golang/go Programming Language
By @golang

The Go programming language

kubernetes/kubernetes Tools
By @kubernetes

Production-Grade Container Scheduling and Management

avelino/awesome-go Miscellaneous
By @avelino

A curated list of awesome Go frameworks, libraries and software

moby/moby Frameworks
By @moby

Moby Project - a collabrative project for the container ecosystem to assemble container-based systems

gohugoio/hugo HTTP
By @gohugoio

A Fast and Flexible Static Site Generator built with love in GoLang

gin-gonic/gin Frameworks
By @gin-gonic

Gin is a HTTP web framework written in Go (Golang). It features a Martini-like API with much better performance -- up to 40 times faster. If you need smashing performance, get yourself some Gin.

fatedier/frp 添加分类
By @fatedier

A fast reverse proxy to help you expose a local server behind a NAT or firewall to the internet.

docker/docker Tools
By @docker

Docker - the open-source application container engine

syncthing/syncthing 添加分类
By @syncthing

Open Source Continuous File Synchronization

junegunn/fzf 添加分类
By @junegunn

:cherry_blossom: A command-line fuzzy finder written in Go

prometheus/prometheus 添加分类
By @prometheus

The Prometheus monitoring system and time series database.

astaxie/build-web-application-with-golang Frameworks
By @astaxie

A golang ebook intro how to build a web with golang

v2ray/v2ray-core 添加分类
By @v2ray

A platform for building proxies to bypass network restrictions.

gogs/gogs 添加分类
By @gogs

Gogs is a painless self-hosted Git service.

etcd-io/etcd 添加分类
By @etcd-io

Distributed reliable key-value store for the most critical data of a distributed system

traefik/traefik 添加分类
By @traefik

The Cloud Native Edge Router

caddyserver/caddy 添加分类
By @caddyserver

Fast, cross-platform HTTP/2 web server with automatic HTTPS

ethereum/go-ethereum 添加分类
By @ethereum

Official Go implementation of the Ethereum protocol

FiloSottile/mkcert 添加分类
By @FiloSottile

A simple zero-config tool to make locally-trusted development certificates with any names you'd like.

containous/traefik 添加分类
By @containous

Træfɪk, a modern reverse proxy

minio/minio 添加分类
By @minio

Minio is an Amazon S3 compatible object storage server.

pingcap/tidb 添加分类
By @pingcap

TiDB is a distributed NewSQL database compatible with MySQL protocol

hashicorp/terraform 添加分类
By @hashicorp

Terraform is a tool for building, changing, and combining infrastructure safely and efficiently.

rclone/rclone 添加分类
By @rclone

"rsync for cloud storage" - Google Drive, Amazon Drive, S3, Dropbox, Backblaze B2, One Drive, Swift, Hubic, Cloudfiles, Google Cloud Storage, Yandex Files

istio/istio 添加分类
By @istio

Sample code, build and tests and governance material for the Istio project.

wagoodman/dive 添加分类
By @wagoodman

A tool for exploring each layer in a docker image

evanw/esbuild 添加分类
By @evanw

An extremely fast JavaScript bundler and minifier

beego/beego 添加分类
By @beego

beego is an open-source, high-performance web framework for the Go programming language.

Unknwon/the-way-to-go_ZH_CN 添加分类
By @Unknwon

《The Way to Go》中文译本,中文正式名《Go入门指南》

go-gitea/gitea 添加分类
By @go-gitea

Gitea: Git with a cup of tea

astaxie/beego Frameworks
By @astaxie

beego is an open-source, high-performance web framework for the Go programming language.

cli/cli 添加分类
By @cli

The GitHub CLI

go-gorm/gorm 添加分类
By @go-gorm

The fantastic ORM library for Golang, aims to be developer friendly (v2 is under public testing...)

gogits/gogs 添加分类
By @gogits

Gogs (Go Git Service) is a painless self-hosted Git service.

drone/drone 添加分类
By @drone

Drone is a Continuous Delivery platform built on Docker, written in Go

iikira/BaiduPCS-Go 添加分类
By @iikira

百度网盘客户端 - Go语言编写

grafana/grafana Logging
By @grafana

Gorgeous metric viz, dashboards & editors for Graphite, InfluxDB & Prometheus

spf13/cobra 添加分类
By @spf13

A Commander for modern Go CLI interactions

hashicorp/consul 添加分类
By @hashicorp

Consul is a tool for service discovery, monitoring and configuration.

mholt/caddy 添加分类
By @mholt

Fast, cross-platform HTTP/2 web server with automatic HTTPS

influxdata/influxdb 添加分类
By @influxdata

Scalable datastore for metrics, events, and real-time analytics

cockroachdb/cockroach 添加分类
By @cockroachdb

A Scalable, Survivable, Strongly-Consistent SQL Database

kubernetes/minikube 添加分类
By @kubernetes

Run Kubernetes locally

hashicorp/vault 添加分类
By @hashicorp

A tool for managing secrets.

go-kit/kit 添加分类
By @go-kit

A standard library for microservices.

jesseduffield/lazygit 添加分类
By @jesseduffield

simple terminal UI for git commands

github/hub 添加分类
By @github

hub helps you win at git.

kataras/iris Frameworks
By @kataras

The fastest web framework for Go in (THIS) Earth. Its Incomparable Features is what most Enterprises will find most Attractive.

mattermost/mattermost-server 添加分类
By @mattermost

Open source Slack-alternative in Golang and React - Mattermost

inconshreveable/ngrok 添加分类
By @inconshreveable

Introspected tunnels to localhost

labstack/echo 添加分类
By @labstack

Fast and unfancy HTTP server framework for Go (Golang).

openfaas/faas 添加分类
By @openfaas

OpenFaaS - a serverless framework for Docker & Kubernetes

helm/helm 添加分类
By @helm

The Kubernetes Package Manager

nsqio/nsq 添加分类
By @nsqio

A realtime distributed messaging platform

coreos/etcd 添加分类
By @coreos

Distributed reliable key-value store for the most critical data of a distributed system

Dreamacro/clash 添加分类
By @Dreamacro

A rule-based tunnel in Go.

sirupsen/logrus 添加分类
By @sirupsen

Structured, pluggable logging for Go.

jinzhu/gorm 添加分类
By @jinzhu

The fantastic ORM library for Golang, aims to be developer friendly

ehang-io/nps 添加分类
By @ehang-io

a lightweight, high-performance, powerful intranet penetration proxy server, with a powerful web management terminal.

jesseduffield/lazydocker 添加分类
By @jesseduffield

The lazier way to manage everything docker

tsenart/vegeta 添加分类
By @tsenart

HTTP load testing tool and library. It's over 9000!

k3s-io/k3s 添加分类
By @k3s-io

Lightweight Kubernetes

zyedidia/micro 添加分类
By @zyedidia

A modern and intuitive terminal-based text editor

nektos/act 添加分类
By @nektos

Run your GitHub Actions locally 🚀

spf13/hugo 添加分类
By @spf13

A Fast and Flexible Static Site Generator built with love in GoLang

coreybutler/nvm-windows 添加分类
By @coreybutler

A node.js version management utility for Windows. Ironically written in Go.

tmrts/go-patterns 添加分类
By @tmrts

Curated list of Go patterns and idioms

go-delve/delve 添加分类
By @go-delve

Delve is a debugger for the Go programming language.

asim/go-micro 添加分类
By @asim

A Go standard library for microservices

spf13/viper 添加分类
By @spf13

Go configuration with fangs

dgraph-io/dgraph 添加分类
By @dgraph-io

Highly Available, Distributed, Low Latency, High Throughput Graph Database

urfave/cli 添加分类
By @urfave

A simple, fast, and fun package for building command line apps in Go

photoprism/photoprism 添加分类
By @photoprism

Personal Photo Management powered by Go and Google TensorFlow

valyala/fasthttp 添加分类
By @valyala

Fast HTTP package for Go. Tuned for high performance. Zero memory allocations in hot paths. Up to 10x faster than net/http

yudai/gotty 添加分类
By @yudai

Share your terminal as a web application

goharbor/harbor 添加分类
By @goharbor

An open source trusted cloud native registry project that stores, signs, and scans content.

chai2010/advanced-go-programming-book 添加分类
By @chai2010

:books: 《Go语言高级编程》开源图书,涵盖CGO、Go汇编语言、RPC实现、Protobuf插件实现、Web框架实现、分布式系统等高阶主题

iawia002/annie 添加分类
By @iawia002

👾 Fast, simple and clean video downloader

joewalnes/websocketd 添加分类
By @joewalnes

Turn any program that uses STDIN/STDOUT into a WebSocket server. Like inetd, but for WebSockets.

