm

An adaptive scrollable graph view for iOS to visualise simple discrete datasets. Written in Swift.

PageMenu/PageMenu 添加分类
By @PageMenu

A paging menu controller built from other view controllers placed inside a scroll view (like Spotify, Windows Phone, Instagram)

dillidon/alerts-and-pickers 添加分类
By @dillidon

Advanced usage of UIAlertController and pickers based on it: Telegram, Contacts, Location, PhotoLibrary, Country, Phone Code, Currency, Date...

jonkykong/SideMenu 添加分类
By @jonkykong

Simple side menu control for iOS in Swift. Right and Left sides. No coding required. iOS 8+.

JakeLin/SwiftLanguageWeather 添加分类
By @JakeLin

Swift Language Weather is an iOS weather app developed in Swift 4.

PostgresApp/PostgresApp 添加分类
By @PostgresApp

The easiest way to get started with PostgreSQL on the Mac

vikmeup/SCLAlertView-Swift 添加分类
By @vikmeup

Beautiful animated Alert View. Written in Swift

tensorflow/swift 添加分类
By @tensorflow

Swift for TensorFlow Project Home Page

alexisakers/BulletinBoard 添加分类
By @alexisakers

General-purpose contextual cards for iOS

Haneke/HanekeSwift 添加分类
By @Haneke

A lightweight generic cache for iOS written in Swift with extra love for images.

nicklockwood/SwiftFormat 添加分类
By @nicklockwood

A code library and command-line formatting tool for reformatting Swift code

ProjectDent/ARKit-CoreLocation 添加分类
By @ProjectDent

Combines the high accuracy of AR with the scale of GPS data.

Yalantis/Koloda 添加分类
By @Yalantis

KolodaView is a class designed to simplify the implementation of Tinder like cards on iOS.

Jounce/Surge 添加分类
By @Jounce

A Swift library that uses the Accelerate framework to provide high-performance functions for matrix math, digital signal processing, and image manipulation.

MessageKit/MessageKit 添加分类
By @MessageKit

In-progress: A community-driven replacement for JSQMessagesViewController

nickoneill/PermissionScope 添加分类
By @nickoneill

Intelligent iOS permissions UI and unified API

alexaubry/BulletinBoard 添加分类
By @alexaubry

Generate and Display Bottom Card Interfaces on iOS

Ranchero-Software/NetNewsWire 添加分类
By @Ranchero-Software

RSS reader for macOS and iOS.

Swinject/Swinject 添加分类
By @Swinject

Dependency injection framework for Swift

crabinvader/Swift 添加分类
By @crabinvader

Introducing Swift with reusable Swift code.

pedrommcarrasco/Brooklyn 添加分类
By @pedrommcarrasco

🍎 Screensaver inspired by Apple's Event on October 30, 2018

AdaLoveSwift/Swift 添加分类
By @AdaLoveSwift

Introducing Swift with reusable Swift code.

introSwift/Swift 添加分类
By @introSwift

Learning Swift with reusable Swift code.

yonaskolb/XcodeGen 添加分类
By @yonaskolb

A Swift command line tool for generating your Xcode project

dwarvesf/hidden 添加分类
By @dwarvesf

A ultra-light MacOS utility that helps hide menu bar icons

joeblau/gitignore.io 添加分类
By @joeblau

Create useful .gitignore files for your project

btrn/Swift 添加分类
By @btrn

Learning Swift. Reusable apps code.

ephread/Instructions 添加分类
By @ephread

Create walkthroughs and guided tours (coach marks) in a simple way, with Swift.

BradLarson/GPUImage2 添加分类
By @BradLarson

GPUImage 2 is a BSD-licensed Swift framework for GPU-accelerated video and image processing.

dustLane/Swift 添加分类
By @dustLane

Learning Swift with reusable Swift code.

SCENEE/FloatingPanel 添加分类

A clean and easy-to-use floating panel UI component for iOS

hyperoslo/ImagePicker 添加分类
By @hyperoslo

:camera: Reinventing the way ImagePicker works.

duemunk/Async 添加分类
By @duemunk

Syntactic sugar in Swift for asynchronous dispatches in Grand Central Dispatch

eggswift/ESTabBarController 添加分类
By @eggswift

ESTabBarController is a Swift model for customize UI, badge and adding animation to tabbar items. Support lottie!

Ahmed-Ali/JSONExport 添加分类
By @Ahmed-Ali

JSONExport is a desktop application for Mac OS X which enables you to export JSON objects as model classes with their associated constructors, utility methods, setters and getters in your favorite language.

mamaral/Neon 添加分类
By @mamaral

A powerful Swift programmatic UI layout framework.

ivanvorobei/SPPermissions 添加分类
By @ivanvorobei

API to ask for permissions on Swift. Available diffrents dialogs.