gorilla/websocket 添加分类
By @gorilla

A WebSocket implementation for Go.

matryer/xbar 添加分类
By @matryer

Put the output from any script or program into your macOS Menu Bar

quii/learn-go-with-tests 添加分类
By @quii

Learn Go with test-driven development

gofiber/fiber 添加分类
By @gofiber

🚀 Fiber is an Express.js inspired web framework written in Go with 💖

helm/charts 添加分类
By @helm

Curated applications for Kubernetes

gorilla/mux 添加分类
By @gorilla

A powerful URL router and dispatcher for golang.

ncw/rclone 添加分类
By @ncw

"rsync for cloud storage" - Google Drive, Amazon Drive, S3, Dropbox, Backblaze B2, One Drive, Swift, Hubic, Cloudfiles, Google Cloud Storage, Yandex Files

rancher/k3s 添加分类
By @rancher

Lightweight Kubernetes. 5 less than k8s.

schollz/croc 添加分类
By @schollz

Easily and securely send things from one computer to another :crocodile: :package:

gonitro/nitro 添加分类
By @gonitro

Nitro is a futuristic blazingly fast embeddable framework for distributed app development, IoT, edge and p2p.

asim/nitro 添加分类
By @asim

Nitro (formerly known as Go Micro) is a blazingly fast framework for distributed systems development.

gocolly/colly 添加分类
By @gocolly

Fast and Elegant Scraping Framework for Golang

go-kratos/kratos 添加分类
By @go-kratos


buger/goreplay 添加分类
By @buger

Gor is an open-source tool for capturing and replaying live HTTP traffic into a test environment in order to continuously test your system with real data. It can be used to increase confidence in code deployments, configuration changes and infrastructure changes.

dapr/dapr 添加分类
By @dapr

Dapr is a portable, event-driven, runtime for building distributed applications across cloud and edge.

grpc/grpc-go 添加分类
By @grpc

The Go language implementation of gRPC. HTTP/2 based RPC

hoanhan101/ultimate-go 添加分类
By @hoanhan101

Ultimate Go study guide, with heavily documented code and programs analysis all in 1 place →

micro/go-micro 添加分类
By @micro

A pluggable RPC framework

stretchr/testify Testing
By @stretchr

A sacred extension to the standard go testing package

jaegertracing/jaeger 添加分类
By @jaegertracing

Jaeger, a Distributed Tracing System

fyne-io/fyne 添加分类
By @fyne-io

Cross platform GUI in Go based on Material Design

cayleygraph/cayley 添加分类
By @cayleygraph

An open-source graph database

grafana/k6 添加分类
By @grafana

A modern load testing tool, using Go and JavaScript - https://k6.io

grafana/loki 添加分类
By @grafana

Like Prometheus, but for logs.

restic/restic 添加分类
By @restic

Fast, secure, efficient backup program

uber-go/zap 添加分类
By @uber-go

Fast, structured, leveled logging in Go

derailed/k9s 添加分类
By @derailed

🐶 Kubernetes CLI To Manage Your Clusters In Style!

kubernetes/kops 添加分类
By @kubernetes

Kubernetes Operations (kops) - Production Grade K8s Installation, Upgrades, and Management

julienschmidt/httprouter 添加分类
By @julienschmidt

A high performance HTTP request router that scales well

hashicorp/packer 添加分类
By @hashicorp

Packer is a tool for creating identical machine images for multiple platforms from a single source configuration.

golang/dep 添加分类
By @golang

Go dependency tool

k6io/k6 添加分类
By @k6io

A modern load testing tool, using Go and JavaScript - https://k6.io

filebrowser/filebrowser 添加分类
By @filebrowser

:file_folder: Web File Browser which can be used as a middleware or standalone app.

chrislusf/seaweedfs 添加分类
By @chrislusf

SeaweedFS is a simple and highly scalable distributed file system. There are two objectives: to store billions of files! to serve the files fast! Instead of supporting full POSIX file system semantics, SeaweedFS choose to implement only a key~file mapping. Similar to the word "NoSQL", you can call it as "NoFS".

wtfutil/wtf 添加分类
By @wtfutil

The personal information dashboard for your terminal.

greyireland/algorithm-pattern 添加分类
By @greyireland


xtaci/kcptun 添加分类
By @xtaci

A Simple UDP Tunnel Based On KCP

txthinking/brook 添加分类
By @txthinking

Brook is a cross-platform(Linux/MacOS/Windows/Android/iOS) proxy software

hyperledger/fabric 添加分类
By @hyperledger

Read-only mirror of https://gerrit.hyperledger.org/r/#/admin/projects/fabric

google/cadvisor 添加分类
By @google

Analyzes resource usage and performance characteristics of running containers.

vitessio/vitess 添加分类
By @vitessio

Vitess is a database clustering system for horizontal scaling of MySQL.

go-redis/redis 添加分类
By @go-redis

Type-safe Redis client for Golang

revel/revel 添加分类
By @revel

A high productivity, full-stack web framework for the Go language.

boltdb/bolt 添加分类
By @boltdb

An embedded key/value database for Go.

CodisLabs/codis 添加分类
By @CodisLabs

Proxy based Redis cluster solution supporting pipeline and scaling dynamically

rakyll/hey 添加分类
By @rakyll

HTTP load generator, ApacheBench (ab) replacement, formerly known as rakyll/boom

ipfs/go-ipfs 添加分类
By @ipfs

IPFS implementation in go

bcicen/ctop 添加分类
By @bcicen

Top-like interface for container metrics

GoogleContainerTools/skaffold 添加分类
By @GoogleContainerTools

Easy and Repeatable Kubernetes Development

v2fly/v2ray-core 添加分类
By @v2fly

A platform for building proxies to bypass network restrictions.

loadimpact/k6 添加分类
By @loadimpact

A modern load testing tool, using Go and JavaScript - https://k6.io

google/gvisor 添加分类
By @google

Container Runtime Sandbox

grpc-ecosystem/grpc-gateway 添加分类
By @grpc-ecosystem

gRPC to JSON proxy generator

peterq/pan-light 添加分类
By @peterq

百度网盘不限速客户端, golang + qt5, 跨平台图形界面

fogleman/primitive 添加分类
By @fogleman

Reproducing images with geometric primitives.

go-sql-driver/mysql 添加分类
By @go-sql-driver

Go MySQL Driver is a lightweight and fast MySQL driver for Go's (golang) database/sql package

ory/hydra 添加分类
By @ory

A security-first open source OAuth2 and OpenID Connect server for new and existing infrastructures. Written in Go.

go-martini/martini 添加分类
By @go-martini

Classy web framework for Go

gizak/termui 添加分类
By @gizak

Golang terminal dashboard

zeromicro/go-zero 添加分类
By @zeromicro

go-zero is a web and rpc framework written in Go. It's born to ensure the stability of the busy sites with resilient design. Builtin goctl greatly improves the development productivity.

Netflix/chaosmonkey 添加分类
By @Netflix

Chaos Monkey is a resiliency tool that helps applications tolerate random instance failures.

inancgumus/learngo 添加分类
By @inancgumus

1000+ Hand-Crafted Go Examples, Exercises, and Quizzes

kubernetes/ingress-nginx 添加分类
By @kubernetes

NGINX Ingress Controller for Kubernetes

snail007/goproxy 添加分类
By @snail007

Proxy is a high performance HTTP(S), websocket, TCP, UDP,Secure DNS, Socks5 proxy server implemented by golang. Now, it supports chain-style proxies,nat forwarding in different lan,TCP/UDP port forwarding, SSH forwarding.Proxy是golang实现的高性能http,https,websocket,tcp,防污染DNS,socks5代理服务器,支持内网穿透,链式代理,通讯加密,智能HTTP,SOCKS5代理,域名黑白名单,跨平台,KCP协议支持,集成外部API。

vlang/v 添加分类
By @vlang

Simple, fast, safe, compiled language for developing maintainable software. Supports translation from C and (soon) C++. Compiles itself in <1s.

tal-tech/go-zero 添加分类
By @tal-tech

go-zero is a web and rpc framework written in Go. It's born to ensure the stability of the busy sites with resilient design. Builtin goctl greatly improves the development productivity.

jmoiron/sqlx 添加分类
By @jmoiron

general purpose extensions to golang's database/sql

golang/groupcache 添加分类
By @golang

groupcache is a caching and cache-filling library, intended as a replacement for memcached in many cases.

docker-slim/docker-slim 添加分类
By @docker-slim

DockerSlim (docker-slim): Don't change anything in your Docker container image and minify it by up to 30x (and for compiled languages even more) making it secure too! (free and open source)

PuerkitoBio/goquery 添加分类
By @PuerkitoBio

A little like that j-thing, only in Go.

influxdata/telegraf 添加分类
By @influxdata

The plugin-driven server agent for collecting & reporting metrics.

emirpasic/gods 添加分类
By @emirpasic

Go Data Structures. Containers, Sets, Lists, Stacks, Maps, BidiMaps, Trees, HashSet, TreeSet, ArrayList, SinglyLinkedList, DoublyLinkedList, LinkedListStack, ArrayStack, HashMap, TreeMap, HashBidiMap, TreeBidiMap, RedBlackTree, BTree, BinaryHeap, Comparator, Iterator, Enumerable, Sort

gopherjs/gopherjs 添加分类
By @gopherjs

A compiler from Go to JavaScript for running Go code in a browser

google/grumpy 添加分类
By @google

Grumpy is a Python to Go source code transcompiler and runtime.

micro/micro 添加分类
By @micro

A microservice toolkit

bettercap/bettercap 添加分类
By @bettercap

The Swiss Army knife for 802.11, BLE and Ethernet networks reconnaissance and MITM attacks.

containers/podman 添加分类
By @containers

Podman: A tool for managing OCI containers and pods

casbin/casbin 添加分类
By @casbin

An authorization library that supports access control models like ACL, RBAC, ABAC in Golang

elastic/beats 添加分类
By @elastic

:tropical_fish: Beats - Lightweight shippers for Elasticsearch & Logstash

derekparker/delve 添加分类
By @derekparker

Delve is a debugger for the Go programming language.

kubernetes/dashboard 添加分类
By @kubernetes

General-purpose web UI for Kubernetes clusters

go-chi/chi 添加分类
By @go-chi

lightweight, idiomatic and composable router for building Go HTTP services

gravitational/teleport 添加分类
By @gravitational

Modern SSH server for clusters and teams.

cnlh/nps 添加分类
By @cnlh


tomnomnom/gron 添加分类
By @tomnomnom

Make JSON greppable!

dgrijalva/jwt-go 添加分类
By @dgrijalva

Golang implementation of JSON Web Tokens (JWT)

pulumi/pulumi 添加分类
By @pulumi

Pulumi - Modern Infrastructure as Code. Any cloud, any language 🚀

nats-io/nats-server 添加分类
By @nats-io

High-Performance server for NATS, the cloud native messaging system.

asciimoo/wuzz 添加分类
By @asciimoo

Interactive cli tool for HTTP inspection

OpenDiablo2/OpenDiablo2 添加分类
By @OpenDiablo2

An open source re-implementation of Diablo 2

dgraph-io/badger 添加分类
By @dgraph-io

Fast key-value store in Go.

ardanlabs/gotraining 添加分类
By @ardanlabs

Go Training Class Material :

esimov/caire 添加分类
By @esimov

Content aware image resize library

qax-os/excelize 添加分类
By @qax-os

Golang library for reading and writing Microsoft Excel™ (XLSX) files.

talkgo/night 添加分类
By @talkgo

Weekly Go Online Meetup via Zoom and Bilibili|Go 夜读|由 SIG 成员维护|通过 zoom 在线直播的方式分享 Go 相关的技术话题,每天大家在微信/telegram/Slack 上及时沟通交流编程技术话题。

git-lfs/git-lfs 添加分类
By @git-lfs

Git extension for versioning large files

thanos-io/thanos 添加分类
By @thanos-io

Highly available Prometheus setup with long term storage capabilities. A CNCF Incubating project.

getlantern/lantern Tools
By @getlantern

:izakaya_lantern: Open Internet for everyone. Lantern is a free application that delivers fast, reliable and secure access to the open Internet for users in censored regions. It uses a variety of techniques to stay unblocked, including domain fronting, p2p, and pluggable transports.

dolthub/dolt 添加分类
By @dolthub

Dolt – It's Git for Data

bilibili/kratos 添加分类
By @bilibili


flipped-aurora/gin-vue-admin 添加分类
By @flipped-aurora


argoproj/argo-workflows 添加分类
By @argoproj

Argo Workflows: Get stuff done with Kubernetes.

containerd/containerd 添加分类
By @containerd

An open and reliable container runtime

github/gh-ost 添加分类
By @github

GitHub's Online Schema Migrations for MySQL

authelia/authelia 添加分类
By @authelia

The Single Sign-On Multi-Factor portal for web apps

cilium/cilium 添加分类
By @cilium

eBPF-based Networking, Security, and Observability

360EntSecGroup-Skylar/excelize 添加分类
By @360EntSecGroup-Skylar

Golang library for reading and writing Microsoft Excel™ (XLSX) files.

sqshq/sampler 添加分类
By @sqshq

A tool for shell commands execution, visualization and alerting. Configured with a simple YAML file.

hashicorp/nomad 添加分类
By @hashicorp

A Distributed, Highly Available, Datacenter-Aware Scheduler

rook/rook 添加分类
By @rook

File, Block, and Object Storage Services for your Cloud-Native Environment

mailhog/MailHog 添加分类
By @mailhog

Web and API based SMTP testing

tidwall/gjson 添加分类
By @tidwall

Get JSON values quickly - JSON Parser for Go

AdguardTeam/AdGuardHome 添加分类
By @AdguardTeam

Network-wide ads & trackers blocking DNS server

GoogleContainerTools/kaniko 添加分类
By @GoogleContainerTools

Build Container Images In Kubernetes

containrrr/watchtower 添加分类
By @containrrr

A process for automating Docker container base image updates.

rqlite/rqlite 添加分类
By @rqlite

The lightweight, distributed relational database

rkt/rkt 添加分类
By @rkt

rkt is a pod-native container engine for Linux. It is composable, secure, and built on standards.

therecipe/qt 添加分类
By @therecipe

Qt binding for Go (Golang) which supports Windows / macOS / Linux / Android / iOS / Sailfish OS / Raspberry Pi

goreleaser/goreleaser 添加分类
By @goreleaser

Deliver Go binaries as fast and easily as possible

future-architect/vuls 添加分类
By @future-architect

Vulnerability scanner for Linux/FreeBSD, agentless, written in Go

go-playground/validator 添加分类
By @go-playground

:100:Go Struct and Field validation, including Cross Field, Cross Struct, Map, Slice and Array diving

dinedal/textql 添加分类
By @dinedal

Execute SQL against structured text like CSV or TSV

ent/ent 添加分类
By @ent

An entity framework for Go

gomodule/redigo 添加分类
By @gomodule

Go client for Redis

tinygo-org/tinygo 添加分类
By @tinygo-org

Go compiler for small places. Microcontrollers, WebAssembly, and command-line tools. Based on LLVM.

golangci/golangci-lint 添加分类
By @golangci

Fast linters Runner for Go

aquasecurity/trivy 添加分类
By @aquasecurity

A Simple and Comprehensive Vulnerability Scanner for Container Images, Git Repositories and Filesystems. Suitable for CI

FiloSottile/age 添加分类
By @FiloSottile

A simple, modern and secure encryption tool (and Go library) with small explicit keys, no config options, and UNIX-style composability.

kubernetes-sigs/kind 添加分类
By @kubernetes-sigs

Kubernetes IN Docker - local clusters for testing Kubernetes

robfig/cron 添加分类
By @robfig

a cron library for go

geektutu/7days-golang 添加分类
By @geektutu

7 days golang apps from scratch (web framework Gee, distributed cache GeeCache, object relational mapping ORM framework GeeORM, rpc framework GeeRPC etc) 7天用Go动手写/从零实现系列

opencontainers/runc 添加分类
By @opencontainers

CLI tool for spawning and running containers according to the OCI specification

inlets/inlets 添加分类
By @inlets

Cloud Native Tunnel written in Go

inlets/inlets-archived 添加分类
By @inlets

Cloud Native Tunnel

zricethezav/gitleaks 添加分类
By @zricethezav

Audit git repos for secrets 🔑

apex/up 添加分类
By @apex

Deploy infinitely scalable serverless apps, apis, and sites in seconds.