JakeLin/SwiftWeather 添加分类
By @JakeLin

SwiftWeather is an iOS weather app developed in Swift 2. The app has been actively upgrading to adopt the latest features of iOS and Swift language.

twostraws/ControlRoom 添加分类
By @twostraws

A macOS app to control the Xcode Simulator.

lysyi3m/macos-terminal-themes 添加分类
By @lysyi3m

Color schemes for default macOS Terminal.app

mattt/Surge 添加分类
By @mattt

A Swift library that uses the Accelerate framework to provide high-performance functions for matrix math, digital signal processing, and image manipulation.

sunshinejr/SwiftyUserDefaults 添加分类
By @sunshinejr

Modern Swift API for NSUserDefaults

pointfreeco/swift-composable-architecture 添加分类
By @pointfreeco

A library for building applications in a consistent and understandable way, with composition, testing, and ergonomics in mind.

kanaka/mal 添加分类
By @kanaka

mal - Make a Lisp

NMAC427/SwiftOCR 添加分类
By @NMAC427

Fast and simple OCR library written in Swift

timdonnelly/Advance 添加分类
By @timdonnelly

A powerful animation framework for iOS, tvOS, and OS X.

collinhundley/Swift-AI 添加分类
By @collinhundley

The machine learning library in Swift.

lexrus/VPNOn 添加分类
By @lexrus

Turn On your VPN like a hero.

marmelroy/PhoneNumberKit 添加分类
By @marmelroy

A Swift framework for parsing, formatting and validating international phone numbers. Inspired by Google's libphonenumber.

KelvinJin/AnimatedCollectionViewLayout 添加分类
By @KelvinJin

A UICollectionViewLayout subclass that adds custom transitions/animations to the UICollectionView without effecting your existing code.

varabeis/SPPermissions 添加分类
By @varabeis

Ask permissions on Swift. Available List, Dialog & Native interface. Can check state permission.

badoo/Chatto 添加分类
By @badoo

A lightweight framework to build chat applications, made in Swift

Quick/Nimble 添加分类
By @Quick

A Matcher Framework for Swift and Objective-C

Daltron/NotificationBanner 添加分类
By @Daltron

The easiest way to display highly customizable in app notification banners in iOS

groue/GRDB.swift 添加分类
By @groue

A toolkit for SQLite databases, with a focus on application development

ankurp/Dollar 添加分类
By @ankurp

A functional tool-belt for Swift Language similar to Lo-Dash or Underscore.js in Javascript

DeclarativeHub/Bond 添加分类
By @DeclarativeHub

A Swift binding framework

glushchenko/fsnotes 添加分类
By @glushchenko

Notes manager for macOS/iOS

SoySauceLab/CollectionKit 添加分类
By @SoySauceLab

A modern Swift framework for building reusable data-driven collection components.

garnele007/SwiftOCR 添加分类
By @garnele007

Fast and simple OCR library written in Swift

storehouse/Advance 添加分类
By @storehouse

A powerful animation framework for iOS, tvOS, and OS X.

EFPrefix/EFQRCode 添加分类
By @EFPrefix

A better way to operate quick response code in Swift.

twostraws/HackingWithSwift 添加分类
By @twostraws

The project source code for hackingwithswift.com

roberthein/BouncyLayout 添加分类
By @roberthein

Make. It. Bounce.

PaoloCuscela/Cards 添加分类
By @PaoloCuscela

Awesome iOS 11 appstore cards in swift 4.

soapyigu/LeetCode-Swift 添加分类
By @soapyigu

Solutions to LeetCode by Swift

yagiz/Bagel 添加分类
By @yagiz

a little native network debugging tool for iOS

coteditor/CotEditor 添加分类
By @coteditor

Lightweight Plain-Text Editor for macOS

Ji4n1ng/OpenInTerminal 添加分类
By @Ji4n1ng

✨ Finder Toolbar app for macOS to open the current directory in Terminal, iTerm, Hyper or Alacritty.

ioscreator/ioscreator 添加分类
By @ioscreator

Tutorials from ioscreator.com

RobertGummesson/BuildTimeAnalyzer-for-Xcode 添加分类
By @RobertGummesson

Build Time Analyzer for Swift

radex/SwiftyUserDefaults 添加分类
By @radex

Modern Swift API for NSUserDefaults

Skyscanner/SkyFloatingLabelTextField 添加分类
By @Skyscanner

A beautiful and flexible text field control implementation of "Float Label Pattern". Written in Swift. As used in the Skyscanner TravelPro iOS app.

uacaps/PageMenu 添加分类
By @uacaps

A paging menu controller built from other view controllers placed inside a scroll view (like Spotify, Windows Phone, Instagram)

optonaut/ActiveLabel.swift 添加分类
By @optonaut

UILabel drop-in replacement supporting Hashtags (#), Mentions (@) and URLs (http://) written in Swift

alibaba/HandyJSON 添加分类
By @alibaba

A handy swift json-object serialization/deserialization library

SwiftOldDriver/iOS-Weekly 添加分类
By @SwiftOldDriver

🇨🇳 老司机 iOS 周报

ArtSabintsev/Siren 添加分类
By @ArtSabintsev

Notify users when a new version of your app is available and prompt them to upgrade.

louisdh/panelkit 添加分类
By @louisdh

A UI framework that enables panels on iOS.

Jinxiansen/SwiftUI 添加分类
By @Jinxiansen

`SwiftUI` Framework Learning and Usage Guide. 🚀

philackm/Scrollable-GraphView 添加分类
By @philackm

An adaptive scrollable graph view for iOS to visualise simple discrete datasets. Written in Swift.

bitgapp/eqMac 添加分类
By @bitgapp

macOS System-wide Audio Equalizer 🎧

SwiftUIX/SwiftUIX 添加分类
By @SwiftUIX

An extension to the standard SwiftUI library.

Alamofire/AlamofireImage 添加分类
By @Alamofire

AlamofireImage is an image component library for Alamofire

yoavlt/LiquidFloatingActionButton 添加分类
By @yoavlt

Material Design Floating Action Button in liquid state

hyperoslo/Whisper 添加分类
By @hyperoslo

:mega: Whisper is a component that will make the task of display messages and in-app notifications simple. It has three different views inside

CocoaDebug/CocoaDebug 添加分类
By @CocoaDebug

🚀 iOS Debugging Tool

DaveWoodCom/XCGLogger 添加分类
By @DaveWoodCom

A debug log framework for use in Swift projects. Allows you to log details to the console (and optionally a file), just like you would have with NSLog or println, but with additional information, such as the date, function name, filename and line number.

Orderella/PopupDialog 添加分类
By @Orderella

A simple, customizable popup dialog for iOS written in Swift. Replaces UIAlertController alert style.

roberthein/TinyConstraints 添加分类
By @roberthein

Nothing but sugar.

cbpowell/MarqueeLabel 添加分类
By @cbpowell

A drop-in replacement for UILabel, which automatically adds a scrolling marquee effect when the label's text does not fit inside the specified frame

Yalantis/StarWars.iOS 添加分类
By @Yalantis

This component implements transition animation to crumble view-controller into tiny pieces.

hilen/TSWeChat 添加分类
By @hilen

A WeChat alternative. Written in Swift 3.

zixun/GodEye 添加分类
By @zixun

Automaticly display Log,Crash,Network,ANR,Leak,CPU,RAM,FPS,NetFlow,Folder and etc with one line of code based on Swift. Just like God opened his eyes

apple/swift-protobuf 添加分类
By @apple

Plugin and runtime library for using protobuf with Swift

gontovnik/DGElasticPullToRefresh 添加分类
By @gontovnik

Elastic pull to refresh for iOS developed in Swift

apple/swift-algorithms 添加分类
By @apple

Commonly used sequence and collection algorithms for Swift

SwiftWebUI/SwiftWebUI 添加分类
By @SwiftWebUI

A demo implementation of SwiftUI for the Web

JadenGeller/Helium 添加分类
By @JadenGeller

A floating browser window for OS X

AppPear/ChartView 添加分类
By @AppPear

ChartView made in SwiftUI

pkluz/PKHUD 添加分类
By @pkluz

A Swift based reimplementation of the Apple HUD (Volume, Ringer, Rotation,…) for iOS 8.

Yummypets/YPImagePicker 添加分类
By @Yummypets

📸 Instagram-like image picker & filters for iOS

devxoul/Then 添加分类
By @devxoul

✨ Super sweet syntactic sugar for Swift initializers.

JohnSundell/Publish 添加分类
By @JohnSundell

A static site generator for Swift developers

kean/Pulse 添加分类
By @kean

Logger and network inspector for Apple platforms

okmr-d/DOFavoriteButton 添加分类
By @okmr-d

Cute Animated Button written in Swift.

shu223/iOS-9-Sampler 添加分类
By @shu223

Code examples for the new features of iOS 9.

thoughtbot/Argo 添加分类
By @thoughtbot

Functional JSON parsing library for Swift

uraimo/Awesome-Swift-Playgrounds 添加分类
By @uraimo

A List of Awesome Swift Playgrounds

fastred/Optimizing-Swift-Build-Times 添加分类
By @fastred

Collection of advice on optimizing compile times of Swift projects.

devicekit/DeviceKit 添加分类
By @devicekit

DeviceKit is a value-type replacement of UIDevice.

Toxblh/MTMR 添加分类
By @Toxblh

🌟 [My TouchBar My rules]. The Touch Bar Customisation App for your MacBook Pro

ivanvorobei/SwiftUI 添加分类
By @ivanvorobei

Examples projects using SwiftUI released by WWDC2019. Include Layout, UI, Animations, Gestures, Draw and Data.

CVCalendar/CVCalendar 添加分类
By @CVCalendar

A custom visual calendar for iOS 8+ written in Swift (2.0).

overtake/TelegramSwift 添加分类
By @overtake

Source code of Telegram for macos on Swift 5.0

ReactiveKit/Bond 添加分类
By @ReactiveKit

A Swift binding framework

Lax/Learn-iOS-Swift-by-Examples 添加分类
By @Lax

精心收集并分类整理的Swift开发学习资源,包括Apple官方提供的示例代码和文档,以及github上的项目和国内外开发者的技术博客。欢迎提交pull-request一起维护。https://t.me/SwiftCN QQ交流群 32958950 申请请注明开发经验

Ramotion/swift-ui-animation-components-and-libraries 添加分类
By @Ramotion

Swift UI libraries, iOS components and animations by @Ramotion - https://github.com/Ramotion/android-ui-animation-components-and-libraries

pNre/ExSwift 添加分类
By @pNre

A set of Swift extensions for standard types and classes.

Yalantis/Persei 添加分类
By @Yalantis

Animated top menu for UITableView / UICollectionView / UIScrollView written in Swift

shu223/iOS-10-Sampler 添加分类
By @shu223

Code examples for new APIs of iOS 10.

cruisediary/Pastel 添加分类
By @cruisediary

🎨 Gradient animation effect like Instagram

artemnovichkov/iOS-11-by-Examples 添加分类
By @artemnovichkov

👨🏻‍💻 Examples of new iOS 11 APIs

typelift/Swiftz 添加分类
By @typelift

Functional programming in Swift

shadowsocks/Potatso 添加分类
By @shadowsocks

Potatso is an iOS client that implements Shadowsocks proxy with the leverage of NetworkExtension framework in iOS 9.