mozilla/sops 添加分类
By @mozilla

Simple and flexible tool for managing secrets

cyfdecyf/cow 添加分类
By @cyfdecyf

HTTP proxy written in Go. COW can automatically identify blocked sites and use parent proxies to access.

quay/clair 添加分类
By @quay

Vulnerability Static Analysis for Containers

Masterminds/glide 添加分类
By @Masterminds

Package Management for Golang

apex/apex 添加分类
By @apex

Build, deploy, and manage AWS Lambda functions with ease (with Go support!).

openshift/origin 添加分类
By @openshift

Enterprise Kubernetes for Developers

claudiodangelis/qrcp 添加分类
By @claudiodangelis

:zap: Transfer files over wifi from your computer to your mobile device by scanning a QR code without leaving the terminal.

flynn/flynn 添加分类
By @flynn

A next generation open source platform as a service (PaaS)

lk-geimfari/awesomo 添加分类
By @lk-geimfari

The really big list of really interesting open source projects in С, C++, Clojure, Common/Emacs Lisp, Elixir, Erlang, Golang, Haskell, JavaScript, Lua, OCaml, Python, R, Ruby, Rust, Scala and etc.

andlabs/ui 添加分类
By @andlabs

Platform-native GUI library for Go.

sjwhitworth/golearn 添加分类
By @sjwhitworth

Machine Learning for Go

polaris1119/The-Golang-Standard-Library-by-Example 添加分类
By @polaris1119


tinode/chat 添加分类
By @tinode

Instant messaging platform. Backend in Go. Clients: Swift iOS, Java Android, JS webapp, scriptable command line; chatbots

Unknwon/go-fundamental-programming 添加分类
By @Unknwon

《Go编程基础》是一套针对 Google 出品的 Go 语言的视频语音教程,主要面向新手级别的学习者。

coredns/coredns 添加分类
By @coredns

CoreDNS is a DNS server that chains plugins

graphql-go/graphql 添加分类
By @graphql-go

An implementation of GraphQL for Go / Golang

golang/protobuf 添加分类
By @golang

Go support for Google's protocol buffers

keybase/client 添加分类
By @keybase

Keybase Go Library, Client, Service, OS X, iOS, Android, Electron

google/go-cloud 添加分类
By @google

A library and tools for open cloud development in Go.

blevesearch/bleve 添加分类
By @blevesearch

A modern text indexing library for go

DNSCrypt/dnscrypt-proxy 添加分类
By @DNSCrypt

dnscrypt-proxy 2 - A flexible DNS proxy, with support for encrypted DNS protocols.

direnv/direnv 添加分类
By @direnv

Unclutter your .profile

google/go-github 添加分类
By @google

Go library for accessing the GitHub API

argoproj/argo 添加分类
By @argoproj

Argo Workflows: Get stuff done with Kubernetes.

talk-go/night 添加分类
By @talk-go

Weekly Go Online Meetup via Zoom and Bilibili|Go 夜读|由 SIG 成员维护|通过 zoom 在线直播的方式分享 Go 相关的技术话题,每天大家在微信/telegram/Slack 上及时沟通交流编程技术话题。

cortexlabs/cortex 添加分类
By @cortexlabs

Model serving at scale

attic-labs/noms 添加分类
By @attic-labs

The versioned, forkable, syncable database

kelseyhightower/confd 添加分类
By @kelseyhightower

Manage local application configuration files using templates and data from etcd or consul

tidwall/tile38 添加分类
By @tidwall

Tile38 is a fast geolocation data store, spatial index, and realtime geofence. It supports a variety of object types including lat/lon points, bounding boxes, XYZ tiles, Geohashes, and GeoJSON.

senorprogrammer/wtf 添加分类
By @senorprogrammer

A personal information dashboard for your terminal.

jetstack/cert-manager 添加分类
By @jetstack

Automatically provision and manage TLS certificates in Kubernetes

hybridgroup/gobot 添加分类
By @hybridgroup

Golang framework for robotics, drones, and the Internet of Things (IoT)

GoesToEleven/GolangTraining 添加分类
By @GoesToEleven

Training for Golang (go language)

ginuerzh/gost 添加分类
By @ginuerzh

GO Simple Tunnel - a simple tunnel written in golang

cjbassi/gotop 添加分类
By @cjbassi

A terminal based graphical activity monitor inspired by gtop and vtop


[ACQUIRED] The fastest web framework for Go in (THIS) Earth. HTTP/2 Ready-To-GO.

rktproject/rkt 添加分类
By @rktproject

rkt is a pod-native container engine for Linux. It is composable, secure, and built on standards.

coreos/rkt 添加分类
By @coreos

rkt is a pod-native container engine for Linux. It is composable, secure, and built on standards.

prasmussen/gdrive 添加分类
By @prasmussen

Google Drive CLI Client

urfave/negroni 添加分类
By @urfave

Idiomatic HTTP Middleware for Golang

tylertreat/comcast 添加分类
By @tylertreat

Simulating shitty network connections so you can build better systems.

developer-learning/night-reading-go 添加分类
By @developer-learning

Night-Reading-Go《Go 夜读》 > Share the related technical topics of Go every week through zoom online live broadcast, every day on the WeChat/Slack to communicate programming technology topics. 每周通过 zoom 在线直播的方式分享 Go 相关的技术话题,每天大家在微信/Slack 上及时沟通交流编程技术话题。

jroimartin/gocui 添加分类
By @jroimartin

Minimalist Go package aimed at creating Console User Interfaces.

gdrive-org/gdrive 添加分类
By @gdrive-org

Google Drive CLI Client

usefathom/fathom 添加分类
By @usefathom

Fathom. Simple, trustworthy website analytics. Built with Golang & Preact.

shadowsocks/shadowsocks-go 添加分类
By @shadowsocks

go port of shadowsocks

henrylee2cn/pholcus 添加分类
By @henrylee2cn

[Crawler for Golang] Pholcus is a distributed, high concurrency and powerful web crawler software.

kubernetes/helm 添加分类
By @kubernetes

The Kubernetes Package Manager

XiaoMi/soar 添加分类
By @XiaoMi

SQL Optimizer And Rewriter

sosedoff/pgweb 添加分类
By @sosedoff

Cross-platform client for PostgreSQL databases

fabiolb/fabio 添加分类
By @fabiolb

A fast, modern, zero-conf load balancing HTTP(S) router for deploying microservices managed by consul.

schachmat/wego 添加分类
By @schachmat

weather app for the terminal

mitchellh/packer 添加分类
By @mitchellh

Packer is a tool for creating identical machine images for multiple platforms from a single source configuration.

gobuffalo/buffalo 添加分类
By @gobuffalo

The Go Web Framework

go-xorm/xorm 添加分类
By @go-xorm

Simple and Powerful ORM for Go, support mysql,postgres,tidb,sqlite3,mssql,oracle

kubernetes/community 添加分类
By @kubernetes

Kubernetes community content

coreos/clair 添加分类
By @coreos

Vulnerability Static Analysis for Containers

peco/peco 添加分类
By @peco

Simplistic interactive filtering tool

docker/swarm 添加分类
By @docker

Swarm: a Docker-native clustering system

docker/classicswarm 添加分类
By @docker

Swarm Classic: a container clustering system

xo/usql 添加分类
By @xo

universal command-line interface for SQL databases

docker/machine 添加分类
By @docker

Machine management for a container-centric world

rancher/os 添加分类
By @rancher

Tiny Linux distro that runs the entire OS as Docker containers

weaveworks/weave 添加分类
By @weaveworks

Simple, resilient multi-host Docker networking and more.

teh-cmc/go-internals 添加分类
By @teh-cmc

A book about the internals of the Go programming language.

appleboy/gorush 添加分类
By @appleboy

A push notification server written in Go (Golang).

alexellis/faas 添加分类
By @alexellis

Functions as a Service - a serverless framework for Docker

lib/pq 添加分类
By @lib

Pure Go Postgres driver for database/sql

tools/godep 添加分类
By @tools

dependency tool for go

openebs/openebs 添加分类
By @openebs

OpenEBS is containerized block storage written in Go for cloud native and other environments w/ per container (or pod) QoS SLAs, tiering and replica policies across AZs and environments, and predictable and scalable performance.

nats-io/gnatsd 添加分类
By @nats-io

High-Performance server for NATS, the cloud native messaging system.