IvanVorobei/SPPermission 添加分类
By @IvanVorobei

Simple request permission with native UI and interactive animation

mortenjust/cleartext-mac 添加分类
By @mortenjust

A text editor that only allows the top 1,000 most common words in English

dekatotoro/SlideMenuControllerSwift 添加分类
By @dekatotoro

iOS Slide Menu View based on Google+, iQON, Feedly, Ameba iOS app. It is written in pure swift.

Ramotion/circle-menu 添加分类
By @Ramotion

CircleMenu is a simple, elegant menu with a circular layout.

RNCryptor/RNCryptor 添加分类
By @RNCryptor

CCCryptor (AES encryption) wrappers for iOS and Mac in Swift. -- For ObjC, see RNCryptor/RNCryptor-objc

Dimillian/RedditOS 添加分类
By @Dimillian

The product name is Curiosity, a SwiftUI Reddit client for macOS Big Sur

httpswift/swifter 添加分类
By @httpswift

Tiny http server engine written in Swift programming language.

zenangst/Hue 添加分类
By @zenangst

:art: Hue is the all-in-one coloring utility that you'll ever need.

IFTTT/RazzleDazzle 添加分类

A simple keyframe-based animation framework for iOS, written in Swift. Perfect for scrolling app intros.

LinkedInAttic/LayoutKit 添加分类
By @LinkedInAttic

LayoutKit is a fast view layout library for iOS, macOS, and tvOS.

xmartlabs/XLActionController 添加分类
By @xmartlabs

Fully customizable and extensible action sheet controller written in Swift 3

kishikawakatsumi/SpreadsheetView 添加分类
By @kishikawakatsumi

Full configurable spreadsheet view user interfaces for iOS applications. With this framework, you can easily create complex layouts like schedule, gantt chart or timetable as if you are using Excel.

freshOS/Stevia 添加分类
By @freshOS

Elegant view layout for iOS :leaves:

linkedin/LayoutKit 添加分类
By @linkedin

LayoutKit is a fast view layout library for iOS, macOS, and tvOS.

wordpress-mobile/WordPress-iOS 添加分类
By @wordpress-mobile

WordPress for iOS - Official repository

kasketis/netfox 添加分类
By @kasketis

A lightweight, one line setup, iOS / OSX network debugging library!

Ramotion/paper-onboarding 添加分类
By @Ramotion

PaperOnboarding is a material design slider

AliSoftware/SwiftGen 添加分类
By @AliSoftware

The Swift code generator for your assets, storyboards, Localizable.strings, … — Get rid of all String-based APIs!

sergdort/CleanArchitectureRxSwift 添加分类
By @sergdort

Example of Clean Architecture of iOS app using RxSwift

Rightpoint/BonMot 添加分类
By @Rightpoint

Beautiful, easy attributed strings in Swift

willowtreeapps/spruce-ios 添加分类
By @willowtreeapps

Swift library for choreographing animations on the screen.

sindresorhus/gifski-app 添加分类
By @sindresorhus

Convert videos to high-quality GIFs on your Mac

zhuhaow/SpechtLite 添加分类
By @zhuhaow

A rule-based proxy for macOS

wireapp/wire-ios 添加分类
By @wireapp

📱 Wire for iOS (iPhone and iPad)

apollographql/apollo-ios 添加分类
By @apollographql

📱  A strongly-typed, caching GraphQL client for iOS, written in Swift.

austinzheng/swift-2048 添加分类
By @austinzheng

2048 for Swift

hyperoslo/Presentation 添加分类
By @hyperoslo

:bookmark_tabs: Presentation helps you to make tutorials, release notes and animated pages.

xi-editor/xi-mac 添加分类
By @xi-editor

The xi-editor mac frontend.

slackhq/PanModal 添加分类
By @slackhq

An elegant and highly customizable presentation API for constructing bottom sheet modals on iOS.

BeauNouvelle/FaceAware 添加分类
By @BeauNouvelle

An extension that gives UIImageView the ability to focus on faces within an image when using AspectFill.

malcommac/SwiftLocation 添加分类
By @malcommac

Easy & Efficient Location Tracker for iOS

airbnb/MagazineLayout 添加分类
By @airbnb

A collection view layout capable of laying out views in vertically scrolling grids and lists.

EyreFree/EFQRCode 添加分类
By @EyreFree

A better way to operate quick response code in Swift.

Lax/iOS-Swift-Demos 添加分类
By @Lax

精心收集并分类整理的Swift开发学习资源,包括Apple官方提供的示例代码和文档,以及github上的项目和国内外开发者的技术博客。欢迎提交pull-request一起维护。[iOS Swift Demos from Apple]

matthewpalmer/Locksmith 添加分类
By @matthewpalmer

A powerful, protocol-oriented library for working with the keychain in Swift.

Yalantis/GuillotineMenu 添加分类
By @Yalantis

Our Guillotine Menu Transitioning Animation implemented in Swift reminds a bit of a notorious killing machine.

icanzilb/EasyAnimation 添加分类
By @icanzilb

A Swift library to take the power of UIView.animateWithDuration(_:, animations:...) to a whole new level - layers, springs, chain-able animations and mixing view and layer animations together!

AugustRush/Stellar 添加分类
By @AugustRush

A fantastic Physical animation library for swift

shoheiyokoyama/Gemini 添加分类
By @shoheiyokoyama

Gemini is rich scroll based animation framework for iOS, written in Swift.

goktugyil/EZSwiftExtensions 添加分类
By @goktugyil

:smirk: How Swift standard types and classes were supposed to work.

jathu/UIImageColors 添加分类
By @jathu

iTunes style color fetcher for UIImage.

sahin/mobileplayer-ios 添加分类
By @sahin

:iphone: :movie_camera: A powerful and completely customizable media player for iOS

soapyigu/Swift30Projects 添加分类
By @soapyigu

30 mini Swift Apps for self-study

kyleduo/TinyPNG4Mac 添加分类
By @kyleduo

TinyPNG client for Mac

saoudrizwan/Disk 添加分类
By @saoudrizwan

Delightful framework for iOS to easily persist structs, images, and data

fancymax/12306ForMac 添加分类
By @fancymax

An unofficial 12306 Client for Mac

hyperoslo/Hue 添加分类
By @hyperoslo

:art: Hue is the all-in-one coloring utility that you'll ever need.

Ramotion/paper-switch 添加分类
By @Ramotion

RAMPaperSwitch is a Swift module which paints over the parent view when the switch is turned on.

mobileplayer/mobileplayer-ios 添加分类
By @mobileplayer

:iphone: :movie_camera: A powerful and completely customizable media player for iOS

shinobicontrols/iOS8-day-by-day 添加分类
By @shinobicontrols

Selection of projects accompanying the iOS8-Day-by-Day blog series http://www.shinobicontrols.com/iOS8DayByDay

ariok/BWWalkthrough 添加分类
By @ariok

BWWalkthrough is a class to build custom walkthroughs for your iOS App

ScottLogic/iOS8-day-by-day 添加分类
By @ScottLogic

Selection of projects accompanying the iOS8-Day-by-Day blog series

Yalantis/Side-Menu.iOS 添加分类
By @Yalantis

Animated side menu with customizable UI

naoty/Timepiece 添加分类
By @naoty

Intuitive date handling in Swift

delba/Permission 添加分类
By @delba

A unified API to ask for permissions on iOS

airbnb/AloeStackView 添加分类
By @airbnb

A simple class for laying out a collection of views with a convenient API, while leveraging the power of Auto Layout.

nghialv/MaterialKit 添加分类
By @nghialv

Material design components for iOS written in Swift

shaps80/Peek 添加分类
By @shaps80

All new design. Inspect your iOS application at runtime.

dennisweissmann/DeviceKit 添加分类
By @dennisweissmann

DeviceKit is a value-type replacement of UIDevice.

omaralbeik/SwifterSwift 添加分类
By @omaralbeik

A handy collection of more than 370 native Swift 3 extensions to boost your productivity.

avatsaev/touchbar_nyancat 添加分类
By @avatsaev

Stupid nyancat animation on your +$2k MacBook Pro's Touchbar

lysyi3m/osx-terminal-themes 添加分类
By @lysyi3m

Color schemes for default Mac OS X Terminal.app

larrynatalicio/15DaysofAnimationsinSwift 添加分类
By @larrynatalicio

A project to learn animations.

madebybowtie/FlagKit 添加分类
By @madebybowtie

Beautiful flag icons for usage in apps and on the web.

kahopoon/Pokemon-Go-Controller 添加分类
By @kahopoon

play pokemon go safely or at unavailable area

codepath/ios_guides 添加分类
By @codepath

Comprehensive open-source iOS guides

artsy/eidolon 添加分类
By @artsy

The Artsy Auction Kiosk App

tristanhimmelman/AlamofireObjectMapper 添加分类
By @tristanhimmelman

An Alamofire extension which converts JSON response data into swift objects using ObjectMapper

mortenjust/droptogif 添加分类
By @mortenjust

Zero-click animated Gifs

PhamBaTho/BTNavigationDropdownMenu 添加分类
By @PhamBaTho

The elegant dropdown menu, written in Swift, appears underneath navigation bar to display a list of related items when a user click on the navigation title.

eBay/NMessenger 添加分类
By @eBay

A fast, lightweight messenger component built on AsyncDisplaykit and written in Swift

kitasuke/PagingMenuController 添加分类
By @kitasuke

Paging view controller with customizable menu in Swift

angelolloqui/SwiftKotlin 添加分类
By @angelolloqui

A tool to convert Swift code to Kotlin.

zhuhaow/NEKit 添加分类
By @zhuhaow

A toolkit for Network Extension Framework

antitypical/Result 添加分类
By @antitypical

Swift type modelling the success/failure of arbitrary operations.

Ramotion/reel-search 添加分类
By @Ramotion

RAMReel is a controller that allows you to choose options from a list

ChiliLabs/CHIPageControl 添加分类
By @ChiliLabs

A set of cool animated page controls written in Swift to replace boring UIPageControl.

teodorpatras/EasyTipView 添加分类
By @teodorpatras

Fully customisable tooltip view in Swift.

3lvis/Sync 添加分类
By @3lvis

Swift JSON to Core Data synchronization and back.

dasdom/BreakOutToRefresh 添加分类
By @dasdom

Play BreakOut while loading - A playable pull to refresh view using SpriteKit

IcaliaLabs/Presentr 添加分类
By @IcaliaLabs

Swift wrapper for custom ViewController presentations on iOS

Mozharovsky/CVCalendar 添加分类
By @Mozharovsky

A custom visual calendar for iOS 8+ written in Swift (2.0).

analogcode/Swift-Radio-Pro 添加分类
By @analogcode

Professional Radio Station App - now supports Swift 4 / Xcode 9!

onevcat/FengNiao 添加分类
By @onevcat

A command line tool for cleaning unused resources in Xcode.