youtube/vitess 添加分类
By @youtube

Vitess is a database clustering system for horizontal scaling of MySQL.

aws/aws-sdk-go 添加分类
By @aws

AWS SDK for the Go programming language.

pkg/errors 添加分类
By @pkg

Simple error handling primitives

simeji/jid 添加分类
By @simeji

json incremental digger

upspin/upspin 添加分类
By @upspin

Upspin: A framework for naming everyone's everything.

cloudson/gitql 添加分类
By @cloudson

A git query language

kubeless/kubeless 添加分类
By @kubeless

Kubernetes Native Serverless Framework

yeasy/blockchain_guide 添加分类
By @yeasy

Introduce blockchain related technologies, from theory to practice with bitcoin, ethereum and hyperledger.

vmware/harbor 添加分类
By @vmware

An enterprise-class container registry server based on Docker Distribution

open-falcon/falcon-plus 添加分类
By @open-falcon

An open-source and enterprise-level monitoring system.

smartystreets/goconvey 添加分类
By @smartystreets

Go testing in the browser. Integrates with `go test`. Write behavioral tests in Go.

bitly/oauth2_proxy 添加分类
By @bitly

A reverse proxy that provides authentication with Google, Github or other provider

google/seesaw 添加分类
By @google

Seesaw v2 is a Linux Virtual Server (LVS) based load balancing platform.

rakyll/boom 添加分类
By @rakyll

HTTP(S) load generator, ApacheBench (ab) replacement, written in Go

docker/distribution 添加分类
By @docker

The Docker toolset to pack, ship, store, and deliver content

yinghuocho/firefly-proxy 添加分类
By @yinghuocho

A proxy software to help circumventing the Great Firewall.

kardianos/govendor 添加分类
By @kardianos

Go vendor tool that works with the standard vendor file.

nsf/gocode 添加分类
By @nsf

An autocompletion daemon for the Go programming language

hashicorp/serf 添加分类
By @hashicorp

Service orchestration and management tool.

schollz/find 添加分类
By @schollz

High-precision indoor positioning framework for most wifi-enabled devices.

fiorix/freegeoip 添加分类
By @fiorix

IP geolocation web server

robertkrimen/otto 添加分类
By @robertkrimen

A JavaScript interpreter in Go (golang)

akavel/up 添加分类
By @akavel

Ultimate Plumber is a tool for writing Linux pipes with instant live preview

go-ego/riot 添加分类
By @go-ego

Go Open Source, Distributed, Simple and efficient Search Engine

TykTechnologies/tyk 添加分类
By @TykTechnologies

Tyk Open Source API Gateway written in Go

erroneousboat/slack-term 添加分类
By @erroneousboat

Slack client for your terminal

ponzu-cms/ponzu 添加分类
By @ponzu-cms

Headless CMS with automatic JSON API. Featuring auto HTTPS, HTTP/2 Server Push, and flexible server framework written in Go.

flike/kingshard 添加分类
By @flike

A high-performance MySQL proxy

fission/fission 添加分类
By @fission

Fast Serverless Functions for Kubernetes

google/gxui 添加分类
By @google

An experimental Go cross platform UI library.

facebookarchive/grace 添加分类
By @facebookarchive

Graceful restart & zero downtime deploy for Go servers.

zserge/lorca 添加分类
By @zserge

Build cross-platform modern desktop apps in Go + HTML5

NVIDIA/nvidia-docker 添加分类

Build and run Docker containers leveraging NVIDIA GPUs

coreos/flannel 添加分类
By @coreos

flannel is a network fabric for containers, designed for Kubernetes

cloudflare/cfssl 添加分类
By @cloudflare

CFSSL: Cloudflare's PKI and TLS toolkit

vugu/vugu 添加分类
By @vugu

Vugu: A modern UI library for Go+WebAssembly (experimental)

garyburd/redigo 添加分类
By @garyburd

Go client for Redis

facebookgo/grace 添加分类
By @facebookgo

Graceful restart & zero downtime deploy for Go servers.

gliderlabs/registrator 添加分类
By @gliderlabs

Service registry bridge for Docker with pluggable adapters

wallix/awless 添加分类
By @wallix

A Mighty CLI for AWS

google/git-appraise 添加分类
By @google

Distributed code review system for Git repos

google/battery-historian 添加分类
By @google

Battery Historian is a tool to analyze battery consumers using Android "bugreport" files.

davecheney/httpstat 添加分类
By @davecheney

It's like curl -v, with colours.

fnproject/fn 添加分类
By @fnproject

The container native, cloud agnostic serverless platform.

perkeep/perkeep 添加分类
By @perkeep

Perkeep (née Camlistore) is your personal storage system for life: a way of storing, syncing, sharing, modelling and backing up content.

Shopify/sarama 添加分类
By @Shopify

Sarama is a Go library for Apache Kafka 0.8, and up.

alibaba/pouch 添加分类
By @alibaba

An Efficient Enterprise-class Rich Container Engine

lightningnetwork/lnd 添加分类
By @lightningnetwork

Lightning Network Daemon ⚡️

kubernetes/kompose 添加分类
By @kubernetes

Go from Docker Compose to Kubernetes

gotify/server 添加分类
By @gotify

A simple server for sending and receiving messages in real-time per WebSocket. (Includes a sleek web-ui)

adnanh/webhook 添加分类
By @adnanh

webhook is a lightweight configurable incoming webhook server which can execute shell commands

dropbox/godropbox 添加分类
By @dropbox

Common libraries for writing Go services/applications.

qor/qor 添加分类
By @qor

QOR is a set of libraries written in Go that abstracts common features needed for business applications, CMSs, and E-commerce systems.

fogleman/nes 添加分类
By @fogleman

NES emulator written in Go.

mattn/anko 添加分类
By @mattn

Scriptable interpreter written in golang

coyove/goflyway 添加分类
By @coyove

HTTP tunnel in Go

olivere/elastic 添加分类
By @olivere

Elasticsearch client for Go.

zenazn/goji 添加分类
By @zenazn

Goji is a minimalistic web framework for Golang that's high in antioxidants.

alexflint/gallium 添加分类
By @alexflint

Build desktop applications in Go and HTML.

linkerd/linkerd2 添加分类
By @linkerd

A service mesh for Kubernetes and beyond. Main repo for Linkerd 2.x.

jteeuwen/go-bindata 添加分类
By @jteeuwen

A small utility which generates Go code from any file. Useful for embedding binary data in a Go program.

eBay/fabio 添加分类
By @eBay

A fast, modern, zero-conf load balancing HTTP(S) router for deploying microservices managed by consul.

src-d/go-git 添加分类
By @src-d

A highly extensible Git implementation in pure Go.

tj/node-prune 添加分类
By @tj

Remove unnecessary files from node_modules (.md, .ts, etc)

uber/go-torch 添加分类
By @uber

Stochastic flame graph profiler for Go programs

kshvmdn/fsql 添加分类
By @kshvmdn

Search through your filesystem with SQL-esque queries.

alecthomas/gometalinter 添加分类
By @alecthomas

Concurrently run Go lint tools and normalise their output

tombh/texttop 添加分类
By @tombh

A fully interactive X Linux desktop rendered in TTY and streamable over SSH

gomatcha/matcha 添加分类
By @gomatcha

Build native mobile apps in Go.

mozilla-services/heka 添加分类
By @mozilla-services

DEPRECATED: Data collection and processing made easy.

gliderlabs/logspout 添加分类
By @gliderlabs

Log routing for Docker container logs

burke/zeus 添加分类
By @burke

Boot any rails app in under a second.

GoogleCloudPlatform/skaffold 添加分类
By @GoogleCloudPlatform

Easy and Repeatable Kubernetes Development

go-macaron/macaron 添加分类
By @go-macaron

Package macaron is a high productive and modular web framework in Go.

goji/goji 添加分类
By @goji

Goji is a minimalistic and flexible HTTP request multiplexer for Go (golang)

igrigorik/ga-beacon 添加分类
By @igrigorik

Google Analytics collector-as-a-service (using GA measurement protocol).

ant0ine/go-json-rest 添加分类
By @ant0ine

A quick and easy way to setup a RESTful JSON API

muesli/beehive 添加分类
By @muesli

A flexible event and agent system with lots of bees

hoisie/web 添加分类
By @hoisie

The easiest way to create web applications with Go

russross/blackfriday 添加分类
By @russross

Blackfriday: a markdown processor for Go

shazow/ssh-chat 添加分类
By @shazow

Chat over SSH.

gchaincl/httplab 添加分类
By @gchaincl

An interactive web server

rgburke/grv 添加分类
By @rgburke

GRV is a terminal interface for viewing git repositories

progrium/localtunnel 添加分类
By @progrium

Expose localhost servers to the Internet

elves/elvish 添加分类
By @elves

A novel Unix shell

ha/doozerd 添加分类
By @ha

A consistent distributed data store.

hashicorp/consul-template 添加分类
By @hashicorp

Generic template rendering and notifications with Consul

thewhitetulip/web-dev-golang-anti-textbook 添加分类
By @thewhitetulip

Learn how to write webapps without a framework in Go.