ReactiveCocoa/ReactiveSwift 添加分类
By @ReactiveCocoa

Streams of values over time

JohnEstropia/CoreStore 添加分类
By @JohnEstropia

Unleashing the real power of Core Data with the elegance and safety of Swift

nixzhu/MonkeyKing 添加分类
By @nixzhu

MonkeyKing helps you to post messages to Chinese Social Networks.

gavinbunney/Toucan 添加分类
By @gavinbunney

Fabulous Image Processing in Swift

kaishin/Gifu 添加分类
By @kaishin

High-performance animated GIF support for iOS in Swift

andreamazz/AMPopTip 添加分类
By @andreamazz

An animated popover that pops out a given frame, great for subtle UI tips and onboarding.

ltebean/Live 添加分类
By @ltebean

Demonstrate how to build a live broadcast app(Swift 3)

ytakzk/Fusuma 添加分类
By @ytakzk

Instagram-like photo browser and a camera feature with a few line of code in Swift.

robb/hamburger-button 添加分类
By @robb

A hamburger button transition

OAuthSwift/OAuthSwift 添加分类
By @OAuthSwift

Swift based OAuth library for iOS

Ramotion/navigation-stack 添加分类
By @Ramotion

NavigationStack is a stack-modeled navigation controller

ming1016/study 添加分类
By @ming1016


Touchwonders/Transition 添加分类
By @Touchwonders

Easy interactive interruptible custom ViewController transitions

Raizlabs/BonMot 添加分类
By @Raizlabs

Beautiful, easy attributed strings for iOS

entotsu/TKSubmitTransition 添加分类
By @entotsu

Animated UIButton of Loading Animation and Transition Animation. Inspired by https://dribbble.com/shots/1945593-Login-Home-Screen

modo-studio/SugarRecord 添加分类
By @modo-studio

CoreData/Realm sweet wrapper written in Swift

lkzhao/ElasticTransition 添加分类
By @lkzhao

A UIKit custom transition that simulates an elastic drag. Written in Swift.

nathangitter/fluid-interfaces 添加分类
By @nathangitter

Natural gestures and animations inspired by Apple's WWDC18 talk "Designing Fluid Interfaces"

nicklockwood/layout 添加分类
By @nicklockwood

A declarative UI framework for iOS

DianQK/TransitionTreasury 添加分类
By @DianQK

Easier way to push your viewController.

necolt/Swifton 添加分类
By @necolt

A Ruby on Rails inspired Web Framework for Swift that runs on Linux and OS X

marmelroy/Localize-Swift 添加分类
By @marmelroy

Swift friendly localization and i18n with in-app language switching

mattneub/Programming-iOS-Book-Examples 添加分类
By @mattneub

Downloadable code examples for my books, "iOS 10 Programming Fundamentals With Swift" (bk1) and "Programming iOS 10" (bk2).

aschuch/StatefulViewController 添加分类
By @aschuch

Placeholder views based on content, loading, error or empty states

JohnSundell/Unbox 添加分类
By @JohnSundell

The easy to use Swift JSON decoder

aslanyanhaik/youtube-iOS 添加分类
By @aslanyanhaik

youtube iOS app template written in swift 3

yannickl/DynamicColor 添加分类
By @yannickl

Yet another extension to manipulate colors easily in Swift

sauliusgrigaitis/Swifton 添加分类
By @sauliusgrigaitis

A Ruby on Rails inspired Web Framework for Swift that runs on Linux and OS X

jerkoch/SwipeCellKit 添加分类
By @jerkoch

Swipeable UITableViewCell based on the stock Mail.app, implemented in Swift.

krzysztofzablocki/LifetimeTracker 添加分类
By @krzysztofzablocki

Find retain cycles / memory leaks sooner.

HarshilShah/DeckTransition 添加分类
By @HarshilShah

A library to recreate the iOS Apple Music now playing transition

nvzqz/FileKit 添加分类
By @nvzqz

Simple and expressive file management in Swift

ApplikeySolutions/VegaScroll 添加分类
By @ApplikeySolutions

↕️ VegaScroll is a lightweight animation flowlayout for UICollectionView completely written in Swift 4, compatible with iOS 11 and Xcode 9.

Krisiacik/ImageViewer 添加分类
By @Krisiacik

An image viewer à la Twitter

carambalabs/SugarRecord 添加分类
By @carambalabs

CoreData/Realm sweet wrapper written in Swift

alexdrone/Render 添加分类
By @alexdrone

Swift and UIKit a la React.

delba/TextAttributes 添加分类
By @delba

An easier way to compose attributed strings

marmelroy/PeekPop 添加分类
By @marmelroy

Peek and Pop with backwards-compatibility

i-schuetz/SwiftCharts 添加分类
By @i-schuetz

Easy to use and highly customizable charts library for iOS

mattdonnelly/Swifter 添加分类
By @mattdonnelly

:bird: A Twitter framework for iOS & OS X written in Swift

icepy/Front-End-Develop-Guide 添加分类
By @icepy

Awsome The Front End Develop Guide:这份指南汇集了前端开发所使用语言的主流学习资源,并以开发者的视角进行整理编排而成。

waynewbishop/SwiftStructures 添加分类
By @waynewbishop

Examples of commonly used data structures and algorithms in Swift.

AliSoftware/Reusable 添加分类
By @AliSoftware

A Swift mixin for reusing views easily and in a type-safe way (UITableViewCells, UICollectionViewCells, custom UIViews, ViewControllers, Storyboards…)

bustoutsolutions/siesta 添加分类
By @bustoutsolutions

The civilized way to write REST API clients for iOS / macOS

SyncDB/Sync 添加分类
By @SyncDB

Modern Swift JSON synchronization to Core Data

malcommac/SwiftRichString 添加分类
By @malcommac

Elegant & painless Attributed Strings in Swift

pmusolino/PMAlertController 添加分类
By @pmusolino

PMAlertController is a great and customizable alert that can substitute to UIAlertController

Urinx/iOSAppHook 添加分类
By @Urinx

专注于非越狱环境下iOS应用逆向研究,从dylib注入,应用重签名到App Hook

ole/whats-new-in-swift-4 添加分类
By @ole

An Xcode playground showcasing the new features in Swift 4.0.

Yalantis/Segmentio 添加分类
By @Yalantis

Animated top/bottom segmented control written in Swift.

Yalantis/DisplaySwitcher 添加分类
By @Yalantis

Custom transition between two collection view layouts

polqf/FillableLoaders 添加分类
By @polqf

Completely customizable progress based loaders drawn using custom CGPaths written in Swift

Ramotion/adaptive-tab-bar 添加分类
By @Ramotion

AdaptiveController is a 'Progressive Reduction' Swift module for adding custom states to Native or Custom iOS UI elements

codestergit/SweetAlert-iOS 添加分类
By @codestergit

Live animated Alert View for iOS written in Swift

s4cha/Stevia 添加分类
By @s4cha

Elegant view layout for iOS :leaves:

FlexMonkey/Filterpedia 添加分类
By @FlexMonkey

Core Image Filter Explorer & Showcase

Ramotion/preview-transition 添加分类
By @Ramotion

:octocat: PreviewTransition is a simple preview gallery UI controller with animated tranisitions. Swift UI library made by @Ramotion - https://dev.ramotion.com/gthbr

hrscy/TodayNews 添加分类
By @hrscy

Swift4 - 今日头条

Draveness/DKChainableAnimationKit 添加分类
By @Draveness

Chainable animations in Swift

devxoul/URLNavigator 添加分类
By @devxoul

⛵️ Elegant URL Routing for Swift

SebastianBoldt/Jelly 添加分类
By @SebastianBoldt

🌊 - Jelly is a library for animated, non-interactive & interactive viewcontroller transitions and presentations with the focus on a simple and yet flexible API.

FolioReader/FolioReaderKit 添加分类
By @FolioReader

A Swift ePub reader and parser framework for iOS.

ReactKit/SwiftTask 添加分类
By @ReactKit

Promise + progress + pause + cancel + retry for Swift.

gontovnik/DGRunkeeperSwitch 添加分类
By @gontovnik

Runkeeper design switch control

dani-gavrilov/GDPerformanceView-Swift 添加分类
By @dani-gavrilov

Shows FPS, CPU and memory usage, device model, app and iOS versions above the status bar and report FPS, CPU and memory usage via delegate.

Zewo/Zewo 添加分类
By @Zewo

Open source Swift libraries for modern server software on macOS and Linux.

GitHawkApp/GitHawk 添加分类
By @GitHawkApp

The best iOS app for GitHub.

icanzilb/SwiftSpinner 添加分类
By @icanzilb

A beautiful activity indicator and modal alert written in Swift (originally developed for http://doodledoodle.io) Using blur effects, translucency, flat and bold design - all iOS 8 latest and greatest

Cosmo/TinyConsole 添加分类
By @Cosmo

🚦📱 A tiny log console to display information while using your iOS app. Written in Swift 3.

daltoniam/SwiftHTTP 添加分类
By @daltoniam

Thin wrapper around NSURLSession in swift. Simplifies HTTP requests.

swiftcodex/Swift-Radio-Pro 添加分类
By @swiftcodex

Professional Radio Station App, created w/ Swift

entotsu/PullToBounce 添加分类
By @entotsu

Animated "Pull To Refresh" Library for UIScrollView. Inspired by https://dribbble.com/shots/1797373-Pull-Down-To-Refresh

demonnico/PinterestSwift 添加分类
By @demonnico

This is a Swift based demo project to show how to make the transition Pinterest liked.

evnaz/ENSwiftSideMenu 添加分类
By @evnaz

A simple side menu for iOS written in Swift.

jakarmy/swift-summary 添加分类
By @jakarmy

A summary of Apple's Swift language written on Playgrounds

poolqf/FillableLoaders 添加分类
By @poolqf

Completely customizable progress based loaders drawn using custom CGPaths written in Swift

johnlui/SwiftSideslipLikeQQ 添加分类
By @johnlui

再造 “手机QQ” 侧滑菜单

Codeido/PMAlertController 添加分类
By @Codeido

PMAlertController is a great and customizable substitute to UIAlertController

zhxnlai/ZLSwipeableViewSwift 添加分类
By @zhxnlai

A simple view for building card like interface inspired by Tinder and Potluck.