DisposaBoy/GoSublime 添加分类
By @DisposaBoy

A Golang plugin collection for SublimeText **3**, providing code completion and other IDE-like features.

go-gorp/gorp 添加分类
By @go-gorp

Go Relational Persistence - an ORM-ish library for Go

tsuru/tsuru 添加分类
By @tsuru

Open source, extensible and Docker-based Platform as a Service (PaaS).

mailgun/godebug 添加分类
By @mailgun

A cross-platform debugger for Go.

gogf/gf 添加分类
By @gogf

GoFrame is a modular, loose-coupled, production-ready and most-powerful application development framework of golang. Providing a series of core components and dozens of practical modules, such as: cache, logging, containers, timer, validator, database orm, etc. Supporting web server integrated with router, cookie, session, logger, configure, template, https, hooks, rewrites and many more features.

vulcand/vulcand 添加分类
By @vulcand

Programmatic load balancer backed by Etcd

karan/joe 添加分类
By @karan

:running: A .gitignore magician in your command line

golang/mobile 添加分类
By @golang

[mirror] Go on Mobile

huichen/wukong 添加分类
By @huichen


coreos/fleet 添加分类
By @coreos

A Distributed init System

cortesi/devd 添加分类
By @cortesi

A local webserver for developers

nlf/dlite 添加分类
By @nlf

The simplest way to use Docker on OS X

pksunkara/alpaca 添加分类
By @pksunkara

Given a web API, Generate client libraries in node, php, python, ruby

jwilder/docker-gen 添加分类
By @jwilder

Generate files from docker container meta-data

bosun-monitor/bosun 添加分类
By @bosun-monitor

Time Series Alerting Framework

astaxie/go-best-practice PDF
By @astaxie

Trying to complete over 100 projects in various categories in golang.

ory-am/hydra 添加分类
By @ory-am

An open source OAuth2 and OpenID Connect server for new and existing environments. Written in Go.

nsf/termbox-go 添加分类
By @nsf

Pure Go termbox implementation

mingrammer/go-web-framework-stars 添加分类
By @mingrammer

:star: Web frameworks for Go, most starred on Github

remind101/empire 添加分类
By @remind101

A PaaS built on top of Amazon EC2 Container Service (ECS)

miekg/dns 添加分类
By @miekg

DNS library in Go

docker/libchan 添加分类
By @docker

Like Go channels over the network

FiloSottile/Heartbleed 添加分类
By @FiloSottile

A checker (site and tool) for CVE-2014-0160

itsabot/itsabot 添加分类
By @itsabot

ItsAbot makes it easy and fun to build your own digital assistant, and we include everything you need to get started.

mitchellh/gox 添加分类
By @mitchellh

A dead simple, no frills Go cross compile tool

itsabot/abot 添加分类
By @itsabot

Abot makes it easy and fun to build your own digital assistant, and we include everything you need to get started.

amacneil/dbmate 添加分类
By @amacneil

:rocket: A lightweight, framework-agnostic database migration tool.

emicklei/go-restful 添加分类
By @emicklei

package for building REST-style Web Services using Google Go

hexops/vecty 添加分类
By @hexops

Vecty lets you build responsive and dynamic web frontends in Go using WebAssembly, competing with modern web frameworks like React & VueJS.

camlistore/camlistore 添加分类
By @camlistore

Camlistore is your personal storage system for life: a way of storing, syncing, sharing, modelling and backing up content.

siddontang/ledisdb 添加分类
By @siddontang

a high performance NoSQL powered by Go

vuvuzela/vuvuzela 添加分类
By @vuvuzela

Private messaging system that hides metadata

monochromegane/the_platinum_searcher 添加分类
By @monochromegane

A code search tool similar to ack and the_silver_searcher(ag). It supports multi platforms and multi encodings.

motemen/gore 添加分类
By @motemen

Yet another Go REPL that works nicely. Featured with line editing, code completion, and more.

bfirsh/whalebrew 添加分类
By @bfirsh

Homebrew, but with Docker images

fogleman/ln 添加分类
By @fogleman

3D line art engine.

jgrahamc/httpdiff 添加分类
By @jgrahamc

Perform the same request against two HTTP servers and diff the results

constabulary/gb 添加分类
By @constabulary

gb, the project based build tool for Go

gernest/utron 添加分类
By @gernest

A lightweight MVC framework for Go(Golang)

sourcegraph/thyme 添加分类
By @sourcegraph

Automatically track which applications you use and for how long.

yahoo/gryffin 添加分类
By @yahoo

Gryffin is a large scale web security scanning platform

zxh0/jvm.go 添加分类
By @zxh0

A JVM written in Go

redspread/spread 添加分类
By @redspread

Docker to Kubernetes in one command

go-qml/qml 添加分类
By @go-qml

QML support for the Go language

soundcloud/roshi 添加分类
By @soundcloud

Roshi is a large-scale CRDT set implementation for timestamped events.

HouzuoGuo/tiedot 添加分类
By @HouzuoGuo

Your NoSQL database powered by Golang

henrylee2cn/faygo 添加分类
By @henrylee2cn

Faygo is a fast and concise Go Web framework that can be used to develop high-performance web app(especially API) with fewer codes. Just define a struct Handler, Faygo will automatically bind/verify the request parameters and generate the online API doc.

smallnest/go-web-framework-benchmark 添加分类
By @smallnest

:zap: Go web framework benchmark

benmanns/goworker 添加分类
By @benmanns

goworker is a Go-based background worker that runs 10 to 100,000* times faster than Ruby-based workers.

geziyor/geziyor 添加分类
By @geziyor

Geziyor, a blazing fast web crawling & scraping framework for Go

julienschmidt/go-http-routing-benchmark 添加分类
By @julienschmidt

Go HTTP request router and web framework benchmark

googollee/go-socket.io 添加分类
By @googollee

socket.io library for golang, a realtime application framework.

koding/kite 添加分类
By @koding

Micro-service framework in Go

songtianyi/wechat-go 添加分类
By @songtianyi

go version wechat web api and message framework for building wechat robot

Terry-Mao/gopush-cluster 添加分类
By @Terry-Mao

Golang push server cluster

tealeg/xlsx 添加分类
By @tealeg

Google Go (golang) library for reading and writing XLSX files.

devfeel/dotweb 添加分类
By @devfeel

Simple and easy go web micro framework

shirou/gopsutil 添加分类
By @shirou

psutil for golang

maruel/panicparse 添加分类
By @maruel

Crash your app in style (Golang)

fatih/color 添加分类
By @fatih

Color package for Go (golang)

nfnt/resize 添加分类
By @nfnt

Pure golang image resizing

google/novm 添加分类
By @google

Experimental KVM-based VMM, written in Go.

ChimeraCoder/gojson 添加分类
By @ChimeraCoder

Automatically generate Go (golang) struct definitions from example JSON

visualfc/goqt 添加分类
By @visualfc

Golang bindings to the Qt cross-platform application framework.