fdzsergio/SFFocusViewLayout 添加分类
By @fdzsergio

UICollectionViewLayout with focused content

CezaryKopacz/CKWaveCollectionViewTransition 添加分类
By @CezaryKopacz

Cool wave like transition between two or more UICollectionView

vandadnp/iOS-8-Swift-Programming-Cookbook 添加分类
By @vandadnp

This is the GitHub repository of O'Reilly's iOS 8 Swift Programming Cookbook

nakiostudio/EasyPeasy 添加分类
By @nakiostudio

Auto Layout made easy

shinobicontrols/iOS9-day-by-day 添加分类
By @shinobicontrols

Selection of projects accompanying the iOS9 Day-by-Day blog series.

akosma/SwiftMoment 添加分类
By @akosma

A time and calendar manipulation library for iOS 9+, macOS 10.11+, tvOS 9+, watchOS 2+, Xcode 8 written in Swift 3.

yukiasai/Gecco 添加分类
By @yukiasai

Simply highlight items for your tutorial walkthrough, written in Swift

DroidsOnRoids/MPParallaxView 添加分类
By @DroidsOnRoids

Apple TV Parallax effect in Swift.

Dimillian/SwiftHN Frameworks
By @Dimillian

A Hacker News reader in Swift

BendingSpoons/katana-swift 添加分类
By @BendingSpoons

Swift Apps in a Swoosh! A modern framework for creating iOS and macOS apps, inspired by React and Redux.

amayne/SwiftString 添加分类
By @amayne

A comprehensive, lightweight string extension for Swift

soapyigu/LeetCode_Swift 添加分类
By @soapyigu

Solutions coded by Swift to LeetCode

djyde/WebShell 添加分类
By @djyde

Bundle web apps to native OS X app

Thomvis/BrightFutures 添加分类
By @Thomvis

Write great asynchronous code in Swift using futures and promises

QueryKit/QueryKit 添加分类
By @QueryKit

A simple CoreData query language for Swift and Objective-C.

Zewo/Venice 添加分类
By @Zewo

Swift CSP (Coroutines, Channels, Select) for macOS and Linux

ReactKit/ReactKit 添加分类
By @ReactKit

Swift Reactive Programming.

hkellaway/Gloss 添加分类
By @hkellaway

A shiny JSON parsing library in Swift :sparkles:

marmelroy/Interpolate 添加分类
By @marmelroy

Swift interpolation for gesture-driven animations

hpique/SwiftSingleton 添加分类
By @hpique

An exploration of the Singleton pattern in Swift

ochococo/OOD-Principles-In-Swift 添加分类
By @ochococo

The Principles of OOD based on Uncle Bob articles.

marmelroy/Format 添加分类
By @marmelroy

A Swift Formatter Kit

kevinzhow/PNChart-Swift 添加分类
By @kevinzhow

A simple and beautiful chart lib used in Piner and CoinsMan for iOS(https://github.com/kevinzhow/PNChart) Swift Implementation

nicktoumpelis/HiBeacons 添加分类
By @nicktoumpelis

An iBeacons example app for iOS 10, with Apple Watch (watchOS 3.0) support, written in Swift 3.

146BC/StyleKit 添加分类
By @146BC

A powerful & easy to use styling framework written in Swift

marciok/Mu 添加分类
By @marciok

It's a Swift playground explaining how to create a tiny programming language named Mu

bignerdranch/Freddy 添加分类
By @bignerdranch

A reusable framework for parsing JSON in Swift.

ortuman/SwiftForms 添加分类
By @ortuman

A small and lightweight library written in Swift that allows you to easily create forms.

Anviking/Decodable 添加分类
By @Anviking

Swift 2/3 JSON parsing done (more) right

didierbrun/DBPathRecognizer 添加分类
By @didierbrun

Gesture recognizer tool [Swift / iOS]

suzuki-0000/SKPhotoBrowser 添加分类
By @suzuki-0000

Simple PhotoBrowser/Viewer inspired by facebook, twitter photo browsers written by swift

amitburst/HackerNews 添加分类
By @amitburst

A Hacker News reader iOS app written in Swift.

corin8823/Popover 添加分类
By @corin8823

Popover is a balloon library like Facebook app. It is written in pure swift.

smileyborg/TableViewCellWithAutoLayoutiOS8 添加分类
By @smileyborg

Sample project demonstrating self-sizing table view cells in iOS 8 using Swift and Objective-C.

elliottminns/blackfire 添加分类
By @elliottminns

A minimal, fast and unopinionated web framework for Swift

johnno1962/Refactorator 添加分类
By @johnno1962

Xcode Plugin that Refactors Swift & Objective-C

pvieito/PythonKit 添加分类
By @pvieito

Swift framework to interact with Python.

Abizern/xcode-snippets 添加分类
By @Abizern

Xcode Snippets for Swift 2, based on those by Mattt at https://github.com/Xcode-Snippets/Objective-C

marmelroy/ObjectiveKit 添加分类
By @marmelroy

Swift-friendly API for a set of powerful Objective C runtime functions.

hubertr/Swell 添加分类
By @hubertr

Logging utility for Swift and Objective C

Ahmed-Ali/RealmObjectEditor 添加分类
By @Ahmed-Ali

Realm Object Editor is a visual editor where you can create your Realm entities, attributes and relationships inside a nice user interface. Once you finish, you can save your schema document for later use and you can export your entities in Swift, Objective-C and Java.

kareman/SwiftShell 添加分类
By @kareman

A Swift framework for shell scripting.