BurntSushi/toml 添加分类
By @BurntSushi

TOML parser for Golang with reflection.

google/gops 添加分类
By @google

A tool to list and diagnose Go processes currently running on your system

Yelp/dockersh 添加分类
By @Yelp

A shell which places users into individual docker containers

RangelReale/osin 添加分类
By @RangelReale

Golang OAuth2 server library

nats-io/go-nats 添加分类
By @nats-io

Golang client for NATS, the cloud native messaging system.

rcrowley/go-tigertonic 添加分类
By @rcrowley

A Go framework for building JSON web services inspired by Dropwizard

btcsuite/btcd 添加分类
By @btcsuite

An alternative full node bitcoin implementation written in Go (golang)

gtank/cryptopasta 添加分类
By @gtank

copy & paste-friendly golang crypto

ok-borg/borg 添加分类
By @ok-borg

Search and save shell snippets without leaving your terminal

AsynkronIT/gam 添加分类
By @AsynkronIT

Go Actor Model framework - Ultra fast distributed actors for Golang

hashicorp/raft 添加分类
By @hashicorp

Golang implementation of the Raft consensus protocol

Masterminds/squirrel 添加分类
By @Masterminds

Fluent SQL generation for golang

name5566/leaf 添加分类
By @name5566

A game server framework in Go (golang)

pravj/geopattern 添加分类
By @pravj

Create beautiful generative image patterns from a string in golang.

sourcegraph/srclib 添加分类
By @sourcegraph

srclib is a polyglot code analysis library, built for hackability. It consists of language analysis toolchains (currently for Go and Java, with Python, JavaScript, and Ruby in beta) with a common output format, and a CLI tool for running the analysis.

mattes/migrate 添加分类
By @mattes

Database migration handling in Golang

cheggaaa/pb 添加分类
By @cheggaaa

Console progress bar for Golang

michaelmacinnis/oh 添加分类
By @michaelmacinnis

A surprisingly powerful Unix shell

GeertJohan/go.rice 添加分类
By @GeertJohan

go.rice is a Go package that makes working with resources such as html,js,css,images,templates, etc very easy.

mindreframer/golang-stuff 添加分类
By @mindreframer

interesting go libs

mattbaird/elastigo 添加分类
By @mattbaird

A Go (golang) based Elasticsearch client library.

alecthomas/kingpin 添加分类
By @alecthomas

A Go (golang) command line and flag parser

jrallison/go-workers 添加分类
By @jrallison

Sidekiq compatible background workers in golang

hu17889/go_spider 添加分类
By @hu17889

[爬虫框架 (golang)] An awesome Go concurrent Crawler(spider) framework. The crawler is flexible and modular. It can be expanded to an Individualized crawler easily or you can use the default crawl components only.

lunny/tango 添加分类
By @lunny

Micro & pluggable web framework for Go

chanxuehong/wechat.v2 添加分类
By @chanxuehong

weixin/wechat/微信公众平台/微信企业号/微信商户平台/微信支付 go/golang sdk

petejkim/goop 添加分类
By @petejkim

A simple dependency manager for Go (golang), inspired by Bundler.

nitrous-io/goop 添加分类
By @nitrous-io

A simple dependency manager for Go (golang), inspired by Bundler.

op/go-logging 添加分类
By @op

Golang logging library

jpillora/overseer 添加分类
By @jpillora

Monitorable, gracefully restarting, self-upgrading binaries in Go (golang)

jinzhu/now 添加分类
By @jinzhu

Now is a time toolkit for golang

xtaci/gonet 添加分类
By @xtaci

A game server skeleton in golang.

ksimka/go-is-not-good 添加分类
By @ksimka

A curated list of articles complaining that go (golang) isn't good enough

bradfitz/gomemcache 添加分类
By @bradfitz

Go Memcached client library #golang

chzyer/readline 添加分类
By @chzyer

Readline is a pure go(golang) implementation for GNU-Readline kind library

mailru/easyjson 添加分类
By @mailru

Fast JSON serializer for golang.

mitchellh/goamz 添加分类
By @mitchellh

Golang Amazon Library

montanaflynn/stats 添加分类
By @montanaflynn

A statistics package with common functions that are missing from the Golang standard library.

inconshreveable/go-update 添加分类
By @inconshreveable

Build self-updating Golang programs

jimmykuu/gopher 添加分类
By @jimmykuu

Golang-China(golangtc.com) Website

Jeffail/gabs 添加分类
By @Jeffail

For parsing, creating and editing unknown or dynamic JSON in golang

stretchr/goweb 添加分类
By @stretchr

A lightweight RESTful web framework for Go

monochromegane/go_design_pattern 添加分类
By @monochromegane

Design patterns in Golang.

sausheong/polyglot 添加分类
By @sausheong

Polyglot is a distributed web framework that allows programmers to create web applications in multiple programming languages

kelseyhightower/envconfig 添加分类
By @kelseyhightower

Golang library for managing configuration data from environment variables

tcnksm/gcli 添加分类
By @tcnksm

The easy way to build Golang command-line application.

mkaz/working-with-go 添加分类
By @mkaz

A set of example golang code to start learning Go

apcera/libretto 添加分类
By @apcera

Libretto is a Golang library to create Virtual Machines (VMs) on any cloud and Virtual Machine hosting platforms such as AWS, Azure, OpenStack, vSphere, or VirtualBox.

wcharczuk/go-chart 添加分类
By @wcharczuk

go chart is a basic charting library in native golang.

kovetskiy/manul 添加分类
By @kovetskiy

:smirk_cat: The madness vendoring utility for Golang programs

advancedlogic/go-freeling 添加分类
By @advancedlogic

Golang Natural Language Processing

sipin/gorazor 添加分类
By @sipin

Razor view engine for Golang

Luxurioust/excelize Office
By @Luxurioust

Golang library for reading and writing XLSX files.

takama/daemon 添加分类
By @takama

A daemon package for use with Go (golang) services with no dependencies

pilu/traffic 添加分类
By @pilu

Sinatra inspired regexp/pattern mux and web framework for Go

hashicorp/go-plugin 添加分类
By @hashicorp

Golang plugin system over RPC.

wendal/gor 添加分类
By @wendal


Terry-Mao/bfs 添加分类
By @Terry-Mao

distributed file system(small file storage) writen by golang.

huydx/hget 添加分类
By @huydx

rocket fast, interruptable, resumable download accelerator written in golang

microcosm-cc/bluemonday 添加分类
By @microcosm-cc

bluemonday: a fast golang HTML sanitizer (inspired by the OWASP Java HTML Sanitizer) to scrub user generated content of XSS

hashicorp/memberlist 添加分类
By @hashicorp

Golang package for gossip based membership and failure detection

olekukonko/tablewriter 添加分类
By @olekukonko

ASCII table in golang

cenkalti/backoff 添加分类
By @cenkalti

The exponential backoff algorithm in Go (Golang).

hashicorp/go-memdb 添加分类
By @hashicorp

Golang in-memory database built on immutable radix trees

hashicorp/yamux 添加分类
By @hashicorp

Golang connection multiplexing library

mikespook/gorbac 添加分类
By @mikespook

goRBAC provides a lightweight role-based access control (RBAC) implementation in Golang.

deckarep/golang-set 添加分类
By @deckarep

A simple set type for the Go language.

go-aah/aah 添加分类
By @go-aah

A secure, flexible, rapid Go web framework

RichardKnop/go-oauth2-server 添加分类
By @RichardKnop

A standalone, specification-compliant, OAuth2 server written in Golang.

oskca/sciter 添加分类
By @oskca

Golang bindings of Sciter: the Embeddable HTML/CSS/script engine for modern UI development

sanbornm/go-selfupdate 添加分类
By @sanbornm

Enable your Golang applications to self update

alecthomas/gozmq 添加分类
By @alecthomas

Go (golang) bindings for the 0mq (zmq, zeromq) C API

eapache/go-resiliency 添加分类
By @eapache

Resiliency patterns for golang

Jeffail/tunny 添加分类
By @Jeffail

A goroutine pool for golang

hprose/hprose-golang 添加分类
By @hprose

Hprose 2.0 for Golang

hirokidaichi/goviz 添加分类
By @hirokidaichi

a visualization tool for golang project dependency

ryanbressler/CloudForest 添加分类
By @ryanbressler

Ensembles of decision trees in go/golang.

flashmob/go-guerrilla 添加分类
By @flashmob

Mini SMTP server written in golang

Jeffail/leaps 添加分类
By @Jeffail

A pair programming tool and library written in Golang

codeskyblue/go-sh 添加分类
By @codeskyblue

like python-sh, for easy call shell with golang.

jbrukh/bayesian 添加分类
By @jbrukh

Naive Bayesian Classification for Golang.

kellydunn/golang-geo 添加分类
By @kellydunn

Geographical calculations in Go.

jsix/go2o 添加分类
By @jsix

Golang基于DDD的o2o的业务模型及基础, 界面:http://github.com/jsix/go2o-web

Coccodrillo/apns 添加分类
By @Coccodrillo

A Golang package for sending Apple Push Notifications and using the Feedback Service.

go-godo/godo 添加分类
By @go-godo

golang build tool in the spirt of rake, gulp

hashicorp/golang-lru 添加分类
By @hashicorp

Golang LRU cache

glycerine/zygomys 添加分类
By @glycerine

Java has Clojure, Go has zygo. A 100% Golang, easy-to-use Lisp.

divan/gobenchui 添加分类
By @divan

UI for overview of your Golang package benchmarks progress.

rs/rest-layer 添加分类
By @rs

REST Layer, Go (golang) REST API framework

mustafaakin/gongular 添加分类
By @mustafaakin

A different approach to Go web frameworks

huandu/facebook 添加分类
By @huandu

A Facebook Graph API SDK Library For Golang

sevlyar/go-daemon 添加分类
By @sevlyar

A library for writing system daemons in golang.

jmoiron/modl 添加分类
By @jmoiron

golang database modelling library

mitchellh/ioprogress 添加分类
By @mitchellh

Go (golang) package for progress bars around io.Reader/Writers.

djherbis/buffer 添加分类
By @djherbis

Composable Buffers for Go #golang

bndr/gopencils 添加分类
By @bndr

Easily consume REST APIs with Go (golang)

ejcx/passgo 添加分类
By @ejcx

Simple golang password manager.

shaoshing/train 添加分类
By @shaoshing

Asset Management for web app using Golang.

divan/depscheck 添加分类
By @divan

Dependency checker for Golang (Go) packages. Prints stats and suggests to remove small LeftPad-like imports if any.

SimonWaldherr/golang-examples 添加分类
By @SimonWaldherr

Go(lang) examples - (explain the basics of golang)

lukasmartinelli/nigit 添加分类
By @lukasmartinelli

Web server that wraps around programs and shell scripts and exposes them as API

go-telegram-bot-api/telegram-bot-api 添加分类
By @go-telegram-bot-api

Golang bindings for the Telegram Bot API

tj/go-debug 添加分类
By @tj

Conditional debug logging for Golang libraries & applications

xlvector/hector 添加分类
By @xlvector

Golang machine learning lib

akhenakh/statgo 添加分类
By @akhenakh

Access OS metrics from Golang,

mitchellh/go-ps 添加分类
By @mitchellh

Find, list, and inspect processes from Go (golang).

jmoiron/jsonq 添加分类
By @jmoiron

simple json field access for golang

DATA-DOG/go-sqlmock 添加分类

Sql mock driver for golang to test database interactions

lucasb-eyer/go-colorful 添加分类
By @lucasb-eyer

A library for playing with colors in go (golang).

tardisgo/tardisgo 添加分类
By @tardisgo

Golang->Haxe->CPP/CSharp/Java/JavaScript transpiler

nytlabs/hive 添加分类
By @nytlabs

A platform for backing crowdsourcing websites, built in golang for elasticsearch

mitchellh/go-mruby 添加分类
By @mitchellh

Go (golang) bindings to mruby.

insionng/zenpress 添加分类
By @insionng

Zenpress is a cms system of written in golang

jcuga/golongpoll 添加分类
By @jcuga

golang long polling library. Makes web pub-sub easy via HTTP long-poll server :smiley: :coffee: :computer:

xtaci/kcp-go 添加分类
By @xtaci

A full-featured Reliable-UDP transport library for golang

h2non/gentleman 添加分类
By @h2non

Full-featured, plugin-oriented, composable HTTP client toolkit for Go (golang) (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

valyala/gorpc 添加分类
By @valyala

Simple, fast and scalable golang rpc library for high load

thoj/go-ircevent 添加分类
By @thoj

Event based IRC client library in Go (golang)

jolestar/go-commons-pool 添加分类
By @jolestar

a generic object pool for golang

xlab/cgogen 添加分类
By @xlab

Automatic CGo Bindings Generator for Golang

balzaczyy/golucene 添加分类
By @balzaczyy

Go (Golang) port of Apache Lucene

tj/go-spin 添加分类
By @tj

Terminal spinner package for Golang

visualfc/go-ui 添加分类
By @visualfc

golang ui

lomik/go-carbon 添加分类
By @lomik

Golang implementation of Graphite/Carbon server with classic architecture: Agent -> Cache -> Persister

vmihailenco/msgpack 添加分类
By @vmihailenco

MessagePack encoding for Golang

fragmenta/fragmenta-cms 添加分类
By @fragmenta

A user-friendly CMS written in Go (golang)

jasonlvhit/gocron 添加分类
By @jasonlvhit

A Golang Job Scheduling Package.

jmcvetta/neoism 添加分类
By @jmcvetta

Neo4j client for Golang

openfaas/faas-cli 添加分类
By @openfaas

Official CLI for the OpenFaaS Serverless framework

oschwald/geoip2-golang 添加分类
By @oschwald

Unofficial MaxMind GeoIP2 Reader for Go

hashicorp/mdns 添加分类
By @hashicorp

Simple mDNS client/server library in Golang

armon/go-metrics 添加分类
By @armon

A Golang library for exporting performance and runtime metrics to external metrics systems (i.e. statsite, statsd)

doug-martin/goqu 添加分类
By @doug-martin

SQL builder and query library for golang

travisjeffery/jocko 添加分类
By @travisjeffery

Kafka implemented in Golang

0xAX/go-algorithms 添加分类
By @0xAX

Algorithms and data structures for golang

briandowns/spinner 添加分类
By @briandowns

Go (golang) package for providing a terminal spinner/progress indicator with options.

disney/go-training 添加分类
By @disney

Disney training for https://golang.org/

abbot/go-http-auth 添加分类
By @abbot

Basic and Digest HTTP Authentication for golang http

toscale/go-react-example 添加分类
By @toscale

[DEPRECATED] TAKE A LOOK THIS PROJECT https://github.com/olebedev/go-starter-kit INSTEAD. This is an example of project which shows how to render React app on Golang server-side

uber-go/ratelimit 添加分类
By @uber-go

A Golang blocking leaky-bucket rate limit implementation

eapache/channels 添加分类
By @eapache

Golang channel helpers and special types

carbocation/interpose 添加分类
By @carbocation

Minimalist net/http middleware for golang

jmcvetta/napping 添加分类
By @jmcvetta

Golang HTTP client library

stripe/safesql 添加分类
By @stripe

Static analysis tool for Golang that protects against SQL injections

gorilla/context 添加分类
By @gorilla

A golang registry for global request variables.

lessgo/lessgo 添加分类
By @lessgo

Lessgo 是一款简单、稳定、高效、灵活的 golang web 开发框架,支持动态路由、自动化API测试文档、热编译、热更新等,实现前后端分离、系统与业务分离,完美兼容MVC与MVVC等多种开发模式,非常利于企业级应用与API接口的开发。[A simple, stable, efficient and flexible web framework.]

sogko/slumber 添加分类
By @sogko

A complete REST API server written in golang / go

vova616/GarageEngine 添加分类
By @vova616

Game engine written in Go (golang).

qiniu/iconv 添加分类
By @qiniu

Golang bindings to libiconv - Convert string to requested character encoding

yunspace/serverless-golang 添加分类
By @yunspace

AWS Lambda Go functions using Serverless Framework and Python shim

QLeelulu/goku 添加分类
By @QLeelulu

a golang web mvc framework, like asp.net mvc.

clarkduvall/hyperloglog 添加分类
By @clarkduvall

HyperLogLog and HyperLogLog++ implementation in Go/Golang.

getantibody/antibody 添加分类
By @getantibody

A faster and simpler antigen written in Golang.

gchaincl/dotsql 添加分类
By @gchaincl

A Golang library for using SQL.

go-ole/go-ole 添加分类
By @go-ole

win32 ole implementation for golang

h2non/gock 添加分类
By @h2non

Versatile HTTP mocking and expectations made simple in Go (golang) ༼ʘ̚ل͜ʘ̚༽

soheilhy/cmux 添加分类
By @soheilhy

Connection multiplexer for GoLang: serve different services on the same port!

mkouhei/gosh 添加分类
By @mkouhei

interactive shell for Golang

Janusec/janusec 添加分类
By @Janusec

Janusec Application Gateway, a Golang based application security solutions which provides WAF (Web Application Firewall), CC attack defense, unified web administration portal, private key protection, web routing and scalable load balancing. 基于Golang开发的应用安全网关,具备WAF、CC攻击防御、证书私钥加密、负载均衡、统一Web化管理等功能。

go-pg/pg 添加分类
By @go-pg

PostgreSQL ORM for Golang with focus on PostgreSQL features and performance